Please note that this is for email subscribers only. The email you should have received will contain an auth code for the licence, just print off the email or make sure it’s nice and safe somewhere.

Please don’t contact me saying you didn’t get the email and I could I re-send it. Or similar. The answer’s no.

I’ll repeat this again. This is for email subscribers only and the email contains an auth code. The email and the auth code together make up the licence. One is no good without the other.

Okay? 🙄


I’ve decided to…

…do something a little crazy.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and my gut instinct was to say “Yes, do that.” but I felt I had to think this one out for a bit and rationalise it to myself.

(Did you know we all do that?  We make decisions based on what we *want* to do, and then rationalise it to ourselves to justify what we’ve already decided to do or done.  Aren’t we all a bit funny?  Anyway…)

This is what I’ve decided to do.

Everyone that’s bought or buys ANY of my WordPress plugins or themes up to 31st March 2011 gets a full client / blog flipper licence.  Keep this email or print it out as your proof I’ve granted you that licence.

What this means is that if you build a blog with any of your purchases up to the 31st March, you can sell the blog (flip it) with all plugins included and still use the plugins on your other sites.  You can repeat this as many times as you like.

My definition of blog flipping is YOU own the top level domain, develop it to the point where it’s actually worth something, ie it’s getting traffic and earning money, and then you sell it for about or at least $200.

Fair enough?

Also, if you develop sites for your clients using the plugins or themes you’ve purchased up to today, then that’s fine too.

No extra purchase is necessary in either case, but you’ll have to issue a document (paper or digital) explaining that there are premium plugins or themes used on the site, and that support is NOT included with them.

They’ll need to purchase individual plugins if they want support for them – use your affiliate link if you like (scheme still being worked on – we’ll get there this week).

What it DOESN’T allow you to do is sell the plugins or themes.  Or give you a loophole by which you can do so – please don’t abuse these rights I’m giving you.

If you want to make money from sales of these plugins and themes, send people to me if you want to do that using your affiliate link.

I think that’s very fair, and…

This is just a thank you from me for being there as a subscriber.

When (finally! *sigh*) the PluginGreat site goes live and the affiliate scheme too, with all plugins and themes at full price…

Then anyone buying the plugins or themes will have to purchase a flipper/client licence too if that’s how they intend to use the plugin.

Until 31st March, any plugins or themes you buy or have bought to that point include a full client / blog flipper licence. IF you have the email and auth code issued today.

Sound good?

-Frank Haywood