SmartDD V3 – Free Sign Ups Video

Following the delay caused by my main PC becoming infected with various bits of nasty stuff, I’ve now uploaded the latest SmartDD V3 video.

This one explains how to use SmartDD with Aweber to both sign up your new prospect to your mailing list and also generate a customer record and an order within SmartDD so that your prospect gets a secure download.

This functionality has been one of the top three asked for features to be put into SmartDD.  It seems there are plenty of SmartDD users who want to give their normally paid-for products away, without allowing global free access.

Well now you can do it.

Although this example uses Aweber (the service I currently use), you should be able to adapt it to any autoresponder service or self-hosted script with a little thought.  If you use another service such as Get Response or Email Aces, and can’t work out how to integrate the form code, then please raise a support ticket and we’ll see if we can’t help you sort it out.

The video can be found here:-

and if you need to you can raise a support ticket here:-

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood