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Dynamic Download Plugin

Update: The sale for the very useful Dynamic Download plugin is now live at just $10.00 for the first 36 hours.

It will then rise to $12.50 for the duration of the sale.

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Turn Your Links Into List Building Ads

You can find the demo page here. Click the three download links to see examples of what you can do.

During this sale ONLY it comes with full developer (client/flipper) rights, and ALSO resale rights too. When the sale is over these rights will be removed and will be an optional purchase, so this is the best time to get the plugin.

As usual I’m releasing a plugin that I originally wanted for my own purposes, and the good news is you get the benefit from it too, and (as it’s new) you’ll get it at the lowest price it will ever be in this sale.

What does it do?

It allows you to turn your normally plain download links into optin forms and general purpose ads and info boxes.

The way it works from a readers point of view is they click the download link as usual, and instead of the download starting immediately, they’re presented with a lightbox popup instead.

Inside this popup is a countdown to when their download will start.  🙂

In other words you now have a captive audience.

And while they’re waiting, you can ask that they sign up in return for something extra, or you can present them with an ad for something related.

This is powerful stuff.

The chances are very high that they’ll fill those seconds that they’re waiting with a click or an opt-in.

In other words, you’re taking your regular download links and turning them into list builders.

The more I think about this, the more I wonder why a site owner wouldn’t want to improve their site in this way.

It’s a nice, simple, and *gentle* list building setup that *anyone* could use.  😉

The sale starts Tuesday 4th February at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EDT) and the best time to buy it is in the first 36 hours as it will be just $10 during that period and will include additional licencing rights as described above.


-Frank Haywood

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