Theme Sale – XD02 and XD04

Update: The sale at $17.00 for the beautiful XD02 and XD04 themes for WordPress is now live. Included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

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You can purchase BOTH themes using the link above or scroll down to purchase either theme on its own.

They’re both suitable for showcasing a product or products or service either for yourself or your clients. Both come with full developer (client/flipper) licences during this sale only.



XD02 Only: You can purchase the single XD02 theme at $10.00 using the button below. Included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

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XD04 Only: You can purchase the single XD04 theme at $10.00 using the button below. Included as part of this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

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From the annotated shots above you can see that between them they have the following features – most are in both themes but there are some slight variants between them.

  • 7 built in colour schemes
  • Optional colour scheme editing of the background, font and links
  • Image or video embedding (XD02)
  • Four slides on the home page (XD04)
  • 12 selectable slideshow transition effects (XD04)
  • Multiple quote areas, top, middle and bottom (XD04)
  • 3 content boxes area 1
  • 3 content boxes area 2
  • 2 “featured post” areas (XD02)
  • Plenty of widgetised areas
  • A “get in touch” settings panel and widget
  • Editable footer content
  • Rich HTML editor in many panels
  • Social networking settings (Facebook, Twitter, G+)
  • An area for adding tracking/analytics code

Plus some other good stuff not mentioned above. 🙄

You can see live demos of the themes XD02 and XD04.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank,
Nice themes but, pity that the themes are not responsive.

Frank Haywood

Hi Patrick,

Yep. As I’ve said before responsive can be quite hard to get right and even when they *are* made responsive they don’t always work as you expect them to. The problem is always going to be with the device and the site resolution. My Kindle Fire HD is 1280×800 resolution so always gets the full size web site when it could really do with the mobile version.

Some of the new mobile phones have high resolutions too. e.g. the gorgeous Google Nexus 4 (I want one!) is 1280 x 768 so will display full size sites instead of the phone version. Maybe this is the end of responsive…

Like I say you just can’t win. 😉


Kathleen Gresham

Hi, Frank

Can you change the color of the body text in the settings? Right now it appears to be gray.

I want black text, and I don’t want to edit the PHP or CSS.


Frank Haywood

Hi Kathleen,

Yes, that’s one of the things I tried earlier today. 🙂

But tweaking the CSS is no big deal really. I’m quite useless at CSS, but even I can find the font colour and change it. 🙄

Maybe I should do a video showing how to tweak all themes in general on a test site? I often find that fonts are set too small at 10 or 12 px when they should be 14 or 16 depending on the font used. I usually have a 5 minute fiddle and it’s sorted. 🙂


Kathleen Gresham

Got em! Thanks for another wonderful deal on great products.

A theme-tweaking video would be wonderful! I hope you do it.


Do this load unzip or do they need to be uploaded FTP?

Frank Haywood

Hi Sharon,

I always recommend FTP but these should work as zip uploads too. Unzip the main files and you’ll find the theme zips inside. 🙂


Folks, I just got a follow-up email for this offer saying the link was broken in the first broadcast. As Frank pointed out in the follow-up message, a lot of marketers use lame manipulations like servers melting down and “wrong link” etc.

I don’t know if the link was broken in all email clients, but it was in mine. It looked active, but wasn’t. Just thought I’d throw that out there for anyone rolling their eyes at [insert Maxwell Smart tone] “the old broken link trick”.

Frank Haywood

Hi NightOwl

Hehe, and thanks for that. Yep, I like to think that we all know that particular trick, but the HTML link in my email was genuinely dead and it didn’t go anywhere. If you read your email in plain text then it was likely clickable, but the HTML version was definitely not working when I tried it yesterday.

The way I’ve always looked at it is, if you want to send a reminder email out, then just send a reminder email out. 🙄 There’s no need to fib and say things like the dog ate it, just send the email and be done with it. 😉