LIVE – Multiple Streams Themes 4

The sale for Multiple Streams Themes 4 including three bonus plugins…

#1 – Ads Manager
#2 – Redirection
#3 – Squeeze Page Templates

…is now LIVE at just $17.00 until launch in January when it rises to $27.00 and you can buy directly on this link here…

Buy now

If this is the first you’ve heard of it, you can find out more and see a total of four short videos here and here.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Derek Taylor

Hey Frank, got a question about the squeeze page plugin. I purchased and downloaded everything but I’m confused as to where the squeeze page plugin is. I didn’t see anything specifically called “squeeze page plugin” with the downloaded files. I’ve got the MST004 Theme, the Page Templates, the PG Ads Manager, and the PG Redirection. Did I miss it somewhere? Thanks!

Frank Haywood

@Derek Taylor:

The “Page Templates” zip is the squeeze page plugin.

We’ve had a little bit of confusion at our end over plugin name(s) etc, but the final name of the final unified plugin will be the “Page Templates Plugin”.


I am buying this for only one reason.

The Templates plugin. Having played with the first release (xmas templates) Bloody Brilliant (excuse french).

I am really happy with MST-003 so I already have ads manager and redirection plugin.

I am keen to stay up to date with the template plugin and all I can add is come on January to see the more completed version.

Script manager plugin was my new number 1 plugin but alas I see this changing very quickly.

If this dosn’t become one of the most wanted and desirable plugins for people running a blog I will go make like an Emu and bury my head in shame.

Keep up the great work and ideas you doing.


Rob Paris.

Frank Haywood

@Rob Paris:

Hey thanks for that. Yeah, maybe I *should* have released the squeeze pages seperately. 😉

I totally agree with you and now that we know how to do it, it’s interesting to find that no-one else has done anything like this before. Additional page templates that come as part of themes are a good idea, but there’s too many developer/designers have gone the route of creating an all-singing all-dancing theme just to do page templates.

Most people can’t do design. Most people don’t understand HTML and CSS fully (me included as far as CSS goes). Most people wish it was easier to do some clever stuff like sales and squeeze pages without being tied to a single theme, and the Page Template Plugin and templates solve all those issues for us “ordinary” folk.

There’s a great (not-too-expensive) plugin out there that does some really clever stuff with the creation of page templates on the fly. There’s no two ways about it, I’m very impressed with it – up to a point.

Where it fails for me and probably most people is that I don’t have much time (or skill or inclination) to mess around designing and creating templates for WordPress. I’d much rather just use something “off the shelf” that someone else has created who can do a much better job of it than me.

The Page Templates Plugin I’ve released fits the bill. When we’ve got it finalised and stable, we’ll all be very happy bunnies.



Thanks for making such a quality product at such a great price. Love it!

Frank Haywood


Thanks! I do too. I just wish I’d had this a long time ago, and very happy that it’s here now.