Second Multiple Streams Theme on Pre-Order

Update: Offer Closed.


The second multiple income streams theme for WordPress is now available on limited pre-order for just $10 – the completed theme will probably be available on Thursday 29th July at its regular price – we’re just making final tweaks to it.

Here are the key points:-

o Designed to provide you multiple income streams.
o Only 50 copies available on pre-order.
o Multi-site usage licence for sites you personally own.
o Supplied with “Ads Manager” plugin for full control of your ads.
o Carefully placed subscriber sign up box in the “Golden Triangle”.
o Latest posts at a glance.
o Featured freebie.
o Time sensitive offers.
o Product spotlight.
o New releases.
o Thirteen sidebars giving you increased flexibility of ad placement.
o Ready made sidebar ads for your affiliate links.
o Sidebar ads are editable.
o Full WordPress 3.0 Custom Menus support.
o Ideal for use with the “Subscribers Only” plugin.
o Ideal for use with the “Widgets In It” plugin.
o Ideal for use with the “WordPress AutoResponder” plugin.

The theme has been designed with you in mind and allows you to create a blog where you can build your mailing list (vital), review products, and also promote multiple products as an affiliate.

In other words it’s been designed to make your life easier.

You can start small with a few ads, and as you add more content to your site, you can increase the number of ad blocks used.  Or you can just use some of the ad blocks to suit your personal style.

The whole point of this theme is to give you the flexibility you need.

After releasing the first theme, we’ve had some GREAT suggestions, and we’ve tried to implement them in this second theme where possible.  The three key ones though were:-

#1 – More sidebars and we’ve done just that to give you an amazing amount of flexibility in the themes appearance and where your ads appear.

#2 – Drop-down Custom Menus.  The main header nav menu now has drop-down menu support, so you can create your custom menus within WordPress 3.0 and add a sub-menu layer.

#3 – A footer Custom Menu.  We’ve been asked for an easier way of adding footer menus instead of fiddling with the theme files, so we’ve done just that.  You can now create a custom menu and then use the built in Custom Menu Widget to drop a menu into the Footer sidebar.

Just like the first one, this theme is designed to help you build multiple income streams, and when used in conjunction with the two list building plugins I released recently (Subscribers Only and WordPress AutoResponder), will help you do just that.

If you own the WordPress AutoResponder plugin, then we’ve spent the last month making a raft of changes including the ability to generate form code for use with the Multiple Streams Themes.  These changes will be announced soon.

This is all great news.

My estimate for release of the theme is Thursday 29th July, and I’ve installed and activated the test version on the Multiple Streams Themes web site so you can take a quick look at it.

While you’re there, note the drop down menu under the “Home” link at the top, and also note the 4 sidebars at the bottom where 2 ads, Recent Comments and Meta are located.  Each block is contained within an individual sidebar so it’s easy to move them around.  And finally the footer menu which is a Custom Menu widget within another sidebar.

This is your chance to pre-order for just $10.

Once the theme is complete and the official site is live, it will be available for $27 for a short time before I set the final price.

Today it’s just $10 on pre-order.

But only for the first 50 people to get there, and it’s important to note when you purchase, that you get a multi-site usage licence which means you can use it on as many sites as you personally own.

The link to purchase the theme on pre-order is here:-

Update: Offer Closed.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood



One of the features listed is a signup box in the “golden triangle.”

When I looked at the test version, the signup box is on the top left. On the pages of your blog, you have yours on the top right.

Is this modifiable? Statistical analysis has shown that the best place for the signup box is on the right, above the fold as you have yours in your blog.


Frank Haywood


Yes, those three boxes are all widgets and can be moved around in a similar fashion as seen in the “Adding Widget Code” video on this page:-

We’ve slightly changed the method from the video above as the three widget are now placed in three separate sidebars rather than just one.


Hmmm Frank do I or don’t I ? I must say I do prefer the 2nd theme design. Now the question is do I purchase this one as well lol.

Frank hats off to you for another great addition to your growing MST’s for wordpress, I can see a whole new turn on this part of your business with your family of themes growing!

I’m going to go and check out the 2nd version again……. then probably purchase it.
Take care

Frank Haywood


Lol! The designer of these themes is incredibly talented, and I didn’t hire him because he could make WordPress themes, that was just a pleasant surprise. We intend to release at least one (and probably two) themes a month and I wouldn’t expect everyone to buy every single one as there’s arguably only so much use to be put to a pro-bloggers theme.

