Month: September 2010

Why Do You Like WordPress?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you can’t have failed to notice how many WordPress based products I’ve been putting out recently, and that’s simply because…

I really like WordPress.

In the last 12 months, WordPress has really come on in leaps and bounds.  In fact 12 months ago I certainly wouldn’t have described it as a CMS, but I would now even though it’s lacking a good implementation of one important feature that all good Content Management Systems should have – journaling.  (The WordPress dev team have sort of paid it a little lip service by introducing multiple draft copies, but I don’t think that really counts.)

But in spite of that, like I said I really like it.

And the main reason for that is it’s dead easy to install.

If you have cPanel hosting, then you’ve probably also got Fantastico too.  And if you have that, it takes 2 minutes or less to install WordPress.

Once WordPress is installed, then apart from all the usual stuff people will swoon over it for (extensibility and free stuff), there’s one very important aspect which gets overlooked by just about everybody:-

It reveals another layer of ease of use with regards to installing scripts.

If you’ve ever installed a standalone PHP script with a MySQL database, then you’ve probably found it can be a little tricky sometimes.  Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

You have to upload files, you sometimes have to CHMOD stuff, you have to create the database and add a user with the correct permissions to it, then run the installer and enter the database details, and that’s even before you get to any of the real configuration stuff in the scripts admin panel.

A standalone script installation can take anything from 15 minutes to an hour, which is why some people pay others to do it for them.

But with WordPress…

You just upload the plugin using either FTP or the built in WordPress file browser and activate it.

Again, a 2 minute job.

No messing with config files, creating databases etc, you just upload and activate.  The plugins will use the existing WordPress database, and you don’t have to be really technically minded to do it either.

So in under 5 minutes you can install WordPress and have a script running on it.  Another 5-10 minutes depending on the complexity and you’ve amended all the settings in the admin panel.

I feel it’s important at this point to say that I’m not talking about plugins that do stuff that’s unique to WordPress, I mean plugins that will do vital stuff for your business like run a sales script or affiliate scheme or autoresponder.

Tasks that would traditionally be done by either a service or a standalone script.

And THAT is why I like WordPress so much.

It makes things so much easier and simpler to do.

Why do you like WordPress?

-Frank Haywood

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