Annoying Plugins

Have you ever wondered why your blog sometimes takes ages to draw?

I came across a blog the other day that used some strange sounding plugin name, and the plugin for some reason relied on connecting to the publishers site to do something or other.  The publishers site must have been down and so the page was never drawn, it just sat there for ages.

I’ve just noticed the same thing with my own blog after I’d activated the ShareThis plugin the other day.  I wondered why I’d deactivated it, and of course clearly I’d forgotten it causes my blog to hang.

So I’ve turned it off again.

Annoying isn’t it?

-Frank Haywood

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More Twitterings

I’ve done a little more work with Twitter, you can now see my latest witterings in the side bar of this blog.

And because I’ve done that, I’ve also at long last realised why I like it so much.

It’s a teeny tiny little blog, and I like blogs and blogging, I think they’re a good idea.

As an aside, I just ran a little test, and purely by spending around 3 hours on Saturday finding and commenting on other people’s blogs (which I enjoyed doing), I added 24 new subscribers to my mailing list – 17 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday.

If you’re not doing this already, why the blimming heck not?  It’s easy.  People regularly say they can’t build a mailing list, but I find it’s a fairly straight forward thing to do.

My experience with Twitter (while I’ve been using an anonymous test account the last few weeks) is that it will work for me in much the same way as blogging and blog commenting.

If you make an interesting post, then you’ll certainly get people signing up to find out what else you have to say.  And the great thing is, the effect is cumulative.

Just like your internet business…

The more you work on it, the better it all gets.  Amazing isn’t it?

People will be finding my ever increasing blog posts for years to come while doing searches.  Every time someone lands on my site, they get the chance to sign up.  Lots do.

This is because just by the mere act of writing, I’m creating sets of key words, either purposely or accidentally that people will be searching for.

Twitter works in much the same way.  Just by using it (which takes seconds), things get better.

-Frank Haywood

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How To Increase Your Site Traffic

How would you like to increase your site traffic?

It’s easy. You can do it with blog comments – this is one of the worst kept “traffic secrets” online.

So let me put it another way…

How would you like to make your blog comments even MORE effective than they are now?

Traffic to your web site is the life blood of your internet business.

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can get a reasonable amount of decent back links to your site every day just by commenting on other people’s blogs. They don’t even have to be high PR blogs, although that helps.

But just having more back links doesn’t necessarily bring you in more traffic directly. Sure, eventually you’ll build up enough links to make a difference to the search engines, but that can take quite a while.

What you want is a method of bringing in traffic quickly, while also getting the long term effect of the back links.

Before I tell you about the tool to help you do this, let me tell you the principle behind it.

You go to a blog, you read a post. You see 20+ comments. You read the first four or five, or maybe more if they’re short comments, and then you either skip to the end to make your own comment or you decide to leave. (Don’t ever do that, always leave a comment, it’s a free back link.)

But notice what I’ve just described.

You read the first few comments. You ignore the rest – most people do that. Some people (me included) will sometimes click through to see what else the comment writer has to say.

Aha! Catch that? If you’re in the first few comments, then you have a good chance of getting someone to click through to your site.

Free, fast traffic, plus the long term benefit of new back links.

To make this work for you, it’s vital that you make sure that it’s YOU that makes one of the first few comments, ideally the very first one. There’s a little bit more to it than that though. You need to not only make the first comment, you also need it to be something that people might want to click.

So your comments have to be both relevant and interesting enough to make people want to read more about what you have to say – I’ll cover how to do that in another post.

So how do you find out about blog posts as soon as they happen? Email isn’t fast enough… Well there’s a little tool you need to help you do this.

You install it (Windows only I’m afraid) and it sits in your system tray monitoring the blogs you tell it to, usually the popular ones in your niche. Every 5 minutes, it checks the blogs, and pops-up a little box if there’s been a new post.

You can then quickly read the post on the blog, spend a few minutes composing a suitable reply, and most likely be the first to make a comment on the new blog post.


When the blog owner notifies his mailing list by email a little while later, you’ll have already beaten everyone else to the punch, and they’ll be reading your comment when they arrive. If it’s good enough, they’ll be clicking through to see what you have to say, and you then get your chance to capture their name and email address.

Don’t you just love this method? 😉

You can get the tool by clicking here.

-Frank Haywood

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