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Today I’m running the last chance sale for the very popular Clone and Backup plugin.

We’ve been very busy here prepping the Plugin’ Great site for its official opening (at long last).  We’ve been adding some of the key plugins to the site (many pages unpublished at the moment), and I realised it would probably be appreciated by many people that I run a final sale for Clone and Backup before adding it to the site.

I first released this plugin in January last year at v1 and it’s gone through several changes and bugfixes until we finally have v2.  If you purchased it before now, just go back to your personal download page and get the new version as there’s no upgrade fee for early buyers.  I decided to do that because we had quite a few problems with the first few versions and different server configs.

We think we made the right compromise of reliability over speed, and I haven’t seen any problems since we did that.

What does the plugin do?

It will clone or backup (to a zip file) your WordPress blog and optionally it will include non-WordPress files too.


The clone function allows you to specify another domain on another server (target) and it will FTP your entire source blog to that domain and install WordPress for you. All the menu permalinks are auto-adjusted to the target domain so that they don’t point back to the source.

This means that if you’re in the habit of installing lots of WordPress blogs (like we do), you can create a standard source blog with all your favourite themes and plugins installed and activated, and clone the entire thing to another domain. You then have a really good starting point to set the site up the way you want it.

Or you can just use it to backup your existing blog to a zip file and download it.

Or for speed, you can specify the FTP details for a backup server on the settings page.


You then just check a box and click the “Process Now” button, and the blog is zipped up and sent to your backup server.

Or you can even do all of the above at the same time. It’s pretty cool.


You’ve probably seen plugins like this priced at $47 to $97 (it’s hard to get this kind of functionality right and the prices reflect it), but today you can pick up Clone and Backup in this final 25-copies-only sale at just $17.

When this sale is done, the plugin will appear on the Plugin’ Great site at its regular (much higher) price on its own web site, so this is your last chance to get what I think must be the bargain of the year. 😉

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Do we get developer rights with the plugin?

Frank Haywood

Hi Julia,

No, but what you can do is create a base blog with everything installed and then create a backup of it and download it. You can then distribute that backup if you want to – I have no problems with that – and it probably does most of what you want anyway. Maybe.

If your specific requirement is to backup clients blogs, then as WP is mainly the DB (irreplacable) there are free plugins out there such as Lester Chan’s WP DB backup program that you could use to protect your clients IP. Then if you get into a regime of occasionally doing a cPanel backup or manual FTP backup of the files on the site, you’re covered.

Unless I change my mind about the licencing (I don’t think so with this one), then the thing to do is to get each of your clients to purchase Clone and Backup using your affiliate link. We’re working hard on setting up the unified affiliate scheme right now and as soon we’re done you’ll find out. 😉


Mike Claggett

Hi Frank,

I got the early version. Got a couple of questions about the upgrade.

The file name from the members area download is the same as the original, “” without a version number to distinguish if from the original. The PDF documentation says ” v1.x “.

So I just want to make sure what I downloaded actually is the Version 2 Plugin.

So it does NOT back up non-WP files unless you check the box to do so. That’s GREAT! But let me make sure I’m understanding you correctly:

If a WordPress platform/blog is installed in the root (public.html or www) directory of a domain so all the WordPress .php files in the root directory are there as well as the wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes directories – If the “Include Non-WP Files” box is NOT checked, none of the other directory folders and their contents will be backed up – i.e. cgi-bin, webalizer, awstats etc. etc. ? ? ?

But it does back up the WP files and folders only as well as the MySQL Database so all plugins are backed up with current plugins and settings?

AND . . . then . . . on a new domain in the root directory that zip backup will install the clone/backup exactly as it was on the other domain root directory, plugins with settings, images, theme the whole 9 yards?

If ^^ THAT ^^ is the case, at this sale price anyone needing to clone WP sites would be a complete idiot not to buy Clone and Back up RIGHT NOW!

If I messed up in my assumptions regarding the new version, let me know.

I would have tested it to get my questions answered but I’m currently hammered with client work. Figured it would be easier to ask.

Thanks again for all you do and all your hard work my friend,

Mike C.

I’m Back at it and Dead Into It

Frank Haywood

Hi Mike,

#1 – Yes it is the latest version. The way we currently do it (working on changing all that) is we swap out the zip when we do upgrades and that’s it. It’s a kludge and a poor way of doing it, but it’s all we have for now until I can get the back end all changed. You probably already know this, but everything takes at least twice as long as you thought it would and sometimes 10x as long…

#2 – Yes, you got it dead right. The only thing it deliberately won’t clone is itself. So it will clone just the WP files (and nothing non-WP) if that’s what you want, including all your plugins and themes, but it won’t include the CaB plugin itself in the backup.

Essentially it grabs all the WP files in the root, plus the contents of wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes, plus the WP database. 🙂

When you run the installer on another site (or use clone) it extracts everything and does some jiggery pokery to make sure it all works as it should on the new site (changes menu links etc.), and there you have it.

I know there are some problems with some server configs for some people, but it seems to work just fine for most everybody else. 80:20 says I shouldn’t spend the time on fixing that, but I am trying to where possible and it’s bloody difficult pleasing everybody. 🙄


Mike Claggett

Excellent – Absolutely the way it should be.

OK so with that being the case when you put Plugin Great products:

Short Code SEO Plugin

. . . . together with

Clone and Backup

. . . and a few standard plugins a fella could build different blog sites for the same niche/industry/business-sector in different cities, get them on Google page one and get monthly lease payments on each where the first may take a few days to get built out the rest would only take mere minutes.

Sounds like a business in a box to me 🙂

Thanks again for making my life as a local business web presence pro so much easier and for all you do.

Mike C.

Frank Haywood

Hi Mike,

Yep, that’s the way to do it. And you’re welcome. 😉