Really GOOD Membership Software

I’ve looked all over the place for a GOOD general purpose membership script, preferably for WordPress.  Have I found one?

I’m still looking.

A weakness I’ve noticed in many of the membership scripts is you’re either IN the membership, or you’re OUT of it.  It doesn’t seem like there’s been enough thought given over to all the different methods of actually handling members.

Even the the one I’ve found that has considered that you might not actually want members to be just in or out is flawed.  The assumption is that it’s a drip fed membership concerned with supplying content as learning rather than as products.

Here’s the specific scenario I’m thinking about where the content is product, as with PLR Code Mine.

Someone joins a membership today.  They’re a member for three months and then for whatever reason they drop out.  Two months later, they rejoin.  What would you expect to have happened in this scenario?

What I expect from a really good membership script is that if someone has been a paid member for 3 months, then they should ALWAYS have access to that content, even during the times they’re not a paid member.  So if the content they’ve purchased is updated, they get the benefit of it.

If they then drop out for two months, then as administrator I should be able to specify that they shouldn’t get access to that two months worth of content.  They’ve missed the boat.

I may also wish to sell it to them at a much higher price than if they’d been a regular member, to allow them to catch up.

So when they rejoin at month 6, they now have access to months 1-3 and 6, but not to month 4 and 5.  They can purchase month 4 and 5 at say three times the regular membership price if they wish to, at which point they then have perpetual access to it, even if they drop out of the membership again.

To me, that would be a perfect membership solution.  But I’m damned if I can find anyone that does such a script.

I have found one where a lot of thought has gone into membership as learning, but not where membership involves a product.  What happens there is that when the member rejoins at month 6, then they get access to month 4, not month 6.  And the workaround suggested by the very helpful developer / owner involved just doesn’t cut it.  Grrr…

There’s nothing for it, I’ll have to get my own done.  I can see from other sites that I’m a member of that there’s a real need for such a script, as they all have the same issues.  I’m either in or out, and once a month has gone by, the back products get removed.

I just find it difficult to believe that no-one has ever sat down and thought about this.  Fortunately for me, it’s such a glaring omission it leaves the door wide open for a BETTER membership script than the rest of the stuff on the market, doesn’t it?

Watch this space.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


The difference between you and any one else is that you are a thinker , but some one will write that script soon.

Sarah Holiday

I couldn’t agree with you more in there Frank. It must be sooo nice to find a good membership software. It will spare a lot of your stress, effort, time and money. Atleast one of us is thinking that way. 🙂


Hi, Frank

Sounds good. Have you taken a look at DAP. I’ve already recommended it once today… LOL!

It has a feature where members can “pause” their membership and recommence later.

Here is a table listing all the features and comparing it to the competitors:

It might be a case of earning more money by referring people there (without the hassle of having a script coded and support, etc.) Dunno, you’re obviously in the software biz whereas I’m not. =)

Carl Ringwall

Hey Frank, have you checked out Ravi’s Digital Access Pass?

I have had some experience with his stuff, and he’s a real good guy.

What I really want is a membership module for SmartDD. Right now, I sell a digital product that have training videos. I took my old iSubscribe script – and integrated into SmartDD thru the paypalipn.php file using cURL. It works ok, but has no real advanced functionality.

Hey Frank

Whatever happened to this? Wasn’t this going to be given as a freebie for joining PlAah too? Waited months for this, will it be released or not?

Frank Haywood

Hi David,

Yes it will be released eventually. We have the core completed, together with an API for external scripts and plugins to add and remove membership groups and users and link them to pages and posts. What we don’t yet have is all the admin gubbins that will allow you to do useful stuff like accepting payments (and then put the new customers into a group that give them access to the products/pages).

There’s another chunk of work for that to be done, but I’ve put the whole thing on hold while Affiliate Click Pal is built. The way I see it, once ACP is done, then it’s just a hop and a skip to add the WP membership script support.

And… I’m now beginning to think it makes more sense to just give the WP membership plugin away as a freebie to everyone with some basic PayPal support and digital delivery.

A couple of months?


Thanks for the response Frank… I’m sure I read somewhere that you were hoping that this would replace SmartDD, but now you think it’ll just do basic delivery? I don’t mean to keep questioning everything you say! But I have held back from buying other products because I like using your stuff, and support is always good too.

Frank Haywood

Yes, I’m hoping that this will eventually replace SmartDD. And I should explain what I mean by basic delivery too.

Your customers purchase via a PayPal button/link that the plugin generates for you like SmartDD. The plugin then adds them as a member, sends them an email with their login details and displays a page with links to other pages that gives them access to their purchases.

That’s what I think of as basic delivery. I believe that’s the stuff that most people would want to do but aren’t prepared to pay for it. 😉

What the free version of the plugin won’t do is all the clever value-added stuff such as send a message to another satellite site (that might be owned by yourself or a JV partner) that then auto-adds a new member (and sends an email out etc.). Or subscription memberships with drip-fed or planned content release and all the associated gubbins that goes with that.

And so on.

What I’m hoping is that the basic free plugin will be enough for most people, with some of them upgrading to more functionality.