Content Replacement and Subscribers Only Weekend Sale

Offer Closed

Update: Image for Content Replacement plugin for Lars.


Today 8th July at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST plus Summer variants), I’ll be opening a weekend sale for two of my favourite plugins.  You may have missed them in the last 12 months, and now is your last chance to get them at a discounted price before they get added to the affiliate scheme and go live.

There are THIRTY copies available in this weekend sale.

The first is called the Content Replacement plugin, and what it does is replace small (or large) snippets of text and code on your blog posts and pages based on a date and time.

I use it all the time, in fact I’m going to be using it today to run part of these sales.

So what you can do with it is set a time and date you want the text or HTML to appear on your post, and another time you want it to disappear.  Both fields are optional so you can do things like publish a snippet of content right now and have it disappear at 9.00am tomorrow morning.

Or set some content to appear tomorrow at 9.00am and have it stay there forever.

It’s incredibly useful, and I didn’t realise how useful until I started using it.

It works by you adding the HTML and setting time(s) and date(s), and it then creates unique [short-code-tags] for you.  You then paste these tags where you want the text or HTML to appear, and when they’re active they show, and when they’re not, they don’t.  Simple.

You can also stack them so that you can have text and HTML swapping in and out at different dates and times.

Today at 6.00pm, it will cause some text and two payment buttons to appear for each of the plugins, and at 9.00am on Monday, the payment buttons will disappear and be replaced by text that says “Offer Closed”.

Once I’ve set it up, I can forget it and go worry about other things.  😉


The other plugin is called “Subscribers Only”, and this one I don’t use on my personal blog, but I do use it on other blogs in my network.

It’s very useful for gathering WordPress subscribers.

It works in a similar way to the Content Replacement plugin above, but in this case the content only shows when someone joins your blog as a WordPress subscriber.

So once you’ve added your code and placed it on the page where you want it to appear, your WordPress subscribers won’t see anything out of the normal.

However, non-subscribers instead see a little padlock symbol and a message saying the content is for subscribers only with a link where they can go subscribe.

It’s very cool and I use it on niche blogs together with the WordPress Autoresponder.


For this final weekend sale, both plugins are just $10 EACH if you missed them first time round.

After this weekend, both plugins will increase in price (at least $17 each) and be added to the affiliate scheme, so it’s well worth getting them now if you don’t already have them

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  😉

You can see the payment buttons appear as if by magic  at 6.00pm GMT (in about three hours time as I write this).

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Mike Claggett

Hi Frank – me again with a question. I must have missed this “Content Replacement plugin” along the way.

So I think what you’re saying is; I can put code strings of content that will appear and disappear at the times I indicate in the strings of code and content.

My question is: Can I set different times for multiple content appearance? What a great way to have search engines to find new content every time they spider a blog. I’m sure there would have to be a limit to the number of occurrences, but even if 4 or 5 times was possible, even that many times a search engine finding new content (If you know approximately when they crawl) will be cool.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Mike C.

Frank Haywood

Hi Mike,

Yeah I’ve used 5 myself, and I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t think there’s a real limit that would hurt you, if there’s even one at all.

The content snippets are specific to a post or page.

(Ooh… Now I’ve written that, they might not be, I’ve never tried it, and the more I think of it the more I reckon they aren’t. The [short-code-tags] are generated within an individual post or page, but I reckon once you’ve created them you can use them anywhere. I wonder if you can use them in a widget? Oh wow that would be cool. I’ll have to check that out later, so that’s a TBC at the moment.)

It *might* be a bit of a pain to do, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to set up 10 or 15 snippets that appeared and disappeared, or even just cumulatively appeared on a single post or page.

So you’d:-

#1 – Write your entire content, all the bells and whistles, and paste it into a new post or page.
#2 – Remove sections that didn’t ruin the flow of the post.
#3 – Create snippets in the admin panel from the sections you’ve removed, and give them dates and times to appear.
#4 – Copy the generated short code tags into the post where you’ve removed each snippet.
#5 – Publish.

Then every few days (or whenever), new content would appear within the post according to the schedule you set.

I guess you could even later re-set the dates and times and have it all reappear again if that’s something you need to do.



Kathleen Gresham

I had PG Content Replacement but somehow missed Subscribers Only. I just grabbed it.

Thanks, Frank! Have a great weekend!


Frank Haywood

Hi Kathleen,

Yeah Subscribers Only is one of the earlier plugins I released last year I think. It’s pretty effective.

Your visitors read an article, and then when they get to a crucial bit, it says it’s for subscribers only. A few moments later, one new WP subscriber. 😉

You have a nice weekend too. (I’m going to be working all day tomorrow and at least a few hours on Sunday. *sigh*)


Hamant Keval

Hi Frank

Great sales again

I have quite a few of your plugins

While i was here I noticed that you had that subscription form appear in a slide down – I could not stop my eyes from going there !

