Short Formula For Copywriting

Okay this is more of a check list than an exact guide, but you should make sure it’s done in this order.

#1 – Give an example that graphically demonstrates the idea behind the product that you’re trying to sell.

#2 – Tell your reader what you want them to do.  Not just “buy it”, but something like “use this to…”

#3 – Give them the reason to do it.  Tell them it will improve this, that or the other.

Now that is as simple as I can possibly break copywriting down into, but that is absolutely the essence of it.  Let’s just take a look at the 3 steps.

The first one engages their emotions and imagination.  This is vital.  People buy (or do) things because they want to, not because they need to.  The only things that people need to do are drink, eat, sleep etc.  Everything else is driven by longings from the emotional soul of their body – their wants.  So activate their interest with a good example – stories are important.

While they’re still in this imaginative state of mind – some refer to it as a hypnotic daydream – steer them in the direction of what you want them to do.  You will often have to be careful about it and plant the idea in their mind by suggesting it to them rather than telling them outright.  Sometimes you can tell them exactly what to do, but it depends on the circumstances.

Finally, give them the reason to take the course of action you’ve suggested to them.  If you get it right, you’ve completed the rationalisation process for them which is the third and final stage.

The whole concept behind this three stage process is we do things because we want to do them – we are all creatures driven by our emotions but don’t often admit it even to ourselves.  After we’ve decided to do something, then we look for ways to rationalise the decision to ourselves.  Not the other way round.

The three stages get the reader into a receptive frame of mind, suggest a course of action (which engages the “want”), and then finally offers the rationalisation we all need before we do anything.

Mind blowing isn’t it?

Example.  Instruction.  Reason.

As long as you get these three stages into your copy, in that order, everything else is cake.

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-Frank Haywood

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