Two for one PLR

Today I open the doors of my new PLR Membership which is now offering TWO products for the price of one.

Yep, rather than just make the two for one deal an introductory offer, I figure I can supply you with two brand new products each and every month from the following:-

  • Packs of beautifully designed sales page / squeeze page templates.
  • Beautiful business oriented WordPress themes.
  • Very useful WordPress plugins.
  • Standalone PHP scripts.

And if you’re EITHER one of the first 50 people to sign up, OR you sign up within the first 48 hours then you’ll be able to get in at an unbeatable $20 per month.

That is just $10 per brand new high quality product with full Private Label Rights, which I believe is unheard of?  Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Now then. I planned to open the doors at 6.00pm GMT tonight, but I can’t now do that because I have a hospital appointment to attend.  I could open tomorrow, but I’ve spent the last few days saying I’d open today, so that’s what I’m going to do.

But I’m pushing the time back to 8.30pm GMT (3.30pm EST), possibly 30 minutes after that.

It all depends on what time I get back as to what time I open the door, as we have the mother-in-law coming to tea as well, so it’s all gone a bit pear-shaped.

That’s life though eh?  You plan and plan to no avail.  😉

So let’s recap.

#1 – New PLR membership opens at 8.30pm GMT (3.30pm EST).
#2 – Two products for the price of one.
#3 – $20 for the first 50 people to join.
#4 – It’s a flaming bargain!

Watch for a post on my blog later today, and another email announcing it’s officially open.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank, I’ve just cancelled my dinner date for tonight!! I will now be sitting at my pc waiting for the official opening lol.

I know I keep saying this, but I really think you and your team of busy workers do come up with some amazing products so heads up to you all.
I can’t wait to join your new membership site.

I know in a previous post with regards to products you’ll be developing for the new PLR site, you mentioned that if enough suggestions came along you would do those suggested products.
So can I make a first suggestion.. please. Sometime down the line perhaps you could come up with a set of sales pages for WordPress. I know you have got the WP-AffiliatePages, but I was thinking along the lines of a type of sales page theme, perhaps it could come along with the same or similar plugin with the Big Ed plugin.


Frank Haywood


Your wish has been commanded. Next week we’ll be adding WP salespage functionality to all five of the salespages being released with PLR. The original plan was to do it for today but we ran out of time.

Three of the adaptations are done but we’ll release all 5 next some time next week when they’re all complete. That menas that all the sales pages that will be released as part of this months PLR package will get an update that will allow youto use them with WordPress. 😉


I generally like the items that Frank releases but the sad fact is that if anyone purchases any of his items they must expect zero customer support from him!

Caveat Emptor

Frank Haywood


I think you might be getting me confused with someone else. Go read this post.


Better go find a world time clock 3:00am 23rd at time of writing.

Frank Haywood

@Rob Paris:

I think you should probably be okay to leave it until morning your time. If you click the clock underneath the picture of my ugly mug top right, you’ll end up on a time conversion site. 😉


Roberto Delgato

Although I’m interested in your latest offering, I do have feelings similar to those @NSK expresses. You cannot deny that there was no support and very few products released through PLRCodemine.

You NOW are telling us that you were just a ‘front man’ for another developer who didn’t support the product, etc, etc, etc. Live and learn, I guess…but some of us are still stinging from that experience – and not getting any products for over 3 months for our monthly fee.

All I know is that it sounds like the same thing. I hope it isn’t. I may try to get in as one of the ‘first 50’ (sigh…) but if not I may just wait 6 months to see if this one crashes.

Despite how this sounds, I hope you succeed this time! You do release good products, and I have bought a LOT of them, most recently the 3 Streams Theme series, WP Affiliate Sales Pages, etc.

Best wishes, RD

Frank Haywood

@Roberto Delgato:

You have to do what you think is right, that’s the most important thing.

The big difference now is that there are staff checking the support desks twice a day, and those staff are the developers working directly for me…


Pete Lauder

Perhaps you should have named your new website given the fact that the products are actually master resale rights, not true private label.

Frank Haywood

@Pete Lauder:

Er, I’m not sure you understand the difference between PLR and MRR?

Master Resale Rights products are where you get products that you’re not allowed to change in any way, and have to sell as they are. They convey full Master Resale Rights to the buyer and so they can go sell them for whatever they think they’re worth.

Eventually, usually about a day after first release, someone is selling them for a dollar or less and they’re effectively worthless.

On the other hand, Private Label Rights products are totally rebrandable / editable, changeable, and come with full source and often instructions as to how to amend them. 🙂

Products from PL Ahh are PLR, not MRR products.

Enjoy. 😉