Magic View Tube Plugin

Update: The sale for the Magic View Tube plugin for WordPress is now live at just $10.00 for the first 48 hours or 50 copies, whichever comes first.

It will then rise to $17.00.

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It enables you to add YouTube videos to your page and then display different ads underneath the video AT SPECIFIC TIMES while the video is playing. In other words you can run relevant ads or calls to action at corresponding times.

[youtube id=”OTstUlzqSOw” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”&rel=0&showinfo=0″ class=””]

[youtube id=”GRwPrejoEiA” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no” api_params=”&rel=0&showinfo=0″ class=””]

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

You can use HTML in the ads, so it could be a simple link, or a graphic.

o Unlimited ads can be created
o Multiple ads per video
o YouTube suggested videos are disabled
o Create your own “end frame” via HTML for when the video ends
o Optional auto pause of video when user clicks away
o Optionally disable player controls
o Insert videos into pages and posts via TinyMCE editor button
o Everything done within WordPress
o Editable styling for ad messages
o Use HTML in ads including images and links
o Developer licence during this sale only

With Magic View Tube, you get the control over how your video is displayed, what calls to action your viewers see, and even whether or not the link back to YouTube is shown.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Your email directed us back here to purchase …

However, there’s nothing here to allow a purchase.

Where’s the ‘buy’ button?

Frank Haywood

Hi Arthur,

Oops. Fixed. Thank you.

I knew I wouldn’t be around when it went live so I automated it and fluffed it up. 😉


Got it … so we forgive the hiccup.

Don’t ya just hate when glitches happen. 🙂

But, hey, it’s all part of internet marketing.


Frank – Where’s the buy button so I can purchase this?

Mike Claggett

You put up the “Add To Cart” button while I was posting the where’s the buy button ;o)

David Morrison (Toronto)

For any one who’s undecided about this, put it in perspective.

If you have an ‘evergreen’ webinar selling something – you can time CTAs throughout your video – pushing your audience to different landing pages. Think AJAX boxes providing testimoniaIs, sales buttons, then images – all free-floating beside your on-going video.

It’s emotional power that this provides… if you stop thinking only about the sale/buy button. You can support and nudge your sales argument throughout a video. As Frank points out – unlimited ads per video.

I think this is a brilliant device – another clever sales-trigger-enabler from Frank.

Thank you Frank for yet another tool to jump-start conversions.

With respect, your Toronto friend, David M

Hey Frank …. FYI

The link for “Visit Plugin Site” on the plugin itself, links to “” …

Which, of course, doesn’t do any good.

Just thought I should bring it to your attention.

Currently have a ticket pending at

But, perhaps it’s worth asking the question here.

Did I totally miss something? In your video you already had your three demo pages set up. But, when I use the plugin as outlined in the video, there are no instructions on how to actually utilize it after saving your setup. No short code or anything. For the life of me, I’ve looked and don’t find any information.

Have I gone completely bonkers? Did I totally overlook something? Or, is my plugin just not working right?

What is the next step after ‘Saving Settings’? I know it doesn’t automatically track the same video if installed on a page.

Am I the only one having this problem? I know you’re probably going to make me look like a complete idiot, but geez, I sure am stumped. Perhaps too many hours at the keyboard.

Frank Haywood

Hi Arthur,

You’re not an idiot, I am. I can’t believe I went through the whole thing and didn’t show you how to add videos to pages and posts. I think I’ll go do a supplemental video to show that bit, but for now…

While you’re on the page or post TinyMCE editor, you’ll find a new icon button in the bar at the top that looks like a video camera. Position your cursor where you want the video to display on your page and then click that new video camera button. You’ll then see a drop-down appear where you can select one of the videos you’ve created. Select one and it will add a short code to the page where your cursor is.

I’m really sorry about missing that out as it’s a vital step that I guess I must have took for granted. 🙄

I’ll go do a quick video and add it to this post.

All the best,


Whew ….

Got it to working. 🙂

Now, suggestion for future update.

1. Allow setting the text ‘box’ size without using HTML.
2. Allow “style” to be set for each individual video. Not one for all.

Thanks …

Frank Haywood

Hi Arthur,

Good suggestions and noted. 🙂