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Secret Backdoor Plugin

Update: The sale for the save-your-bacon Secret Backdoor plugin is now live at just $10.00 for the first 36 hours.

It will then rise to $12.50 for the duration of the sale.

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The back door plugin has been designed to manage and generate small scripts you can download and then upload to all your sites and all your client sites too.


These small scripts enable you to create a WP admin account on sites where you may have had your access removed for one reason or another such as a hack attack. If it’s a hack, you could either leave the script there the whole time, or upload it by FTP after the “event” and then call it from your browser to re-enable access to the WP admin panel.


As another example, if you have a non-paying client that has removed access to the site you’ve been working on, you can use it to regain access by creating a new admin account and then remove the work you’ve done until the client pays you.

I’m sure this situation has happened to many web developers and consultants.

In this case you would have to place the script on the site as a precautionary measure beforehand.

Once you need to regain access to the site, you simply call the script in your web browser and you’ll see a simple form where you add your new username and email address plus the password you want to use for the new account, and also (most importantly) the secret key.  Without the secret key you won’t be able to create the new account – you should make sure that the secret key is something that’s isn’t easily guessable.


Finally, it could also be used to temporarily create an admin account where a customer has asked you to look at their WordPress site but has only given you the FTP login details.

It happens, believe me!  😉

Because this plugin is a joint venture between Glen and I, it won’t be available in the Plugin Great members area, sorry.

If you’re a PG member, don’t worry I’ve got some other cool plugins in the final stages.  🙄

I’m sure once you see how it can save your bacon that you’ll want to add it to your arsenal.

Frank Haywood

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