HTML Switcher – The Last Plugin?

Update: The WSO has just been approved, and you can get to it here:-

HTML Switcher – 5 Star 5 Pack

If you intend to promote it, go to this WSO+ approvals page and request approval and I’ll do it right away.  I’m around for the rest of the evening probably until after midnight so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Tomorrow, I’ll be doing a sale for what *may* be my last new WordPress plugin for a little while…  We’ll see.

I have a lot of work to do promoting all the other ones, and I have staff working on some exciting standalone scripts like Affiliate Click Pal.

Speaking of which, I’m now 95% confident I’ll be releasing that to you on Monday if you pre-ordered it.

(I’ve just received a new version that can now send out emails to both customers and affiliates, and it’s ready to go but depends on me doing the written documentation and videos over the weekend.  I know you’ll want that doing, so please bear with me, we’re nearly there.)

Back to this last plugin…

The original idea was for a plugin that could switch the payment button depending on where the traffic was coming from.  The reason being that if it was affiliate traffic, then it could show a ClickBank button, and if it was plain old search traffic, it would show a PayPal button and you get paid right away.

But I then realised it would be more realistically used to switch in and out absolutely any HTML at all.

So for instance if the traffic to the site was from a search engine, then the plugin would detect this, and show a snippet of HTML according to the rule you set up.

This could be an image/banner ad, or a special deal for new subscribers or whatever.

We also included the ability to add multiple rules, and we decided it should be as flexible as possible in order to show different HTML for different circumstances.  So you can add multiple click sources to one of your rules, and also use * wildcards with them.

Like this:-


If none of the rules are met, then it will show some default HTML you added, or even nothing at all.

That last one is so that if someone has bookmarked your site or is following an email link that you’ve sent them, then clearly they’re already regular visitors, so you won’t want to show them an ad to subscribe.

Make sense?

Tomorrow at 6.00pm GMT I’ll be running what I believe is this last plugin sale for a while through this blog.

It’s NOT the end of an era though, as I don’t intend to stop altogether.  This will just be a little pause in the process while I readjust everything.

Maybe I’ll have another one for you in a couple of months time…


The 50 copies only $10 sale will start tomorrow evening at 6.00pm GMT (1.00PM EST or Summer variants).

-Frank Haywood


P.S. PLAhh customers will get some nice news over the weekend.  😉
P.P.S. MST007 *should* be finalised tonight and as soon as it is I’ll release it to you.
P.P.P.S. As I said above, ACP will be out on Monday.
P.P.P.P.S. *phew*

Posted by Frank Haywood


Patrick Donovan


There’s another event that has as much mojo (if not more) that you could integrate besides traffic source.

Cookie name and value.

If a cookie/value exists go here (html) else go there (html).

Many possibilities. Some rather subversive. Others… well… jaw dropping good things. 😉

All the best to you,


Frank Haywood

Hi Patrick,

Sounds promising. How would you propose setting the cookie initially? Just from first visit?

I think we could probably do “If cookie doesn’t exist – create cookie and go here” followed by a sequence of “If cookie value go here rules”.

Hmm… Then we can have pages that are only accessible with the right cookie value or cookie value range. So if a visitor comes back after say four visits, they could be directed to a page that can be only seen that once – in effect a good ol’ One Time Offer. Or maybe two or three times, then that’s it. Any attempt to visit it outside the cookie range would result in a redirect to the front of the blog or a different page or wherever.

I’ll have a good think about that and see if we can’t add that (or something like it) at a later date. This plugin is currently fixed in stone for tomorrow now, so it would have to be later on we did it.

Thanks for that. I don’t know for sure what this mad new EU cookie law would say about it though.

Although… The cookie law says that cookies that are integral to the normal running of the site are okay. It looks like it’s all the ad tracking cookies from third parties like doubleclick and Google they’re trying to stop with this new law. So I think this one would be fine as it would be a part of the site and a feature of its normal running.


Patrick Donovan

Congratulations on the WSO, Frank, It looks like it’s off to a great start. You’re going to have a very busy weekend. 😉

Regarding the cookie, what I had in mind was not SETTING cookies. Just “sniffing” them.

So the EU isn’t on the radar here – always a good thing. The idea is to just see if a particular cookie EXISTS.

If so go here if not go there END. Keeping it simple. 😉

I may spend some time this weekend with the HTML switcher and code for cookie presence. In effect, the simple algorithm is asking (with help from the HTML switcher) is the visitor coming from the XYZ site? If the answer is no then we check to see if a XYZ site cookie is there. If the answer is no then we are where we want to be: having a visitor that is an XYZ site virgin! From our POV at least.

What then? Ah, in the words of #2, “That would be telling.” But no doubt many a marketer with a little imagination could find multiple uses for such site virgins.

Kind Regards,


Jason Anderson

Sadly I’ll miss the sale but I’ll certainly pick up the plugin (at normal price). I’ll be at a conference in Orlando this week. Can’t wait for the plugin Frank. You know what would be a neat idea for you? What if you offered a “pre-release” to your sales. Make your announcement and have people who want to buy right now pay $15. This way, the people who want it right away for what ever reason can do it but at a slightly higher premium. Then you can still run your $10 sales the way you normally do and the people that can’t wait can still get access while it’s hot on their minds.

Frank Haywood

Hi Jason,

Oh, now that’s a good idea. Where were you with ideas like this 12 months ago? 😉


Gary Jenkins

Hi Frank,

I’m not new to buying stuff from the warrior forum, but I am new to being an affiliate.

I just signed up for the affiliate program and it says you’ll have to approve affiliates before they can promote it.

So, do we have to wait until it goes on sale before we can request approval?

I know you said you’re new at this, but I thought I’d ask anyway.


Frank Haywood

Hi Gary,

Yes it seems so. Don’t worry as soon as the WSO is approved and live (waiting for it now), just go and request approval and I’ll do it right away.

I’m not going anywhere tonight and I’m feeling very curious as to how it will all go having never run a WSO+ before.


Gary Jenkins

Will it be named “HTML Switcher”?

Hi Frank

I got the email that the sale was a “go.” But I don’t see it either on this page (after refreshing the page and closing all browsers down). It’s also not showing up on the WSO forum just yet (and there was a new one posted there [Become an Instant Celebrity…] while I was checking things).

Perhaps there’s a snag somewhere?

Kathe Lucas

Hey Frank,

As usual, i’m standing in line with money in hand here. 🙂

I’m in WSO for the affiliate promo link but don’t seem to find a listing for you…maybe I’m just missing it. Any help?



Gary Jenkins

You haven’t missed it. It just hasn’t been approved yet.

I’ve been watching also. Its a good thing they are listed in date order, or we’d never find anything in that listing.


Vince Andrews

Hi, Frank

I am confused, i cannot see a link to the wso sale, only the one to your site.


Vince Andrews

Doh! I should read the complete email, instead of skipping bits.

Its not aproved yet.

Sorry Frank.

Gary Jenkins

It just showed up!

Kathleen Gresham

Wow! Thanks, Frank! What a super value!