Multiple Streams Themes 4

Every time we release a new WordPress theme, we add even MORE features into it.

We do, we learn, we make better.

This latest theme is chock full of our learning and the package we’re putting together is completely awesome.  And awesome isn’t a word I often use.

But this bundle REALLY is just that…

This Friday at 6.00pm GMT I’ll release the latest theme together with some extra free bonus goodies.  Some of these we’ve been asked for, others we thought it would be a great idea to include with this new theme.

Tomorrow I’ll do a short video showing you what we’re including in this theme bundle, and I’m sure you’ll be really excited at what you see.  (I know I am.)

This is the kind of bundle you just don’t see very often, and we’re really trying to push back the boundaries and over-deliver big time by including more than just the theme.

But of course you can be the judge.

More on this tomorrow…

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hello Frank,
nice too hear about this, but i have some question for you,
do you now when i use the GetSocial plugin, it will not work with your theme?
i have try all parts but it is not working with the Multiple Streams Themes, i will send also about this parts one message to your support that they can check it, because it is a very good plugin,
best regards

Frank Haywood


Yes, support will sort this out for you.


David Foard

G’day Frank from Australia

Just wondered if the new theme will also include special page templates FOR POSTS!

I am fed up with having a HUGE selection of Templates for PAGES when I also want a selection of templates for POSTS. ie: Single column – no sidebar etc…

As usual I am eagerly awaiting your emails.


Frank Haywood

@David Foard:

Somehow I seem to have missed replying to a load of comments. Strange…

I didn’t think it was possible to make posts look any different to the default theme, but Ron Mahon has pointed me in the direction of something that many of the WordPress developer community are saying is the most exciting part of WP 3.x and that’s custom post types and taxonomies.

When WP 3.0 came out, I tried to make some sense of both custom post types and taxonomies but after several hour I was non the wiser and I couldn’t see what the fuss was about. It just seemed to give you some database like functionality as far as I could see.

“Big deal” I thought. Custom menus, headers and backgrounds were interesting but I couldn’t see much day to day practical use for custom post types.

But it seems that we *might* be able to create custom post templates using custom post types. We’re still investigating, but if we can, we’ll do it.


Hi Frank, looking forward to takinga peek at the video to see what is going to be included etc.
I’m a great fan of your MST WordPress themes and will no doubt be collectiong every version that you guys come up with lol.

Take care.

Vince Andrews

Can’t wait to see this Frank. I just know it is going to be special again.

Can’t wait to see the new theme. I using 003 and love it.
keep on keeping on!