Work With Me For 2 Months

Would you like to work with me for 2 months? With direct access to me when you need it, via Skype? Then read on.

When I first started down this business path a few years ago, I realised fairly quickly that I couldn’t do it all on my own. There was too much to learn and I floundered.

I quickly realised I needed help and so I went to a couple of seminars, signed up to a coaching programme and formed a mastermind group.

That realisation that I was stuck and then having the guts to admit it to myself was one of the cleverer things I’ve done. (I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff, but you live and learn.)

I think that the one thing that I can attribute most of my success to was the coaching programme, but also being able to talk to other people in the mastermind group was good too. The group lasted about 4 months before we all went off to do our own thing, but I made some good friends, and still talk to some of them fairly regularly on Skype.

It’s been good. I wouldn’t be where I am today without that – I’m fairly certain I’d be all washed up by now, dreams shattered.

Instead I have quite a few products out there, several good working relationships and some solid plans for 2010.

It doesn’t all happen at once. It takes time. But looking back I now know that if I’d had someone knowledgable I could have turned to when I needed it, even for a short space of time, it would have made all the difference, and I’d be a lot further down the road than I am now.

In fact, I didn’t really need the coaching, I just needed to able to talk to someone who’d been there before me so I could ask what to do next. Yeah I know that sounds a bit like coaching, but there’s a subtle difference, believe me. The coaching programme I was on was in a set format, very rigid – weekly webinars followed by a mass Q&A session once a month, where we all had to sit in a queue to ask questions. Not great.

What I needed was someone I could turn to regularly, someone who I could ask questions of, as and when I needed to, and not have to wait a month for the next chance.

It would have made all the difference early on.

Now… I’ve always wanted to help other people, and over the past few years I’ve quietly helped a few people here and there where I could. I knew it wasn’t always enough, and really wasn’t that good because I’ve been too busy to do it properly.

So this is what I’ve decided to do for you if you’ve read this far.

I’m putting aside the whole of January and February so you can tap me up on Skype and ask me anything you want about Internet Marketing related stuff like product creation, list building, copywriting, how to approach potential JV partners, autoresponders and so on.

Effectively you’ll be working with me for 2 months, and will have the same kind of access to me that my existing JV partners and friends have.

At this point I reckon you’ll be thinking “How much is this going to cost me?”

Well, I told one of my friends what I wanted to do and he said “How many people you going to do this for bud?” I replied “10, but from experience I could probably take up to 15.”

“Two grand a head.”

“Nope,” I said “that’s more than I want to charge.”

“Well I’d charge at least a thousand, but that’s the least I’d do what you’re talking about, it’s crazy to do it for any less, it will take up virtually all your time. Think about people calling you all hours of the day.”


Well I don’t want to charge that much, but I can see his point. So I’ve had a think and I reckon I’ve come up with a good compromise that will keep the price low enough to be affordable to you.

I’m still mulling it over in my head, and please just bear in mind that I can only do this for a few people. I know that if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll see it as one of the best decisions you ever made, and from my perspective I’d love you to come join me.

I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

-Frank Haywood

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Why Skype? I agree with what your saying. I have mentor now Jeff Weissman – Beyond The Warm Market that has helped me, but all the ducks are still not in a row yet. He meets with his group twice a week, one webinar and one phone conference for 2 hours each. Not real productive since there are people with several levels of experience. I just joined a Livonia Michigan based mastermind group last week and I think that will be a big help. I keep getting slowed down by small technical issues that keep me from executing my plans = basically step by step plan someone else has sold me.

Wondering what you could offer me so I can connect all the dots. My main activity now needs to be list building.

Best Regards,

Frank Haywood

@Bob Jack:

I suggest Skype mainly because of its convenience. By that I mean you can send me messages if I’m on another call or I’m not right there right then (or asleep). And secondly because I live in the UK and it would be an international call for anyone living outside of here. Skype is free.

But, if you want my phone number, that’s fine, or I could just go get a US Skype number and register it against my Skype account.

As for MLM, I’m not sure I’m the right person for you. I feel uncomfortable with the niche, even though I’m sure you could put me right on the subject. 😉

In terms of list building, yes I’m sure I can help you there whatever the niche. Like any niche though, without JV partners and affiliates, it’s an uphill struggle. The very best traffic almost always comes from affiliates, and not so often the search engines.

Having a strong product that you can sell with a high commission rate (75-100%) is going to attract affiliates, and that will mean you’ll compile a list of buyers, which is the very best kind of list you can have.

From that you should work towards a continuity style of product, maybe a paid monthly newsletter for $10. That way you have a regular income, plus you can work on other products as well as promote related affiliate products. It takes time, but you’ll get there.


Chuck Norlin

Happy Holidays Frank and family,

Your idea has validity, the logistics are another consideration. However, that is something you surely have a handle on. The #1 issue (as I see it) in starting on the internet is the bulk of information and tools required to put a viable package together that will in itself create a “foundation for success”. Once the foundation is set in place the next step is nmerchandising and marketing (m/m), those two tied together, and properly incorporated in the scheme of internet workability should bring traffic which then needs to be converted to sales.

The ultimate success is when one is able to successfully marry the m/m package with an interested and buying market, which is some part good business and some part good fortune.

The key is causing this to happen with a seamless package of all elements of business that brings together the end result that one hopes for, a good product mated with an excellent foundation delivered to the public (buyers) via an outstanding m/m vehicle.

Best to you in your current venture.

