Hi Frank.

In your first video above you edited the text line “How would you like to create…”. And when you did that the first letter of the sentence disappeared in the editor. When you picked up on that you said you weren’t sure why you’d lost the “H”. I can tell you why – because it’s a common problem, and sometimes even much larger chunks of the text will go missing when you edit a text line.

Now much as I appreciate your videos, I think you’re making invalid excuses for some of the shortcomings, such as in your reply to NS.

Contrary to your assertion, in my many decades of involvement in the computer industry, I’ve never encountered a decent program that handled text in this way, and I’m sorry but yes, the inability to input multi-line text is a big deal. And even the new “workaround” of splitting a chunk of text into multiple items introduces another significant problem.

After you’ve got your multiple text items, try editing one of them. Only the last line is editable, because it’s the only one that will appear in the edit box no matter which of the text items you select.

Another [font sizes] ordered 20, 24, 23, 32. Yes, minor, but it’s still a careless bug.

This is just what I found after one day with the program, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised if more problems become evident.

I agree that this application has significant potential, but as it stands it is a beta release at best.

– Best regards,
– Bill

Hi Bill,

Thanks for that, and okay I agree, I think you’re dead right – I’ve been using it a lot and found the same problems, even whole words going missing. It’s irritating, and I’ve not yet reported them as I believe other people like yourself will have already found them before me and reported them in.

The early problem I’d found which I didn’t realise was there at first and was a real show-stopper for me was the timing bug (which I reported right away) as that was interrupting the flow of the videos. They fixed it within a couple of days with an interim release. A couple of other minor things I’d noticed they fixed in the next release (v1.0.8) without me doing anything, and at the same time they introduced a couple of other bugs. There are also some other quirky little things such as the file handler which I’ve put down to java and I think I’m going to have to live with it.

For the time being I’m looking at it as you are and I now believe that yes it’s a beta. As for potential, massive.

Please go ahead and raise these points with them, but stick to their one at a time support ticket policy – there’s nothing to stop you from listing out all the bugs. In the meantime I’ll see if I can’t do a short private video pointing out these issues so that they can be easily understood and then pass the link onto them.

I’ve actually already asked for a new feature in the next version, and that’s to implement your own “hand” images that do the drawing. At the moment they’re hard coded in and you can select from 6 of them (3 look the same) but it would be nice to be able to insert different ones to really make the appearance look unique. Paul said he would look at it. We’ll see. It may be a little more difficult to implement than I’m thinking. 🙄

All the best,


Frank, no I haven’t reported anything.

I like to assist developers who are serious about their product and who will take notice of feedback, but with search engine results abounding in affiliate links I’m not sure who to talk to.

Who is the actual developer who supports Easy Sketch Pro? I’m in doubt because it seems to be only sold by affiliates, and sadly you’re the only one I’ve spotted who provides any attempt at support in the nature of how-to articles/videos. YouTube just seems to be full of glowing, commission-motivated “reviews”, all much the same.

Actually, I don’t really care who it is, I just want to know who the right person to talk to is in order to report bugs and request features.

– Bill

Hi Bill,

If you go to log in to their members area to get the latest version, then there’s a link there to the support desk. They take a few days to answer, but one of my tickets was answered by the developer and he released a fix for timing issue within a couple of days, and the feature request was answered by Paul Lynch the site owner.

Because they’ve been using the software themselves for months to create promotional videos for other products, they’re going to be aware of any issues they bump into just like we have, but it can’t hurt to to raise a bug ticket can it? 🙂


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