Coffee, Plugins, and a New Theme (mst009)

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You may have noticed my slight absence recently – maybe not – I’ve been on a coffee fuelled race testing the affiliate scheme, prepping all the PLAhh stuff I’m delinquent on (I now have the PSDs  hurrah, it’s a miracle!), running a few test WSOs (I’ll share the results soon) and generally getting sites into a state where I can open them at last.

I’m usually quite busy, but it’s nothing compared to what I’ve been doing this last two weeks and I’m a little bit hyper right now as I gradually discharge some of my outstanding responsibilities.  Thanks for your patience with me, I’m really grateful for that, and I’ll publicly explain what’s been going on soon.


While we’re STILL waiting for MST007 to be completed (you may already know the sorry tale about this, but I’ve MORE to tell soon) the original designer has just about completed MST009.

As usual it’s really nice (my wife wants this one on a blog she’s putting together with a friend), and I think I might end up using this one on the PluginGreat site.  Notably, he’s gone for a different slider routine that auto-adjusts itself depending on how deep the image is.

This means that instead of being stuck with a fixed depth slider, you can now make your images as deep or as shallow as you like to suit both your taste and your blog.

When this sale is over, this theme will be the first one I’ll put on sale on the MST web site.

(Yes, at last I’ll be doing that too.  It’s ALL happening at once…)

Now then.  When I make it live, I’ll put it on sale for $27 and add the others as I go, but in this pre-launch sale it will be available to the first FIFTY customers for just $10.

Okay, so what’s it look like and what features will it have?

First, here’s a screenshot, middle click it for a slightly larger version.  What you can’t see in these shots is there’s a very nice crosshatch effect on the background:-


With this theme, you get ALL the nice pro-blogger stuff that the MSTs are becoming known for…

It comes with a good selection of pre-designed banners including blank JPEGs / PNGs and PSDs for them, plus umpteen sidebars, plugins (Ads Manager, Redirection, Squeeze Page Templates), and a set of theme options too.

The theme options allow you to turn on and off the slider, top boxes and top and bottom ad areas, change footer text and add analytics code if you don’t have the Script Manager plugin.  The theme as standard now also supports the WP 3.x features of custom menus and backgrounds.

It’s all done, I’m just waiting for my designer to upload the final version, hopefully tonight (Wednesday).


In the meantime…

The fifty-copies-only-at-$10 pre-launch sale for MST Nine will go live on Friday 29th right here at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST).

(I reckon it’s worth $10 just for the editable banner ads, let alone everything else.  You’d pay over $100 for these on Banners Mall.)



-Frank Haywood

P.S.  My designer is, in this order:-

o Completing this theme.
o Retrofitting MST008 with the slider.
o Completing MST007 – I’ll explain all about this shortly.

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Kathleen Gresham

Ooooh, pretty! I want it! I want it! I want it!

I’ll be watching for it on Friday.


Frank Haywood

Hi Kathleen,

It’s a REALLY clean looking theme. I reckon you could run this as almost any kind of site, let alone pro-blogger, and this is just why my wife wants it. She’s actually going to use it on a site she’s putting up with a friend for political purposes – and wants me to tell my lists about it, eek!

Okay , I could probably get away with saying “Here’s the theme in action, that’s how flexible it is”, but politics is one of the three things you should always avoid, sex and religion being the other two. 😉

So we’ll see…

But yeah, great looking theme.


Internet Marketing Olaf

Hello Frank,

nice too hear about mst009, and of course i will take, because i have now near all mst versions,
but i must ask you somethink,

now i have example also buy the mst007, but we have still it not :,-( and now it comes mst009, how do you will see it, that example this people who have buy the mst007 and we must wait now so long for it, that we become the mst009 for free????

because i think we lost now so much waiting time and now comes again a new one, i think for this there must be some extra for us who have buy near all parts from you 😉

maybe you can think about this, it is only some idea from me,

best regards from finland who is now the world car rally ( wrc- rally ) in town


Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

I accept your proposal of maybe giving you MST009 for free, but I raise it by saying wouldn’t you prefer PLR to MST007 as part of your pre-order deal instead? 😉

You would likely make a lot more money selling the theme as your own than you having regular personal use only rights and me giving you MST009 for free.

