As an affiliate marketer and product creator, from time to time I will favourably review or otherwise endorse a product or service I believe to be of use to the readers of this blog and also on my mailing lists.

I’d like to make it clear that in many if not most cases, I DO receive compensation either in the form of money or free products in return for a promotion of a product.  This is I believe the case for most affiliate marketers.

As I am a “normal” kind of person I believe that the results I achieve when using any products or services I promote are typical of anyone else who applies themselves rigorously to a task.

However, unlike many affiliates, the products I promote here on this blog and in my mailing lists are almost always products that I personally use or have used in order to form an opinion.  There may also be a few occasions where I promote products or services that I haven’t personally tried out, usually when the item in question is time sensitive, but this is the exception rather than the rule and I almost always make this clear.

-Frank Haywood

N.B. I Am Not A Lawyer, but I believe this covers my intention when promoting products and services.

You may use these words on your own web sites in return for a link back to any page on this blog.  😎