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Today Friday 6th January at 6.00pm I’m running a final pre-release sale for Multiple Streams Themes Seven.

If you purchased this earlier last year in a pre-order sale, I sincerely apologise for the delay.  You can now go back to your personal download page and grab it plus pick up a little bonus I promised to those who pre-ordered and then ended up waiting a loooong time for it.

I finally (!) managed to get the original designer of the theme to do the conversion (after 2 attempts by others) and he’s done a great job of it.

He’s actually come up with a better method of adding a slider to the front of the blog under the header, and in fact it’s so nice now that I’ve made plans for where to use it myself on one of my sales sites.

I just have to bundle it all up with PSDs, banners etc and it’s ready to go.

Speaking of which, it comes with a nice selection of pre-designed banners including blank JPEGs / PNGs and PSDs for them, plus umpteen sidebars, an additional page template, plus plugins (Ads Manager, Redirection, Squeeze Page Templates), and a set of theme options too.

The theme options allow you to turn on and off the featured content and top boxes and change footer text. The theme also supports the WP 3.x features of custom menus.  And finally, we’ve included a really nice slider area at the top under the menu where you can place presentational images, extra ads etc.

You can place content including an image into the slider simply by making a new post and then putting it into a category called “featured”.  The theme will then pick up the first part of the text of the post and place it in the slider area – it’s really cool.

If you want to add an image as part of the content of the slider, then you can use the built in WordPress “Featured Image” functionality just by editing the post and clicking “Set Featured Image”.  You can then upload or choose an image from the library just as you would when adding any image to WordPress.

If you use an image with a transparent background then it will cleanly overlay and merge with the bacground of the theme.

It’s amazingly simple to do and the results are stunning.

I’m going to use it as a showcase on one of my own sites, so watch out for that shortly.

Today at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST), I’m running a final 25 copies only sale for MST007 available for just $10.

(I’m also re-opening Affiliate Click Pal this weekend for those people who’ve written to me to say they missed it last week because they were away.  Fair enough.  I’ve made another 10 copies available and that will close when they’re gone.)

In the meantime you can see the MST007 theme in action here:-

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank

I was beginning to think I was dreaming that I’d bought MST007 but you’ve finally delivered and it looks fantastic.

However, I don’t appear to have a download link and I would grateful if you would send it to me. My transaction ID is: 04U52613YS689550X.



Frank Haywood

Hi Ian,

I’ve just re-sent your order email.



I am missing the buy button here

Frank Haywood

Hi Lynley,

Sorry, I set up the automation wrong… I just got back and checked and saw it wasn’t live as I’d set the end date to be 2007… 🙁

Now fixed.


Just got the email……….
Do not see any buy button Frank?


Frank Haywood

Hi Dave,

Yeah, see my answer to Lynley above… Sorry.


Gary Jenkins

Hi Frank,
I have a question about this template. The 3rd sidebar has been a problem not working in some of your older templates, but was corrected in 009. Does that sidebar work in this template?

I’ve changed template 008 ( so much I’ll never be able to re-create all the changes.


Frank Haywood

Hi Gary,

As it’s only just been converted, it *should* work as you expect it to, ie it’s using the latest method. My suggestion is you do a backup of the site just in case and then apply it.


Gary Jenkins

Yeah, I was hoping that since this one was completed after 009 that it would have the fixed 3rd sidebar, but I thought I’d ask. I’m doing a backup now and will install it once that is completed.
It’ll be nice to get back to the “green”. I haven’t had a green template since 002 (i think).


Internet Marketing Olaf Heiseler

so nice now we have the mst007 theme, and it look very good, when it will works :,-(
because i have some problems by the using and showing,

i have send one tiket for your support Frank, and i will hope we will become it working,
because now we have it but it will not work

i thing the rest looks very good when it will work
i hope you can tell me what is wrong, so that i can start to us it now after this long time

best regards

Frank Haywood

Hi Olaf,

Gah! I’m sorry about that, I’ll ask the designer to check out your ticket.


Thank you!
Bought the pre sale and waited patiently for my theme.
You’ve paid back with interest!
Looking forward to working with the theme and the extra goodies


Frank Haywood

Hi Bill,

Yeah I’m sorry about the delay. I learned a valuable lesson from all this. 🙄


Vince Andrews

Hi, Frank

I bought the 007 theme some months ago and have tried to revisit the download
page, but the old MST Pre-Order is all that is showing on the page.

Could you possibly send me a new link.

Many thanks
Vincent Andrews.

Frank Haywood

Hi Vincent,

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’ve had my head down in a big project with a coaching student. (More info on that coming shortly…)

I think you may have jumped the gun a little (?) as I wasn’t quite ready – you should find it on your download page now, and I’ve re-sent your email just in case.


Page Not Found is what is returned. Link came from your most recent email

Frank Haywood

Hi Mike,

Finger trouble and queuing stuff up in advance was the problem there. Fixed thank you. 🙂


Rob P. Cruisin

G’day Frank,

Phew glad you had the one bit of info in this post I needed.

I was starting to think I was a total block head when I could not work out how to get the slider working in this theme or if it even existed.

problem solved just add a Catergory called Featured. LOL

Well that was a different work around I must say.
Maybe not as much control as other ways yet very functional.

Now if I can just work out what is wrong with 008 cannot get the background to display since latest WordPress update.
I notice it has affected your demo of same theme.
If you find a work around to the problem a quick note or email would be great.
If I find it I will let you know.

Gone back to play with 007 which could become my new favourite theme seeing I really see no need to change anything at present. Now that is a first for me 🙂