However… A nice side effect I realised from having lots of sidebars in the themes is that they can easily be turned to other uses too. In fact I’ve had him create a single theme for my sites using the same principles as the MST, and then create some colour variants of it. I intend to use these colour variants across many of my sites so that they all have the same look and feel. There will be exceptions, but that’s what I think is a good idea and will work well.

Also, with reference to me saying there will be at least one theme released per month, that’s also my plan for plugins too.

I can’t reasonably expect for everyone to shell out for all themes and plugins every time I release one. Hmm, that’s not exactly right. What I really mean is I don’t like the thought of *selling* each theme and plugin as I release it. I know they’re great, I know lots of people will want them, but my gut feel says that people will tire of buying them individually.

So my next thought on this was to set up a WordPress Club where you pay a set amount each month and then get all the new themes and plugins I release as part of your membership.

I think that would work and people wouldn’t tire of that if I get the price point right.

Still thinking about it.

As for your questions about use with WordPress Affiliate Pages, yes there’s no reason why you can’t use the WPAP method with any of these themes.


Hi Frank, sorry I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while, is it or would it be possible to use the MST’s for use as described in your WP Affiliate Pages product?


This version looks good, has addressed some of the concerns I had with the first one especially the drop down menus.
Is it going to be possible to customize it by changing the colours and customizing the header a little.
The only other thing is that I’m hearing a lot lately that micro niching, one product one site is the way to go, if visitors have to many choices they wont make any.
Your thoughts on that would be welcome.


Frank Haywood


The header is quite a simple 1-pixel black bar and a 1-pixel blue bar underneath repeated across the page. All you need to do is create a different coloured version in your favourite graphics program and replace the existing ones.

I totally agree with your point about micro-niching when selling products. And also with your point about too much choice resulting in no sale.

The concept of just one choice – yes or no – is something I’ve talked about on this blog before, and I’ve half written a short report on it. A single web page should give the viewer just ONE choice, and you should be very clear about what that choice is and not confuse the viewer in any way. You may have an interlinked sequence of pages that your visitors flow through.

Once they’ve made their choice and moved onto the next page in the sequence, then you can give them another single choice to make.

So the choices may be to sign up to a mailing list or not. Buy or don’t buy. Upgrade or don’t upgrade. Until the sequence is complete.

In most cases, it’s a very good idea to have just one product per site, but there are always exceptions. For example I’ll shortly be officially launching two sites – and Each site will sell a variety of either themes or plugins and they’ll cross promote each other and also a central membership site.

Because of the nature of, and how I want to market the products from those sites, it makes sense to put them all on one site and let people choose.

Of course some of the more popular products from those sites will also get their own single product sites too. 😉


I already own the first Multiple Streams Theme. Will there be a free upgrade to this new one, or do I need to purchase again?


Frank Haywood


Nice gravatar.

This is a separate theme, however as I’ve said above, I do intend to launch a membership site where you get all new themes and plugins as I release them for just a single monthly fee (but not the ones I’ve released so far of course).


Keith Winter

Hi Frank,

Is this a completely diffferent theme to the first one that I purchased just a couple of weeks ago, or is this an upgrade? Do I have to pay again?

Do I also have to buy another copy of WordPress Autoresponder to get the extra fuctionality?


Frank Haywood

@Keith Winter:

It’s a new, completely separate theme. The new features we’re adding to WPAR are all considered “minor” upgrades (v1.x.x) and are part of your original purchase – free upgrade. When they’re done I’ll announce them through the WPAR list and also do another promotion for those people who didn’t purchase first time round.

When we release v2 of WPAR later this year, it will have had one major new feature added – multiple mailing lists. 😉

It will actually take longer to do that upgrade than it did to create WPAR in the first place – it’s quite a tricky thing to do with WordPress and we need to be careful we’re doing it in the right way. I think a “token” system is the right way to go.

That will be a paid upgrade, probably $10 for short time, with the full version 2 being a $47 release for new customers. Right now, today, it’s cheaper to buy the current version and then upgrade to v2 when we release it.


Shoot! I missed it! That went really fast! 🙁