Hi Frank…….I hadn’t picked up the fact that your mother-in-law was terminally ill and you were having dealing with everything that leads from that. I lost my father to bladder cancer 3 years ago so can relate to your life at the moment. All I can say is keep going………I enjoy your emails and also the various plugins are damn good……..strength to you my friend.

Frank Haywood

Hi Colin,

Thanks for that, we all really appreciate it. It’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster here with good days and bad days. Unlike me, my wife worries about everything and for a while was tearing herself to pieces because she wanted to move in with her mom but felt guilty at leaving part of the family here. I’ve had to spend a while reassuring her that it’s all okay and that it couldn’t be any other way nor would I want it to be. We see each other at least twice a day with me coming and going to take our daughter to school, so it’s not like she’s *away* away.

And of course the situation isn’t going to last forever so we’re grateful for the way things are right now.

I’m sure you know what I mean.


Yes, indeed I do. Just be there for your wife at the end…………she will certainly need everything you can give.

Wilson Cowden

Hi Frank – These days will be tough for your wife as she nurses her Mum and then even though her passing is to be expected when it comes there is still shock of the loss. Having been there for my own Mum 24 years ago and then my 44 year old wife 4 years later I know the strain and anxiety your family is experiencing and having you near will be a tremendous strength and comfort to your wife right now and in the months ahead.