Alert Box Ads

Update: The sale at $17.00 for the easy to use and very cool Alert Box Ads plugin is now live.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m releasing a brand new plugin called Alert Box Ads. It’s very cool, easy to use and comes with full Developer (Client/Flipper) rights.

You know those little “alerts” you get that sometimes pop up out of your system tray? Or you’ll see a box appear bottom right on a web site as you scroll down the page?

You can’t do anything but look at them can you? In other words they work, and they work really well. 😉

And this is what the Alert Box Ads plugin will allow you to do. Here’s a short video showing how it works:-

Let’s take a look at the features list.

  • Unlimited alert ads.
  • You can set a global alert ad for every page and post.
  • You can set ads for the Home and Archive “special” pages.
  • You can set an individual alert ad for a page or post.
  • You can disable alert ads on individual pages and posts.
  • Alerts can include HTML and links.
  • Alert box ads can be set to redirect to a URL when clicked.
  • 3 methods of displaying alerts:-
    – Immediately
    – After a set number of seconds
    – When the visitor scrolls down.
  • Create your alert ads using the standard TinyMCE editor – easy.
  • 5 different designs of alert ads included, more on the way.

I hope you agree that it has a really cool and well thought out feature set.

The 48 hour sale for Alert Box Ads will start today 11th March at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) and will cost just $10 during that period, so don’t miss out on the low price while it’s available.

-Frank Haywood

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Slide Out Tabs Pre-launch Sale

Offer Closed


I had a customer request for this plugin and I thought it was such a cracking idea that I just had to go get it done.

And like all the better ideas, what started out as a fairly small plugin has turned into something much bigger and fuller featured and I hope you’ll have your socks blown off by this plugin just as hard as mine were.  😉

Here’s a short video overview or you can just carry on reading.

Update: The video is now out of date as we changed the interface but it’s still very representative of the plugin.

The concept is a simple one and as far as I can see it’s been poorly done up to now.

The original request was for a plugin which added a set of 3 slim tabs to the right and left of the page which stayed in place when the page was scrolled up and down, but when hovered over would slide out onto the page.

The slide out would contain the content (HTML), and it could be a video, a sign up box, or anything you like, menus, images, whatever.

That was the ORIGINAL request.

We took it all a bit farther than that.  😉

I decided that rather than just supply a content box in the admin panel where you could paste some HTML… that we’d hook it all into the WP widgetised areas system instead.

What does that mean?

It means that when you create a new tab in the admin panel (unlimited – create as many as you think will fit), it also creates a new widgetised area (sidebar) for the slide-out.

Wow…  😉

Any widgets you drop into the newly created widgetised area get inserted into the slide-out just as if it were a sidebar.

This means you can insert HTML via a text widget, a menu, a sign up box, in fact ANYTHING you have a widget for, you can now insert into the slide-out.

I hope you can see how powerful that makes this plugin.

In theory at least, you could use a theme without a sidebar on the home page and instead use slide-out tabs.

When creating this I also realised that you might not want to put all the tabs on every page, and that you might even want to put different tabs on different pages, or even none at all.


We used the same method that Ads Manager uses of the built in developer system in WordPress called Conditional Tags, and we bent it to our will.

If you’ve never used the Conditional Tags system, then you’re in for a real treat as it gives you total flexibility in setting up rules for things to trigger based on whereabouts on a blog you are.

Built into the Conditional Tags system are rules that allow you to choose which post(s) or page(s) you want the tabs to appear on. Or if it’s the home page. Or the categories page, or the tags page. There are a massive amount of rules and you can also use negatives of those rules too.

So you can say “not on the home page” or “not on these posts” and so on.

This means you can stack tabs in the same position on a page, but show different tabs depending on where the visitor is reading your blog.

To put that another way, you might have 2 tabs on the left that are 100 pixels down and the same height. Normally one would overlay and obscure the other, but you can set the rules to say that one tab appears on the home page and the other tab appears on every post, but not on any pages.

Is that totally COOL or what? 🙄

I’m releasing the Slide Out Tabs plugin over this weekend starting at just $10, and I’ll drop you a line a few hours before I’m ready. It comes with personal use rights and also developer rights so you can install on client blogs. If enough people ask I’ll also consider releasing a blog flipper licence for an additional fee.


