christmas rush

Christmas Rush

Following on from my post on Monday about tapping into the Christmas sales rush I’ve been a very busy boy.

o I’ve done some learning.
o I’ve done some market research.
o I’ve examined what I need to do in terms of SEO – key words, H1 and H2 tags etc.
o I’ve registered 6 new domains for 2 new products and 2 generic central sites.
o I’ve registered with the UK Amazon affiliate program, and I’ll follow it up with the US one when I get my first 2 sites up.

I know you’re asking yourself…

“WHAT! Is he doing?”

This is all part of a very exciting product I purchased on Sunday night. Boiled down to its essence, it’s a method of selecting physical products that are getting huge search volumes, and then tapping that traffic with a series of carefully selected and constructed sites, which if done correctly very quickly appear on page 1 of the search engines.

The first site is taking me some time, but I want to make sure I’ve got it right before I release it.

I know that after I’ve done it the once, carefully following the instructions, it will become easier to do the second and third and so on sites. It should take me less than 2 hours per site once I really get going.

I already have my two oldest children doing unofficial (non-technical) market research for me, and my wife is getting a little fed up of me talking about it. But clearly my excitement is infectious as she also wants to start doing this. She’s told me she’s ready to do some of the more technical market research, which consists of a bit of browsing and making some notes.

Then I’ll get her on site creation.

I can’t emphasise how easy this is.

The hardest part is to create the sites using the supplied template. And if you’re used to putting up sites and using HTML, then you shouldn’t have any problems in creating them as they’re just simple text and graphic sites. No special scripts involved.

I’ve been told by the product owner that the marketer I heard about this from was converting at 6 to 1. That’s for every 6 visitors to the site, 1 was buying. Or to put it another way, that’s nearly 17% conversion – and I am SO GLAD I was one of the 17%.

The way I see this, if you’ve been struggling to make any kind of money online (yes I have first hand experience and I know how difficult it can be), and you can follow step by step instructions…

…then this is for you.

Treat this as an early Christmas gift to yourself, something that will pay for itself over and over the whole of 2009 and beyond.

As soon as I have my first site up and running, I expect to get my money back on my purchase quite soon. I usually give myself a month (tops) to earn my money back on any purchase and I often do it a lot quicker, but I think with this one I’ll get it back very quickly.

I have to answer some support questions and do another SmartDD video, but right after that I’ll be working on my first site. As soon as it’s up, I’ll show you what I’ve done and why – I hope that will be later tonight.

I don’t want you to go racing off and buying this until you have the facts and know what you’re getting into. It will take some effort, but I believe the rewards for us will be phenomenal.

When I give you the link, I’ll also give you a special discount code I asked for which will knock a chunk of money off allowing you to get it at a fraction of the current price.

More later.

-Frank Haywood

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