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This plugin takes another step towards fixing a long time problem that we all have.

That Problem Is People Stealing Your Content For Use On Their Own Blogs

Sometimes they bother to rewrite one of your blog posts, but often they don’t.

There’s a comic on The Dog House Diaries that illustrates this perfectly.

In other words, new and unique content that’s been written by you ends up on splogs (spam blogs) that get some attention by the search engines because of the clever methods in which the owners of these sites put them together.

One of the cunning ways that’s been used by spammers for a long time is the “RSS Mashup Method.” These splogs are often created with a set of tools that allow the owners to capture content from RSS feed aggregators on the subject they desire and then automatically display this RSS content on their blogs without them having to do anything.

In fact, the last thing they want to do is spend any time on their splogs whatsoever, and that’s why most of the splogs are totally automated once set up. The owners then make their money from running related ads from one of the ad networks interspersed between your content and that created by other people.

From a technical point of view it’s clever and you have to admire whoever it was that thought this up in the first place. But to the rest of us it’s (at best) annoying.

My new plugin – Active Ad Feeds – turns the tables on these splogs and allows us to hijack at least part of them and present our own ads on their sites. 😉

It does this by allowing you to include a hidden image ad on each of your posts, and it then inserts these ads into your RSS feed. To anyone looking at your site, all they see is the new post you’ve made. But if they view the RSS feed, then they will see the hyperlinked image ads.


So when these splog sites now use the RSS aggregators to pick up your new and unique content and show it on their sites, they’re also showing your image ads too.  😉

Cool eh?

Here’s another use for this plugin I thought of while discussing it with a friend.

In the past when I’ve built sites for clients, I’ve had three of them say they didn’t want to display links back to my consultancy site, with one of them saying it was because he didn’t want his competitors to know that he’d hired someone to do SEO work for him.

Now that’s an annoyance to me and I guess it would be to you too, because we rely on backlinks as one of the methods that we pick up work. In the end I eventually made the decision that part of my agreement to do work for new clients, stated that I always get a backlink from at least one page on the site.

If I’d had this plugin then, I could have built the site without a single backlink showing, but I could have (would have!) had a link back to my site through the RSS feed. The search engines would see the link in the RSS feed and it would count as a backlink to my site.

The client would be happy because no backlinks are displayed as requested, while I would be happy because I’d be getting the backlink love through the RSS feed.

I’ll have more information about this plugin for you tomorrow before the sale starts, including a short video showing exactly how it works.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


This is a truely inspired plugin and leads on to addressing a lot of issues about the covert uses of RSS. Great work Frank.

Frank Haywood

Hi John,

Thanks for that, and I agree. 😉

I’m sure you can see in the video how amusing I find that this plugin can turn the tables on the sploggers. It’s given me a real chuckle, and I’ve been walking around with a silly grin on my face.

Every week or so on one of my blogs I’ll get a pingback from some splog that’s displaying one of my articles. At first I thought it was sort of flattering, but then I realised these sites were a mish-mash of related articles used as a vehicle for showing ads without a single line of original content. In other words their sole cause for being is to trick the search engines into promoting them. And getting that content from the RSS aggregators is one of the easiest ways of them doing it.

Now at least we’ll get to show our own ads on their sites, and the beauty is that even if the owner looks at the site, they’ll probably not notice it’s not one of their ads. 😉

On a side-note, since Google dumped their RSS reader last year, I’ve noticed a swarm of new RSS reading tools, and I’ve just installed a simple but feature rich one on my phone that doesn’t require me to log in with Facebook or G+ or create a new account with them or anything like that. (An account with them just to read RSS feeds? Many of the readers seem to be doing this.) It’s in the Play Store and is called simply “RSS Reader” by Svyatoslav Vasilev. I’ve been through a few now and it seems to be the nicest of the bunch and not bogged down with unnecessary bloat. Worth taking a look at.


geoff lord

What a great idea. This is a superb way to get free backlinks on splogger sites. This is one Plug in that will pay for itself from day one. REAL SNEAKY !!!

Frank Haywood

Hi Geoff,

Genuine viewers of your RSS feed won’t mind the occasional ad here and there, and RSS feed stealing sploggers deserve to be advertising for you on their sites. 😉


Hi Frank,

I went ahead and purchased this plugin, however in my case I don’t thin it will work for me after realizing that each ad has to be added per article. I add a lot of articles on an ongoing basis mainly because I’m publishing an online newspaper so this will add to the workload. Is there a way to just set up one ad to be displayed across the board?

Frank Haywood

Hi Mario,

Good idea I like that, I’ll see what we can do – it shouldn’t be too difficult.


Frank, anything in the works to combat stuff like this ?

[URL removed – it was to site-framing software]

I see near the footer of their sales page “Always ask the site owners permission” –yeah, right.

Frank Haywood

Hi Ray,

Well I saw that tool at release and straight away thought what a lot of hard work it was – I didn’t buy it, and I DO buy a LOT of stuff. And what they fail to say (and make clear) is you still have to drive traffic to your site. So all you really end up with (unless I’ve got it wrong) is a mod of another page that you still have to get people to visit.

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, maybe I’m wrong and I’ve got the wrong end of the stick as to what the tool does, but I don’t think it’s viable?