In the meantime, I’d also like to remind you that the sale for Instant Graphics Injection ends on Monday but you can currently get this massive pack for just $10 here.


-Frank Haywood

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Multiple Streams Themes TEN plus TEN Templates

Update: The rising price sale is now LIVE starting at just $10.00.

Buy now


o Multiple Streams Themes TEN
o TEN Sales and Squeeze Page Templates and plugin
o THREE Bonus Plugins

Every time I release a new WordPress theme bundle, I do my best to make it even better than the last one.

We do, we learn, we make better.  🙂

This latest theme is chock full of our learning and the package we’ve put together is the best ever.  If you miss this, you’ll kick yourself when it’s too late.

Here’s a reduced size image of the theme, you can click it for a larger (60% of full size) image, or better still you can go see the theme in all it’s glory here:-


Note the careful use of pastel colours – isn’t it gorgeous?

There’s just too much packed into this to adequately describe it all – all I can do here is give you a flavour of it.

To celebrate the pre-release of our tenth theme, I’m also including TEN new page templates – FIVE brand new SALES page designs and FIVE brand new SQUEEZE page designs.

You can see 60% of full size images of the templates on the following links:-


All of them come as HTML as well as in WordPress Page Template Plugin format (v1.0.4).

In case you didn’t know, the Page Template Plugin is another step towards turning any WordPress blog into a total marketing machine.  It enables you to add sales and squeeze pages to your WordPress blogs that survive theme updates and changes.  Just upload the plugin and activate, and then upload the templates – it’s a doddle.


I’m only releasing these BONUS templates as part of this pre-launch sale.

(When the inital sale is over then they’ll only be available separately and will join the others on the Page Template Plugin site at $7 apiece.)

As well as the bonus templates in this sale, you also get THREE BONUS plugins, Comment Reward, Ads Manager and Redirection.

A quick feature rundown of the theme bundle includes:-

o Custom Drop-down Menus.
o Options to globally hide or display sections of your site just by checking and unchecking boxes.
o Options to add footer text such as a footer menu and copyright content.
o Options to add site analytics code if you don’t already own the Scripts Manager plugin.
o Multiple page template styles.
o LOTS of sidebars (widgetised areas).
o 5 NEW sales page templates powered by the Page Template Plugin.
o 5 NEW squeeze page templates powered by the Page Template Plugin.
o Ads Manager plugin.
o Redirection plugin.
o Comment Reward plugin.


Madness I know to include all this, but what the heck.  😉

The sale starts Wednesday 18th at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) with the first 50 copies at just $10.00 – unbeatable value I’m sure you’ll agree.

The pricing works like this:-

1-50 = $10.00
51-100 = $12.50
100-??? = $17.00
Site live = $27.00 but no bonus templates and no plugins.

See you Wednesday at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) – don’t get here too late and miss out on the lowest price.

I’ll drop you a line to remind you before the sale.  😉

-Frank Haywood

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Multiple Streams Theme 007

Offer Closed


Today Friday 6th January at 6.00pm I’m running a final pre-release sale for Multiple Streams Themes Seven.

If you purchased this earlier last year in a pre-order sale, I sincerely apologise for the delay.  You can now go back to your personal download page and grab it plus pick up a little bonus I promised to those who pre-ordered and then ended up waiting a loooong time for it.

I finally (!) managed to get the original designer of the theme to do the conversion (after 2 attempts by others) and he’s done a great job of it.

He’s actually come up with a better method of adding a slider to the front of the blog under the header, and in fact it’s so nice now that I’ve made plans for where to use it myself on one of my sales sites.

I just have to bundle it all up with PSDs, banners etc and it’s ready to go.

Speaking of which, it comes with a nice selection of pre-designed banners including blank JPEGs / PNGs and PSDs for them, plus umpteen sidebars, an additional page template, plus plugins (Ads Manager, Redirection, Squeeze Page Templates), and a set of theme options too.

The theme options allow you to turn on and off the featured content and top boxes and change footer text. The theme also supports the WP 3.x features of custom menus.  And finally, we’ve included a really nice slider area at the top under the menu where you can place presentational images, extra ads etc.

You can place content including an image into the slider simply by making a new post and then putting it into a category called “featured”.  The theme will then pick up the first part of the text of the post and place it in the slider area – it’s really cool.

