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Unique Ad Rotator Plugin

Update: The sale continues at $17.00 for the Unique Ad Rotator plugin for WordPress. Included in this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

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For a little while longer, I’m running a Spring sale for an exciting plugin that allows you to display multiple ads in the same slot, and ALSO doubles up as a simple slider.

The plugin is called Unique Ad Rotator (UAR) and is normally ($47) on my plugin site, but while this sale runs you can pick it up at the original pre-order price – just $17.

You can see the SALES DEMO PAGE HERE, but don’t buy on that page as you’ll pay full price, get it on the link above instead.

The BIG benefit of using UAR is being able to run MANY ads in the same slot and ROTATE them instead of trying to show ALL your ads at the same time. The idea here is, let’s give our visitors time to read and think a bit eh? 😉

UAR features are:-

  • Easy to use – point and click interface
  • Short code driven – add to pages, posts and sidebars
  • 20+ javascript ad transitions
  • Supports regular ad graphics and links
  • Supports text/HTML ads
  • Multiple ad groups
  • Multiple ads per group
  • Variable transition speed by group
  • Variable ad duration by group
  • Variable size ads by group
  • Standard ad size presets built in
  • Optional custom ad sizes
  • Doubles up as a slider
  • A selection of Photoshop PSD ads provided
  • A selection of blank no-text PNGs provided
  • BONUS plugin included – Ads Manager
  • Developer (client/flipper) licence included


Here’s how it works.

First create an ad group:-



Next, insert your first ad into your group.


You’ll then see this ad group appear in your list of created groups.



Finally, copy the short code and paste it onto your blog in either a page, post or a widgetised area via a text widget.


As I said above, the BIG benefit of using UAR is being able to run many ads in the same slot.

Here’s why you might want to do this…

Have you ever been to a site where you are *deluged* with ads of all shapes and sizes? Banners here there and everywhere.

When there are too many, people become “ad blind” and don’t see any of them.

With UAR you can place just 2-3 ad slots in a region on your blog, and then have them change every 30-60 seconds.

So at the top of your blog you may decide to have one wide banner and a single sidebar ad. At the bottom you may choose to place another wide banner or maybe a couple of smaller ads.

Think about this for a moment…

These few have a MUCH better chance of being clicked and acted on than having more ads than content on your site. I mean come one, do these MADvertising sites really get many useful clicks? I think not, don’t you?

Anyway… back to your blog and a few tastefully placed ads.

After a reasonable amount of time to let the reader actually read (say 30-60 seconds), let’s swap them out with UAR.

UAR lets you replace those two ads in the top group with two other ads, and it does this with one of 20+ nice little javascript transitions.

You choose. (My favourite is the simple fade.)

The effect of this to make the reader alert to your ad and say to themselves “What was that? What happened then? What does it say?”

Where they may have been ignoring it before, suddenly they’re looking right at where the change has just taken place and reading what it says.

Effective don’t you think? 😉

UAR has some great things going for it such as it being short code driven and the ability for you to use plain text or HTML ads rather than graphics.

In fact if you combine the text with the built in Google fonts that are part of Page Template PRO, you can build some really nice looking ad spots which transition between graphics and text.

You can even use UAR as a simple slider by specifying a large custom size and then placing an image inside. (In theory you could get even more adventurous if you used the HTML option, and insert an embedded YouTube video. I’ve not tried this and it may not work, but I thought it worth a mention.)

You can see plenty of examples of the plugin in action on the regular sales page – but don’t buy from there, use the link above.


The sale for UAR at just $17 will close without notice.


-Frank Haywood

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