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Update: The plugin is currently $27.00 until it goes officially live at $67.00.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday 12th April) I’ll be releasing a customer requested plugin called LightBox Popup in a pre-order sale.

Now before you go “*yawn* Oh frank there’s lots of these types of plugins available”, I’d like you to stop and consider that I always go that extra little bit further when coming up with these.

And I don’t embark on a project until I’ve had a good look round to see what alternatives there out there…

The plugin has taken over a month to develop going through various prototype stages and adding in more and more features until we’re ready to release this first version, and I hope you’ll appreciate how much thought has gone into it.

The original request (from James Dunn) was for a method to create a lightbox popup that could have HTML pasted into it. It seems that it wasn’t as easy for James to find what he was after, and after having a look round myself I agree with him.

James said (shortened form):-

“I’d like a pop-up, lightbox, overlay, modal… In that box (for this specific application) I need to put some HTML for a 1SC form where the visitor can enter their name, email address, and a question/comment… I need to be able to put the HTML in for the 1SC form so it will send the input to the 1SC system.

I found tons of lightboxes that will allow me to put photos, videos, iFrames, etc, but only one or two that would allow me to put just straight HTML in the box. I found one that would allow me to put a widget in the box… but the setup menu on it doesn’t work… I think it’s just another buggy plugin).”

I decided that yes this would be quite a useful plugin to create and I’d certainly find it very handy on some of my own sites. So, putting my thinking cap on I came up with the initial spec and then started building on it.

It now does a LOT of other stuff that wasn’t in James’ request. 😉

Now you can paste your HTML in there as requested, and then there are a few “Extra Settings” that we thought would be very useful for you too.

#1 – You can enable or disable the plugin without deactivating it.

#2 – You can reset the visitor cookie if you change the nature of the lightbox and want them to see it again if using it in “Trigger” mode. The triggers are time delay from the visitor arriving, or if the visitor is about to close the page, and also optionally if the visitor clicks on an external link.

#3 – You can change the colour of the lightbox backgound using either pre-selected colours from a drop-down or use the custom colour picker. You can even set the lightbox background to transparent to make it seem like a regular DHTML popup.

#4 – The rules for displaying the popup are the same as we created for the Slide Up Ads plugin. “Normal”, “Nth View”, “Nth view with initial” and “Nth day”.

#5 – You can choose from some pre-set sizes or set it to your own custom size.

#6 – You can set the position of the popup according to the most commonly used options.

#7 – You can set a custom (HTML) “Thank You Message” which optionally replaces the contents of the lightbox if using it as a sign up box, or alternatively set a “Thank You URL” to redirect your visitor to.


The plugin is all done and pretty much ready to go as it is, but I’ve just asked for a couple of minor changes to be made to it, which is why this is going to be a pre-order sale.

The full plugin will be likely available by the end of the week at which time your personal download page will be updated.

Update: The plugin is currently $27.00 until it goes officially live at $67.00.

-Frank Haywood

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