If you want to add an image as part of the content of the slider, then you can use the built in WordPress “Featured Image” functionality just by editing the post and clicking “Set Featured Image”.  You can then upload or choose an image from the library just as you would when adding any image to WordPress.

If you use an image with a transparent background then it will cleanly overlay and merge with the bacground of the theme.

It’s amazingly simple to do and the results are stunning.

I’m going to use it as a showcase on one of my own sites, so watch out for that shortly.

Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m running a final 25 copies only sale for MST007 available for just $10.

(I’m also re-opening Affiliate Click Pal this weekend for those people who’ve written to me to say they missed it last week because they were away.  Fair enough.  I’ve made another 10 copies available and that will close when they’re gone.)

In the meantime you can see the MST007 theme in action here:-


-Frank Haywood

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PLR Membership Re-opening

Update: The PLR membership is now OPEN and is currently $27.00/month until I reach my target number of subscribers. At that point I'll increase it to the regular price of $47.00

You can get to the sales page here:-



Tomorrow (Thursday) I’ll be re-opening my PLR membership at a temporary reduced price, and I’ll reveal that price now.  It’s just $27 a month for PLR to TWO product sets.

Or put another way, it works out as $13.50 each…  😉

But that price is only valid until I fill up my remaining slots to make the membership viable for me to continue to run.  (It’s been touch and go.)

Each month you’ll get PLR to 5 sales page designs, PLUS additional PLR to either a WordPress plugin or theme, or a PHP script or other program, or a special report or video set created by me.

It’s a pretty good deal.

Just the five sales pages alone are worth your membership.

Ask anyone.  If you were to pay to have ONE sales page created for yourself, they’d cost you $47-$97 depending on who did them for you, and all you’d get back is the design with uneditable PNG or JPEG files.

With the ones we supply you get Private Label Rights to the entire pack of 5, PLUS all the PhotoShop PSD source files.  In addition we make sure there are no hard-coded text in graphics (wherever possible) and in the few cases there are, we also supply blank JPEGs or PNGs so you can use your favourite graphics editor to add your own text.


As for the cost of developing the WordPress plugins and themes, you’re talking anything from five hundred to two thousand dollars and upwards – go find out for yourself.  So I think it’s fair to say that every month you’re getting between $750 to $2000 worth of products you can rebrand and call your own.

At the special relaunch price of $27 it’s not just a good deal it’s a smoking deal!


First I’d like to give you a bit of background about the membership.  I opened it in November last year, and everything went fine until about March when my one and only designer took an office job in Singapore.  He still does some part time work for me.

Then I had to fire one of my plugin developers as he was supposedly working full time for me and (when he slipped up) we found out he was also working “full time” for one of my friends.  (No wonder he was getting slower and slower…)

This left me with a full time plugin developer and a part time designer.

And then to make matters worse, my remaining developer decided to go look for an office job too and also went part time in June.

While this was all going on I just couldn’t find the right people to fill the gaps left behind and from April until now I’ve been struggling to fulfill the promise of 2 monthly PLR products as part of the membership.

It even got to the stage last month where I’d just about decided to close up shop on the membership as I couldn’t see how I could continue to deliver products like I had been – I’m certainly not a designer or a plugin developer.

And then out of the blue I picked up two new designers, one of whom can create WordPress themes.  Hurrah!

I then (by accident) found a part timer who is now in training to become my full time PA and Project Manager in March 2012.

But the icing on the cake is I also found a new full time coder, AND just this week my part time developer has increased her weekly hours to almost full time.

Suddenly I have a full set of staff and that makes the membership viable again.  And I also have enough “give” in there to make sure that if someone leaves then the membership won’t suffer like it has this year.


To kick off the relaunch of the membership with a bang tomorrow, I’m adding in some extras.  So instead of you joining and getting one month’s worth of products, I’m including a few more bits and pieces too.

The current product set is for August, but I’ve left July’s active too.  September’s will be ready next week.

So when you join tomorrow, you not only get July and August’s membership products, you’ll also get September’s too when I add it in a few days time.

That’s THREE months worth of membership in this first month.  (For existing members I’ll put something else in so you don’t feel left out.)

Forget pretty good, forget smoking, this is a RED HOT deal.

But ONLY when you join tomorrow at just $27 / month.

When I fill the minimum membership slots I need, then the price goes back up.

I’ll give you some additional details tomorrow and re-open the membership at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).

-Frank Haywood.

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