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This weeks weekend sale is for Multiple Streams Theme SIX (plus THREE plugins).

It’s lovely.

At 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) today the sale for MST006 for WordPress goes live at just $10 for the first 25 people to grab it.

When I first released this theme, Mike said about it:-

“I build websites and am always on the lookout for good themes… and this one is the business. Good themes are quite difficult to find since the free ones tend to look crap and the premium ones are overpriced. MST is great on the eye and also its excellent value for money. Definitely recommended!”

As usual we’ve added a pile of cool stuff to this bundle, including the Affiliate Ticker, Ads Manager and Redirection plugins.

As for the theme itself, first we’ve included TWELVE sidebars for top, side and footer areas of your site.

These sidebars can be used to place regular WP widgets, or your ads using the latest version of the supplied Ads Manager plugin.

And apart from the beautiful and well thought out design, the theme itself includes the following WordPress 3.x features.

o Custom Headers
o Custom Backgrounds including colour picker
o Custom Menus

And…  We’ve also included a set of options with this theme.

Just go to “Appearance >> MST Options” and there you’ll see you can do things like globally hide or display sections of your site just by checking and unchecking boxes.

So you have global control of the header, top boxes, and top and bottom ads.  This is very useful when you’re building a site and trying to decide which appearance you want it all to have.

On the options page, you can also easily add footer text such as a footer menu and copyright content, and also any site analytics code in the footer if you don’t already own the Scripts Manager plugin.

You can even change the appearance of your blog posts as we’ve included an alternative “single.php” file which is the bit of code responsible for displaying single blog posts.  Just swap the original one out and replace it with the alternative to alter the look and feel of your blog posts.

Next up is the appearance of pages.  We’ve included 3 page templates rather than just the one that most themes supply.

#1 – Default Template.
#2 – One column page, no sidebar.
#3 – One column page, no sidebar, no three top boxes.

So now when you create a new page on your site, you can decide which of the above formats (on a case by case basis) you want it to appear as.

Finally (?) we’ve included blank PNGs and JPEGs of all the ad graphics, banners and header used in the theme, as well as Adobe Photoshop PSDs.

This means that if you don’t have Adobe PhotoShop, you can still use the blanks and a free program like The GIMP or a web app like to edit the banners etc to your own needs.

I hope you’ll think this carefully thought out bundle is well worth the discounted price I’m offering for the first people to purchase today.

Ah! Nearly forgot.  It comes with a developer licence too, so you can use it for client sites or for blog flipping. 🙂

The pricing will work like this…

  1-25 = $10.00
 25-50 = $15.00
50-100 = $20.00
100+   = $27.00

Offering these low prices to you is my way of saying thank you for being a subscriber.

The sale starts today Friday 11th May at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), with the first 25 copies at just $10.00.

I’ll drop you a line when it starts or you can just keep an eye on this blog post for an update.

Here’s a link to a demo of the theme:-

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Diego (Google SEO)

Dear Frank,

You said “Every time I release a new WordPress theme bundle, I do my best to make it even better than the last one.”

Well. Recently I purchased Multiple Streams 010 Bundle. I have not installed or tested it and I wonder if it’s worth to purchase this one as well and why. The design is obviously a bit different but it seems possible to easily get very simmilar results. Is it 10 newer than 6?

In addition, since we agree on limiting WP Themes to design and layout features and using Plugins for functionality, I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to concentrate the development efforts in a single Theme.

Best Regards,

Frank Haywood

Hi Diego,

I’m sorry about the delay in replying, it’s been a little bit busier than usual here.

I think you’re absolutely right, and I wrote an email to the guy who does the themes for me a couple of months ago asking him to look at creating a base theme or platform with some great functionality in it and then from that point on building child themes for it. Because he’s a designer first and a coder second, doing it that way would probably suit him far more as he could get all the functionality done and then concentrate on the thing he loves most (design) after that.

He said yes, but he needs to have a good think about it and learn the way that WP handles child themes – I dont think it’s too hard. From my perspective I’ve noticed that MST010 was decidedly “lighter” in terms of code, but still did all the things I expected it to. To me that means he’s getting better with his understanding of how WP themes work.

Maybe the next one (he’s doing something else for me right now) will be along the lines I’ve mentioned above.