What is that plugin ?
I would like that one for sure

Thanks again for these great super sales


Frank Haywood

Hi Hamant,

I use a plugin called “Delayed Widgets” that I pre-released in February. It’s currently here at $17:-

Would you like me to run a weekend sale for it?

I also have another similar plugin that I released via PLAhh. The difference between the two is that Delayed Widgets modifies all your widgets to allow you to add a delay to them appearing. The PLR one I released is just a text widget with a delay field on it. They actually complement each other quite well as in many cases it’s easier to just use the text widget.

I could rebrand the PLR version and also include it as a personal use only bonus with the Delayed Widgets plugin?


James Dunn

WHAAAAAATTTTTTT!?!?!?! A Frank Haywood Plug-in that I don’t have????!!!!???? Subscribers Only was released May 29, 2010 and I missed it (I started buying your stuff beginning about mid June Frank. Well, no fear. I have this one now, too. And I already have a use for it.

That’s what I call a great deal.

Thanks as always Frank.

James Dunn

Frank Haywood

Hahaaa! 😉

It’s a good little plugin and helps people get started at list building. First you suck ’em in as a WP subscriber in order to read all the hidden content. After they’ve read it, and trust you more, they’re more likely to subscribe to your mailing list, especially if the prompt to do that is part of the hidden content. 😉

Not in every niche, but there are certainly some where you need to play it softly-softly and step by step.


Hamant Keval

Hi Frank

Ohhhhhh Yes please -, that would be fantastic.

I look forward to it – Let me know ( I am on your list anyways0 when you do that and I will be the first to jump in.

Thanks Frank
Have a great day

Frank Haywood

Okay then, either this coming week or the next, I’ll do that. 😉


Always fun to see what you are offering it’s great with plugins.
Could you set a specific weekday i.e. every Friday there is coming up a special message and then the other 6 days it don’t appear? i am talking about: Content Replacement

Take care / Lars

Frank Haywood

Hi Lars,

No it doesn’t work like that, but that would be a nice enhancement wouldn’t it? I’ll have a think about that.

It works by start and end dates and times. I’ve pasted an annotated screenshot at the top of this post.


Hi Frank,
Sorry I was waiting answer and now when starting up Monday it was closed for the Content replacement plugin. Is it on sale somewhere?

Take care / Lars

Frank Haywood

Hi Lars,

Hehe. You’re not the only one. 😉

As I’ve had two comments and 3 emails about missing the sale, I’ll re-open it again until Thursday.


Don’t miss it!


D*&it! I missed out on the Subscribers Only plugin again!! Can you believe that, it’s now twice I have missed out on this plugin lol.

Frank sorry I know this is off subject, but who would I contact about this little issue. I purchased a pre-order product from you on 16/09/2010. I forgot to bookmark the d/load page so I can’t go back to check for it and for the life of me I can’t even remember what product it was. All I have for the product is the “pg-pre-order-thank-you” text file.

I’d better start setting my alarms so I don’t miss out on your weekend sales.

P.S. I’ve sent a couple of support tickets re: Plahh

Frank Haywood

Hi Valda,

I’ve re-opened this sale for a short while as you’re not the only one to have missed it.

I just checked the email logs for the whole of September last year and I can’t find anything of yours in there. Are you sure that’s the right date?

And can you check your own emails about that time because you’ll probably find your download link in there. What I usually do is create the download page with a pre-order message on it and then update the page once the item is available.

As for PLAhh, I’m aiming to have it all put right by this Friday, but I have a nasty feeling it will be Sunday before I get it done. 🙁

I posted an apology about it here:-


Thanks a lot Frank,
This time a made it 😉

Take care and I am looking forward to your next / Lars

Frank Haywood

Hi Lars,

You’re welcome, and with any luck I’ll have another new plugin out on Friday, with a low-cost pre-release sale here. 🙂

This new plugin for Friday is designed to display different snippets of HTML depending on the http referrer information passed by the browser.

I originally laid down the design for it as I wanted an easy way to switch payment buttons between different payment processors. So if traffic comes via ClickBank, then a ClickBank payment button is shown on the sales page. If it doesn’t, then you can just display a different payment button such as PayPal, and avoid the CB processor fees while getting paid instantly into your PayPal account rather than wait a couple of weeks for PayPal.

But when I started speccing it out, I realised that it didn’t just have to work with switching a couple of payment buttons, it could actually work with any HTML snippet at all. So that’s what it now does.

Although it will still be called “Payment Button Switcher” you can also use it to add multiple HTML snippets with a wildcard * for the referrers. So you could display one snippet of HTML if a visitor comes from Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc, and another snippet (or nothing at all) if they’re using a bookmark or following an email link.

That way, new visitors can be encouraged to do something like subscribe or see an ad you want to display or whatever, while your regulars won’t see your message, or will see something else instead. 😉

I’ll send an email out about it later today.