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Update: The very nice Magic Social Blocks plugin is now live at just $10.00 .

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This plugin – Magic Social Blocks – makes it easy for you to add SEVEN different kinds of blocks to your blogs that are all able to display social network buttons plus a little bit more.  😉

Now when you think “social networking plugin”, then you’d have a certain image in your mind of what to expect – I think I’m right in saying that.

Well. This isn’t that.

Yes it’s centered around social networks, but you need to see it in action to understand it.

The seven different blocks you can now add with this plugin are:-

  • Image Block
  • Image Block With Link
  • Author Block
  • Email Block
  • Sales Block
  • Contact Details Block
  • Social Links List

For each block there are three different styles to choose from, and you can edit fonts and text colour. You can create as many of each block as you need, all with different content inside.

For every block you create, there are three layouts generated. One for insertion into posts and pages, one for widgetised areas (sidebars), and one that’s a slide-in popup that gets triggered when your visitor scrolls down the page.

You can select which slide-in you want to use from the ones you create.

It’s very cool and addresses something that I’m going to be doing her at my personal blog, and ties in very nicely with my plans.

(I’ve decided it’s time for a redesign and a change of tactic with my current blog layout and at some point I’ll show you what I’m doing on that front.)

As I’ve often said before, I get plugins built that address my own needs first and then let you have them too, and this pays for my developments costs. Sharing is cool isn’t it?  😉

So in the examples above, I can see for my own uses that it would be good to add an author block to my new posts when I redesign my blog so that people can see who I am and learn a little bit about me.

(This is important in order to gain people’s trust. If they trust you they will be far happier buying from you.)


As well as the video above, here’s a link to the demo page I created in that video.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood