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Posted on by Frank Haywood

Check This Out:-

This is an excellent article about the myth of “Easy Money”.

I was thinking of writing my own on this topic, but this pretty much sums it all up.

-Frank Haywood


  1. Sally says:

    Hey Frank, great post I loved reading it, sometimes I think many people online are selling a dream rather than a solution!

    But it’s great when people genuinely do share their success secrets, like you, and help us hop, skip and jump our way to success online.

    Sally :)

  2. Frank Haywood says:

    Hey Sal,

    Thanks for that, you make it sound like a walk in the park. ;-)


  3. Jarkko Laine says:

    Hi Frank! Thanks for linking to my post – I’m glad you found it useful!

    @Sally: Exactly! Although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with selling a dream. Isn’t that what marketers do anyway? ;)

  4. Frank Haywood says:


    Hey no worries, you have an excellent site there. You’re clearly a very good writer and I’ll be back for more.



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