I tell you what. Keep the PLR rights to MST007 and I’ll also give you MST001 if you don’t have it, which I don’t think you have. 🙂

That’s a pretty good deal. MST007 should likely be another week – see my reply to Femi here:-


Internet Marketing Olaf

Hey Frank,

hey this ok for me also, but this was only some question for you,
and of course i will take the mst009 also now,

but i hope we will become also the mst007 soon 🙂

best regards


Mike Claggett

Been wondering where you got off to Frank. You certainly didn’t go to the procrastination station.

You’re a hard working man Frank and I appreciate it.

I’ll grab the MST theme package as soon as it is ready.

You know me; if it’s a Frank Haywood product, I’m in.


A while back you ask for ideas for WP Plugins. I didn’t have any input at the time but now I know what would make a KILLER Plugin. Mouse Over Tool Tips.

I’m talking about tool tips that work like these

… but as a WordPress Plugin. I know there are Jquery scripts
… that will do tool tops in static pages, and with the right knowledge could probably be used as the foundation of a Plugin but I have searched high and low for a WP Plugin and can’t find one that is 3.x compatible.

Just a suggestion but I think it could be a big seller for you.

I appreciate all your hard work.

Mike C.

Frank Haywood

Hi Mike,

You know until about two months ago, I used to think I was the worlds champion procrastinator.

THEN I realised that it wasn’t (hasn’t been) procrastination at all. I just get stuck sometimes. And that’s completely different. Realising that was a complete revelation to me.

I get stuck because I sometimes can’t make a decision that I feel is the right one. And because I like to feel good about a decision whether it’s actually a good or bad one, I realised I was getting stuck and not doing anything at all. I know that might sound like procrastination, but I see it as being a subtle difference.

Procrastination – “The act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time.”

That’s not been my problem. My problem is I couldn’t make a decision I was comfortable with. And I’d just get STUCK.

When I realised that 2 months ago, things really started to change. I came to the conclusion that the *right* decision doesn’t matter. Just making *any* decision and getting on with it is the correct decision. If it turns out it was wrong later, well you’ve learned a lesson for next time, and you can start fixing the bad decision.

So that’s what I’ve been doing, and things are really zinging all of a sudden. 🙂

Right I’ve finished my waffles, let’s chew on the rest of your comment. (Hmm, waffles.)

I’m sure that’s a really good idea, and I’m sure I can do a better job of it, but I just took a look and I found this:-

I haven’t tried it, I just looked at the screenshots, but is that the kind of thing you’re after?

What would make it better?


Mike Claggett

Just purchased mst009 – That was a decision I didn’t get stuck on 😉

But I’m very familiar with the “Stuck” for a decision dilemma but like you I came to the same realization and yep – that line of reasoning has saved me a ton of time. Primarily because I narrowed the decision making process down to 3 things.

1) Walking away from the decision needing to be made and completely clearing my mind

2) Coming back to it and framing the options in a different manner and not considering the potential outcomes

3) Going with my gut instinct and going with it.

The latter probably being the most important as since I adopted that workaround to my decision making dilemma, more times than not it ends up I made the right decision.

Definitely a time saver – gets rid of that bogged down feeling too.

About the Plugin – “Text Hover”

Simple looking enough but has no where near the functionality I was thinking of as his plugin is barely more than a title tag in a link.

I installed it and tried it and it’s super simple to use but again very limited in it’s application. It won’t even allow for more than one “Text Hover” on the same line.

I did find one that is close to having the functionality I’ll require but it is in a plugin that packages a bunch of other short code features along with the “Text Hover” that also includes a Nivo Slider. If you are already using a Nivo Slider in your theme, none of the plugins work or it causes other funky issues.

Anyway, if you’re serious about looking into developing a feature rich plugin for text hovers lemme know and I’ll send you a breakout of the functions.

Thanks again for a great deal on excellent products.

I’m back at it and DeadIntoit,

Mike C.

So yes I’m sure you could do better. I’ll send an email with what I see as functionality requirements.

This looks great Frank… I can see some potential already for a new IM site am in process laying down foundations.

