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Dynamicons Plugin

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Watch this short video to see how the Dynamicons plugin works, or just scroll down and read.



How would you like to be able to insert any of 700+ open source icons into your posts and pages? Just by doing this one simple thing will really make your pages and posts come alive.




Better still, because these icons are web based vector graphics, how would you like to display them in a huge range of point sizes, just like a font? And not lose any quality?


And set the colour using a colour picker?


Pretty cool eh?

Yoy can pick up the Dynamicons plugin at a snip of just $10 for the 48 hours this sale is live. The sale includes a full developer (client/flipper) licence which will be removed when the sale is over and will then be an optional upgrade.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood in internet business