New, new, new…

This is a bit of a long post, but that’s the way things go sometimes.

I’ve had quite a few people write to me the last couple of weeks asking what’s going on. I think the last email I sent out was about a month ago, and I’ve been very quiet ever since. But I haven’t gone away.

I’ve had emails asking specific things like “Any new plugins?” and “Is PLAhh coming back online again?” and “Any new themes?” and also general questions like “Everything okay?”

I’ve answered everybody individually, and to some I’ve given out specific details about what’s happening, but I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my secret little doings, and so here we go.

#1 – A brand new monthly newsletter.
#2 – I’ve hooked up with two new programmers.
#3 – New format
#4 – Version Checker plugin and

Now as you can see I’ve had quite a lot going on, and I’ve gone completely against one of my rules of one key project at a time. It can’t be helped this time because of the way things happened, and the unfortunate side-effect of working on several things at once is that everything slows down. And that’s one of the reasons why we don’t do it folks. As I said, this time it can’t be helped and things will resolve themselves once I’ve gone through the pain barrier.

There are actually *more* projects going on than this which are longer term, and I’ve even had to walk away from some other opportunities because I just don’t have the time right now. Maybe in a few weeks.  😉

In detail then…

#1 – Amin Motin and I will shortly be releasing (expected Wednesday 6th March) a new monthly newsletter called “Proven Income Success” (yeah…) that will cost just $7 so it’s not going to break anyones bank.

The newsletter will contain several sections, including details about the things that we’re working on (real world examples) and how you can do the same. There will also be techy sections (tools we use), self-improvement mindset stuff, marketing strategies, and all the cool things that we know will please so many people.

Every month, we’ll show you what we’ve been doing and share with you what’s working and what isn’t. If things go well you’ll hear all about it. If bad things happen, then we’ll give you all the grisly details so you can avoid doing the same thing.

We’ll add audio versions of the newsletter and also slip in the odd videos when appropriate – they may even become a regular feature if they prove popular.

This is a newsletter that you SHOULD buy into even if only to see how we’re going about it so you can duplicate it yourself. And it’s just $7 for all this lovely goodness.

#2 – About a month and a bit ago, and within 72 hours of each other I had two PHP/WordPress programmers contact me separately and we quickly agreed to do some projects together.

Glen lives in the US and came to me asking for marketing advice on a really exciting HUGE project (watch this space later this year). Apparently he’s been stalking… er *watching* me for several years and thinks I bring a degree of sanity to the online marketing arena. Ahem. (I didn’t think anybody had noticed.)

He has lots of experience in IM (been working in the shadows for years) and the chances are high that at some point you’ve bought a script or plugin that he’s coded for another marketer.

Apart from the long term million dollar project we’re working on, he’s also agreed to do some smaller stuff with me and has 95% coded a really interesting plugin that he’ll be releasing in the next week or so. If you have any interest in IM and running your own special offers, accumulating affiliates and buyers, and building a mailing list, then you’ll want to get hold of that plugin.

Watch out for my email about it next week.

Mandy lives in the UK and is an experienced WordPress programmer who’s been doing custom WordPress plugin and PHP work for clients. She wrote to me offering her skills after a few back and forth emails and after a Skype conversation I was more than pleased that she knows what she’s talking about.

She’s going to do some scripts and plugins and I’m going to “show her the ropes” as regards running a WSO, so that works really well for both of us.

As with Glen, I bring to the table my long experience, plus sales copywriting skills, plus contacts, and last but not least my secret weapon of my graphics/theme guy. We both have lots of ideas…

And that’s how partnerships are born.

#3 – PLAhh will be launched in a revised format containing plugins that Glen has offered to write. As I mentioned above, Glen has been in IM a long time and as a result there isn’t any related topic that he can’t write a script or plugin for.

The new format will consist of the plugin plus editable documentation and instructions as normal, plus a sales page and sales copy to go with it.

The sales copy is something that I didn’t want to do as I know that the most successful PLR put to good use is when YOU write your own sales copy, but I’ve had so many people ask for this that I don’t feel it fair to ignore it any longer.

So even though I don’t think it’s the right thing to do, I’m going to do it because that’s what people want.

The new format also won’t include the 5 sales or squeeze pages – people who have commented don’t want them.  I’ll put the resource spent on those into a single very nice sales page design plus sales copy (as I said above) so it all balances out.

The membership will re-open at $20/month for one weekend and then immediately goes to $47/month thereafter. Expected launch Friday 8th March, but we may put this back, so you’re getting at least 7 days notice.

#4 – Finally, one of the main things I’ve received criticism for is that it’s not been easy to get updates for plugins I release. The thing is, WordPress has a built in system that when a free plugin is updated in the repository, then WP checks and tells you about the update. With a couple of clicks you can get the update downloaded and installed.

I wanted to do the same thing with my own plugins, but it’s a little bit more complicated than following the exact same route that WP has done.

I’ve spent a LONG time thinking about this and I came up with a method that’s almost complete.

Believe it or not, some people out there have actually been selling my plugins as their own, and even giving them away. Yeah we all know this happens and it’s part of being a software vendor – it’s not the kind of thing I lose a lot of sleep over, but I’m not really *that* happy about it.

I don’t encode my plugins in any way as that’s not what genuine customers want, so it’s difficult to protect a plugin when it’s all plain text. But not impossible.