A willing participant, Chuck.

Frank Haywood

@Chuck Norlin:

Yeah I know it sounds like I could be on calls 16 hours a day, but it doesn’t work like that other than the first few days. In my experience people need time to assimilate and try out stuff before they’re ready to ask another pile of questions.

The foundation for success I completely agree with. You need a standard method and toolset for dealing with situations as they arise.

Example. I’ve made the decision that every new product I create will sit on a WordPress installation, with a sales page stuck to the front (in 99% of cases) using the method I came up with, and every installation of WordPress will be using the SemioLogic Pro platform. Every sales page will use SmartDD payment buttons and built in instant payment affiliate scheme OR ClickBank.

(I learned the hard way…)

That’s now fixed in stone until the day something better comes along like a respectably priced (and licenced) WordPress membership or digital delivery solution appears.

I just took a look at your car buying tips site, and I’m fairly certain I can help you there. 😉


Hi Frank

This sounds like a great oppotunity. I’ve been following you for a year or so and like your stuff.
In a way you seem like you have all the bits and pieces I’m missing.
I love WP and have a few WP sites up and running. I’m pretty good at research, the graphics side of things and understand the whole concept of Affiliate and Internet Marketing. I am a Thirty Day Challenge veteran of 3 years.
My problem is I get hung up on small tech issues, everyone of my sites has some tech issue or another. I am very good at writing but I hate it and find any excuse to do something else first. Terrible when I know that its the articles that are going drive my traffiic and last but not least I have a million ideas so I tend to start something new before finshing the project in hand.
I think having a one to one mentor would be the perfect solution.


Frank Haywood


I know EXACTLY how to put you back on track. I know what to say and what to show you to give you that “Aha!” moment. I’m fairly certain I can stop you dead in your tracks and make you think about what you’re doing. That’s because I’ve been there and got past it.

Tech issues are unimportant, and I reckon I can point most people in the right direction to get just about anything fixed. I used to think the tech was the *most* important thing, but it isn’t, it’s just something you have to deal with on the way to making sales.

As for article writing, like you, I consider myself good at regular writing and I’m also fairly good at copywriting.

I’ve found that while I enjoy writing (and the more I do the more I like it), I don’t enjoy writing to order which I think may be the same problem for you?

But there are always alternative paths you can take, and you don’t have to write or even submit the articles yourself. 😉


Hi Frank,

Do you know, I have been playing around with computers and the internet for quite a few years – and STILL I have never really taken the actual time required to sit down and master it [properly. What excuse would you like?? I have many of them. But enough of that! NOW I want to learn,; I am prepared to learn but more important, I am determined to succeed. January and February would be great as December is my busiest moth in the year for what one my term my “normal” job. So I will watch with interest what you have tomorrow but have to admit that if I am lucky and selected, I will be one heckova challenge!!!!

Frank Haywood

@John Sykes:

There are some easy to do step by step processes you can take, and I’m sure that in due course we’ll cover each of them. The hardest part is getting into the right mindset, and then after that keeping check on yourself so you don’t go over to what I call “the dark side” – it’s a very easy to slip there if you’re not careful.

Knowing you have limited time because of a day job will mean you have to get your finger out at times when you might normally be watching TV, but you’ll quickly find you don’t miss TV that much. 😉


David Pearce

Hi Frank
I would love to talk to someone about business on the internet, but have no money. My history in computing. in basic I could do anything as you program how I think. I got my fist computer to help me with my business and it helped me to read and write as I did not go to school that was when I was 36 I had to get my secretary to do the writing.

Now I’ve been on the computer for year and have not earned a penny. I spend about 8 hours a day and know how to do this and that, such as build websites, run a blog’s put a video on YouTube do CDs and publish them. But no list! Most pages I have, have got a form on them. Two or three types of autoreponders

Could you do something with that?

I was a good salesman in the Double glazing and security business (my own LTD)
So why can’t I sell online.


Frank Haywood

@David Pearce:

> “I was a good salesman in the Double glazing and security business (my own LTD)
> So why can’t I sell online.”

You have to be yourself. When you sold as a salesman, you were usually selling to one person, right? When you write your sales copy, imagine yourself selling to just that one person and how you’d do it if you were face to face. Plan ahead to dismiss all their objections before they ask them, and try to get into their head and their way of thinking. If it helps, create an imaginary person that you’re selling to.

And remember, people want to know who they’re buying from. Put a picture of yourself online.

You already know how to sell, you just need to translate that into writing. Two of the best copywriters I’ve met were both in the car sales industry. They adapted their styles to work online and they’ve been hugely succesful.


Hi there Frank

Your offer sounds really good and will surely fill up before the first mail out hits your list. I personally would like to take you up on your offer. Last year 2008/9 I paid a great deal of money to someone who was supposed to mentor me, but like you I found the mentoring too rigid and not always specific enough to help me. This resulted in more time being wasted doing things that I already knew and was applying anyway. Many other promisses were also not met so I know from personal experience that mentoring needs to more targeted towards the person rather than to a set program that may not be suitable to the clients needs.

Frank Haywood

@Geoff Lord:

Yep, I agree. Everyone is different and needs to learn and talk about stuff that applies to themselves where they are there and then. That’s why I’m doing a consultancy style session rather than group coaching. Don’t get me wrong, coaching is a very valuable thing to do and is useful to a lot of people, but it’s not always the appropriate thing to do in every situation.

I believe that a 2 month personal mentorship is far more valuable to you.