Nice and clean…. have one thought though. In the search area would a place for a banner be out of sorts?? Either a 468×60 or 728×90…. what do you think?

Kind Regards

Frank Haywood

Hi Shane,

Hmm, yeah. I don’t know for sure yet, but that area *may* be a sidebar, and it just has a Search widget in it. If it is, then it would be easy to put a banner there instead.

At any rate I’m sure that with a teeny bit of hacking about (I’ve done this myself with other themes) it would be fairly easy to remove the search and place a banner there instead.

Let’s see what we get first (tomorrow looks likely now) and then I’ll see if it need a bit of a hack or not. If it does need a hack, I’ll write up some instructions and/or provide an alternative bit of code.


David Foard

G’day Frank from Australia

Looks good Frank but I wondered if we could suggest the sidebars have a further choice. ie: a primary, then two side-by-side secondary – then ANOTHER wide primary (#2) followed by another 2 side-by-side secondary slots (BIG – 2 little – BIG AGAIN – 2 little).

All can be selected or not – as required.

If you wanted to be really innovative, how about allowing them to be turned around. ie: 2 little – 1 BIG – 2 little – 1 BIG and so on…


Frank Haywood

Hi David,

Yeah I like that. It’s too late for tomorrow, but I’ll see how soon I can get it done.

We’re completely on the same wavelength because I had the theme last week and sent it back for a pile of little changes and tweaks, including making the sidebars go 1 big, 2 little underneath.

The thing is, you can sometimes over think these things, because if it’s just ads you want to display, then you can get round the single wide sidebar thing by using a bit of HTML that puts two smaller ads next to each other – that’s what we did with MST008.

But it IS a lot easier to have those extra sidebars when you want to drop other widgets into different places like I do on this blog. 😉


K Eric Yates

looks like another nice theme, and the PLR offer you have extended to those of us waiting (for some time) on MST 007 is accepted 🙂

while not exactly the correct place … what news on the june and july plugins? (Plaah) what about bringing up one of the PG plugins like big ed or the html switcher? 😀 (just a thought)


Frank Haywood

Hi Eric,

Ah good. I think it’s a good deal too as I am really sorry about the delays caused by absent staff. Ultimately it’s all my fault.

As for PLAhh, I’ve already selected a couple of plugins and I’ve been working through them to make them rebrandable. If I can get them out tomorrow I will otherwise it looks like Saturday morning.

Again, I’m sorry and this time will soon be behind me. I hope. 🙄


Vince Andrews

You never cease to amaze me Frank. When i think you cannot add anymore to a MST, you come up with an even better one every time.

You are now one of the few marketers that i buy from and that is because you deliver exceedingly great stuff. Even though the MST’s are similar, they always contain new innovative stuff to fiddle with and enhance our sites.

I only wish that they could be updated to an older one i use. It would be brilliant to just install over the top, instead of me having to transfer my data from one to another. I supose it is a small price to pay for the updated innovation of a new theme.

When ever you go quite for a week or two, i know you will be back with a bang, just like now with MST 009.

Keep up the great work, but remember to also take good care of yourself. It can become too easy to push yourself to the point of illness and we certainly do not want that to happen.

Frank Haywood

Hi Vince,

Thanks for that, I really appreciate it. You’re right, I *have* been working my socks off to get stuff done and keep in touch with everybody who needs it. My only hope is no-one or anything has fallen through the cracks as things are getting a little complicated. 🙄

The strange thing is, when I’m really busy like this, I don’t have a chance to get ill, hehe. It’s like the coffee and adrenaline keep it all at bay.

When I find a new full time WordPress expert, I’ll get all the themes updated so that widgets etc carry over when you change themes. I don’t know when I’ll get a new full timer like that, but it’s just a matter of time. 😉


Kathleen Gresham

Yay! I got it in the first couple of minutes. To me this is your best theme yet.

I use just a few themes. When you change the header and a few other things, you can change the whole look of a theme and use if for many different topics.

I like rotating headers (slider) and especially like being able to easily change depth of the header.