My solution to this is to create a new plugin called Version Checker that will control all the updates and who is allowed to use the plugin. When we’re done coding (90% there), you install it and you just enter the email address you purchased with and then all the plugins you’ve purchased will become available and ready to download and install all from within WordPress.

If there are plugins you haven’t purchased then you’ll still be able to download them but you won’t be able to activate them. If the Version Checker plugin isn’t installed and active then the plugins won’t activate. This makes it really simple to install any of the plugins I release and it should mean no more FTP, and updates will be quick and easy to do.

As I said, I’ve really spent a lot of brain power over the best way to do it and this is the fairest method I could come up with.

As soon as it’s ready, we’ll start updating the plugins to work with Version Checker and then issue it.



One last thing. I was asked about one of my Multiple Streams Themes (#3) by a customer who has all the others and I said I’d run a sale as soon as I was able, so we’ll do that Friday 1st March at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST). And just to sweeten the deal I’ll include my Affiliate Ticker plugin as a bonus.

I’ll send you an email tomorrow (Friday) with details about the sale.

All the best,
-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank,

nice to hear from you 😉
and it sounds good that you are will be back in business,
but i have some small questions about the new parts what you will plan,

1. about the Version Checker plugin, how it will be work for the old plugins what we have become from the membership and what is now working on many blogs, because i think this is not working because all have give the plugins a new name, like you have write in the documention? or will the Version Checker plugin only then work withe the new plugins what you will release?

2.will there any new Multiple Streams Themes or ThemesXD coming in some membership, or will this part be also inside the PLAhh membership?

3. and for the #1 – A brand new monthly newsletter, will this cost be only one time or all month?

i think you can count me in for 1-2 parts, because i have now near all your greet stuff what you have bring out and i like it much, because it is good stuff, even sometimes there is small parts what can be make better 😉

best regards from finnland who is just start back the snow falling


P.S.: when you need some one for test some plugins or themes you have found one ” Me ” 😉

Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

Thank you. 🙂

#1 – The Version Checker (VC) will only be for regular plugins I release and not for any of the plugins, so no worries there.

#2 – I’d like ThemesXD to eventually have the same kind of update system as PluginGreat and the VC plugin. I have a mountain of things to do, and re-opening ThemesXD is on the list.

#3 – The newsletter will be $7 per month, and we think you’ll find it’s well worth every penny. The plan is to have articles about setting up and running a profitable online business and will also have some short video courses included too. We intend to use it as the backbone for upsells to other larger courses and personal coaching so you can probably guess the kind of thing we’ll be covering in the newsletter. We hope it will be so attractive that people will see it as a “no-brainer” and sign up for it.

If you wouldn’t mind doing a bit of testing with the VC plugin, that would be good as we’ll need to gradually amend each plugin to work with it and that could take a little time. I look back sometimes and I think “If only I’d had this idea back then…” and this is definitely one of those times.


Pol vanRhee

Thanks for the update (and getting mst3 up for sale again) I want to get into the new PLAah Membership, but I know I am going to be out of internet range for this next week. Can I pay you now? I am in. I want it back again!

Frank Haywood

Hi Pol,

Yeah sorry, still delayed as other stuff keeps getting in the way. The “other stuff” is working with new partners and revising plans – if I don’t stop to do this first then it would be a big mistake as I know I can make things much better. 🙂


What happened with that new website you were going to build & wanted suggestions for subject?

Frank Haywood

Hi Jim,

Yeah… It’s got a little delayed. The daft thing is we’re not very far from finishing it, but we’ve both been drawn down different paths temporarily.

The content is written, I’ve chosen a theme, it just needs a couple of hours focus to put it all together. Don’t worry it’s not been forgotten, just put on temporary hold. The principle behind constructing a site like this is sound and we think we’ll likely turn it into a short “how to” course.

All the best,


keith yates

just wondering how the plans were coming for the re-opening of Plahh. have not had any updates as you had expected that it may have been a ‘go’ just this friday.

Frank Haywood

Hi Keith,


Everything takes at least twice as long as you expect it to doesn’t it? 🙄

I want to do things a little differently when I re-open the PLR membership and it’s just been a little more difficult than I thought it would be. I’ve also changed my mind twice (and back again) about how I’m going to do it. I then recently saw how someone else had structured their site and went “D’oh” as I had one of those facepalm moments – it was much better than what I’d come up with and easier to achieve too.

I’m sorry about the delay – watch this space.


keith yates

how are things coming with Plahh? been keeping an eye out for an email. saw that you had hoped for this past weekend, but I did not “hear” any more. hope I did not miss a re-launch email! thanks in advance for any update [ even a guess 🙂 ]


Frank Haywood

Hi Keith,

It’s being worked on, and I have the first new plugin ready for test. If all is well I’ll do the sales copy, design and docs and put the package together in the next 48 hours, and then spend some time on the site itself.

I’m doing things a little bit differently in this re-launch and I’d really like to use ClickBank but would you believe one of their reps told me they don’t allow PLR memberships? I’m a little bit stunned at that as it doesn’t say that anywhere on their site, so I’m a little bit tempted to put up a dummy sales page for the membership and call it something else in order to get it approved (seems to be standard practice). Then again I might not do that to begin with.

As soon as I know for sure where I stand I’ll send an email out, probably after I’ve got the first bundle all done, although I may re-launch with one of my other plugins rebranded and rejigged as PLR. 😉


keith yates

ok! all sounds good. the scripts manager or ‘big ed’ would be nice to ‘re-jig’ 😀
will be on the look out for your launch mail