Below are three short videos that explain how the latest and greatest of the Multiple Streams Themes works, as I know many people are waiting to see this in action.

We’ve really put a lot of work, a lot of thought and some great features into this latest one, based on comments and feedback from previous themes, and also from our own personal requirements plus a little experimentation.

Here’s the first video.

[mc id=”1096″ type=”video”]mst004-walkthrough-01[/mc]

It fully supports the key features that were introduced in WordPress 3.0 such as Custom Menus, Custom Headers, and Custom Backgrounds.  On that last one we’ve added both the ability to change the graphic and also included a colour picker, so you can really change the appearance and “feel” of your blogs.

Here’s the second video.

[mc id=”1097″ type=”video”]mst004-walkthrough-02[/mc]

Together with the three plugins we’ve included we think you’ll find this an amazing theme to be running.  (I’m seriously considering using it on at least one of three sites I’d planned to use custom designed themes on, simply because this one is just so good.)

The three plugins we’re including are:-

#1 – Ads Manager – which we included with all previous themes.
#2 – Redirection – which we included for the first time with MST003.
#3 – A mystery bonus plugin which will only be available for free with this theme, and which I’ll announce tomorrow before the sale.  😉

That last one alone, we could charge at least $27 for.  No kidding.

It will blow you away…

Here’s the third video.

[mc id=”1099″ type=”video”]mst004-walkthrough-03[/mc]

We’re including all three plugins, plus PhotoShop PSDs of all the ads and headers etc (plus blank JPEGs for other graphics programs if you don’t have PhotoShop), for subscribers only at a very low introductory price for the first few people to grab it.

We do these low cost releases as a thank you just for being on our mailing list.

The introductory sale will go live tomorrow Friday 10th at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).

-Frank Haywood