Frank Haywood

Hi Kathleen,

Thank you! 🙂

When things go a little quieter I reckon I’ll be using this theme on my plugin site. I like that it’s nice and clean and fresh (less is more), and just waiting for a splash of colour here and there in the form of ads and the slider to promote my products.

When I see a blog that’s already colourful then get loaded with ads, it hurts my eyes. If it’s a “peaceful” theme like this, you can go to town knowing that what you do isn’t going to make anyone cry when they see it… 😉


Gary Jenkins

Thanks Frank,
Got my copy. Can’t wait to try it out.

Any new updates on ACP?


Frank Haywood

Hi Gary,


I have 3 things to finish off this weekend. ACP documentation and release is one of them, and I think it needs an overview/quick start video to explain how it all hangs together. In about another week I reckon the secure digital delivery will be done. It already does unsecured delivery, but I think we probably all want something a little better. 😉

I’ve agreed with the developer today that it should follow the same route as SmartDD, ie an inventory of products, plus saleable items which can consist of one or more of those products. The terminology clashes with the way ClickBank look at it, as everything is a saleable “product” to them, but I think I’m right and they’re wrong. Hehe. 🙄


Gary Jenkins

I agree and that’s worth waiting a week or so.


Internet Marketing Olaf

Hey Frank,

i have found one error in your theme, maybe you have not think for this part,

the error is in the text part from the header text, in the text there will not show the word ” ü – ä – ö ” what we have in german, you can see one example here on this site

there is some text what is written ” Ein kleiner Bericht von den Bahamas über Tigerhaie. ” or
” Beluga eröffnet erste eigene Tauchbasis ”
in all this text is the word ö , ä, or ü , but on the page it will not show, evan it is insid the text,
also is there some mistake like when you click the ” (weiterlesen…) ” or ” lese mehr ” it will not show the rest of the text,

it will be good when you can check out this parts,

best regards

Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

Ohh, that looks beautiful!

And ahh. I know what’s happened – I’m certain we can fix that, but we may have to change the styles of the h1, h2, h3 tags and supply an alternative style.css for you to use.

The designer did a really clever thing for this theme to ensure it would look as he intended it when he created it in Photoshop. Built into it is a routine that converts certain text into a graphic. So if you look at the blog name at the top of the page in FireFox and right click and then “View Image”, you’ll see that the word you’re hovering over is actually an image.

This is all well and good, but clearly the routine doesn’t work with special characters as the font set being used likely doesn’t support them. 🙁

We’ll look into it.


Internet Marketing Olaf

Hey Frank,

nice too hear thats look beautiful 🙂 ,

ok i think i will chance back so long time too the mst008, because on this theme there is not the error on the page with the Ö,Ä and this kind,

and i hope also the parts with the mistake like when you click the ” (Continue reading…) ” or ” read more ” it will not show the rest of the text, what is inside,

you can send me some email when you have fix the parts,

best regards


Internet Marketing Olaf

Hello Frank,

i want ask you about my parts??
have you fix the problem with the css parts for the blog??
because i want start to use the mst009,

it will be nice when i can take it soon

best regards


ps. how about the mst007 when we can become it???? 😉

Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

I’ve had a new version but haven’t checked it out yet. I don’t think I’ll get the chance to do it now until the weekend. Do you want to take a chance and have me upload it without checking it first? 😉


Internet Marketing Olaf

Hey Frank,

have you fix the problem with the Ö/Ä parts???

because i want start too use the theme?????

you can send me some email about this part,

best regards


Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

Yeah okay, I’ll update the download page later tonight. 😉

I don’t know at this point if that’s one of the things he’s fixed, but I think I might know of a way round it that I’ve just thought of. I’ll check it out before updating.


Hi Frank,

I’ve purchased the MST009 during the first 50 sales.

Probably because it’s the first time I’ve bought something from you, I’m not really sure what are the license terms for this theme.

Can I use it for flipping websites or install it on my client’s site?


Frank Haywood

Hi Eric,

Well thank you for buying. I’m a bit lax in releasing licences for the themes. I tell you what, I’ll send an email out about it in the next few days. In the meantime if you intend to buy a client/flipper licence, it’s just another $10 until I officially launch and then I’ll bump the price up to a more reasonable (to me) $40.

So watch out for that email.