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Update: The sale continues at $17.00 for the Unique Ad Rotator plugin for WordPress. Included in this sale only is a full developer (client/flipper) licence.

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For a little while longer, I’m running a Spring sale for an exciting plugin that allows you to display multiple ads in the same slot, and ALSO doubles up as a simple slider.

The plugin is called Unique Ad Rotator (UAR) and is normally ($47) on my plugin site, but while this sale runs you can pick it up at the original pre-order price – just $17.

You can see the SALES DEMO PAGE HERE, but don’t buy on that page as you’ll pay full price, get it on the link above instead.

The BIG benefit of using UAR is being able to run MANY ads in the same slot and ROTATE them instead of trying to show ALL your ads at the same time. The idea here is, let’s give our visitors time to read and think a bit eh? 😉

UAR features are:-

  • Easy to use – point and click interface
  • Short code driven – add to pages, posts and sidebars
  • 20+ javascript ad transitions
  • Supports regular ad graphics and links
  • Supports text/HTML ads
  • Multiple ad groups
  • Multiple ads per group
  • Variable transition speed by group
  • Variable ad duration by group
  • Variable size ads by group
  • Standard ad size presets built in
  • Optional custom ad sizes
  • Doubles up as a slider
  • A selection of Photoshop PSD ads provided
  • A selection of blank no-text PNGs provided
  • BONUS plugin included – Ads Manager
  • Developer (client/flipper) licence included


Here’s how it works.

First create an ad group:-



Next, insert your first ad into your group.


You’ll then see this ad group appear in your list of created groups.



Finally, copy the short code and paste it onto your blog in either a page, post or a widgetised area via a text widget.


As I said above, the BIG benefit of using UAR is being able to run many ads in the same slot.

Here’s why you might want to do this…

Have you ever been to a site where you are *deluged* with ads of all shapes and sizes? Banners here there and everywhere.

When there are too many, people become “ad blind” and don’t see any of them.

With UAR you can place just 2-3 ad slots in a region on your blog, and then have them change every 30-60 seconds.

So at the top of your blog you may decide to have one wide banner and a single sidebar ad. At the bottom you may choose to place another wide banner or maybe a couple of smaller ads.

Think about this for a moment…

These few have a MUCH better chance of being clicked and acted on than having more ads than content on your site. I mean come one, do these MADvertising sites really get many useful clicks? I think not, don’t you?

Anyway… back to your blog and a few tastefully placed ads.

After a reasonable amount of time to let the reader actually read (say 30-60 seconds), let’s swap them out with UAR.

UAR lets you replace those two ads in the top group with two other ads, and it does this with one of 20+ nice little javascript transitions.

You choose. (My favourite is the simple fade.)

The effect of this to make the reader alert to your ad and say to themselves “What was that? What happened then? What does it say?”

Where they may have been ignoring it before, suddenly they’re looking right at where the change has just taken place and reading what it says.

Effective don’t you think? 😉

UAR has some great things going for it such as it being short code driven and the ability for you to use plain text or HTML ads rather than graphics.

In fact if you combine the text with the built in Google fonts that are part of Page Template PRO, you can build some really nice looking ad spots which transition between graphics and text.

You can even use UAR as a simple slider by specifying a large custom size and then placing an image inside. (In theory you could get even more adventurous if you used the HTML option, and insert an embedded YouTube video. I’ve not tried this and it may not work, but I thought it worth a mention.)

You can see plenty of examples of the plugin in action on the regular sales page – but don’t buy from there, use the link above.


The sale for UAR at just $17 will close without notice.


-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Robert Almquist

Hi, Frank.

Looks good!

Can you tell me what the “Ad Manager” plugin does?


Frank Haywood

Hi Robert,

Ads Manager is a direct text widget replacement that gives you a LOT of control over where the contents of the text widget will show on your blog. It has some built in rules with check boxes, but also enables (exposes) the use of WordPress Conditional Tags which are normally a developer only part of WordPress. 🙂


Phil Elmes

Frank, I presume I will be able to use this to simply rotate images as well?

Might be a good way to showcase “revolving or scrolling” testimonials. Would I type up a frame and convert the copy to an image? or how would you suggest?

Looks very interesting. Thanks for your continued efforts.

Frank Haywood

Hi Phil,

Yes you could do it that way, or you could just use plain text as Unique Ad Rotator will also work with text as well as images, or even both within the same area. So you could have alternate images and text showing if you wanted to. I’m sure if you play with it for a little while you’ll come up with all sorts of ideas for its use.

For example, you can even use it as a simple slider if you wanted to, as you can define any area shape you want to within the admin panel. 🙂



Just a quick one,- do it work in the new WP 3.9 ?

Frank Haywood

Hi Henrik,

Yes, I always test in the latest version before running a sale like this. 😉


Hi Frank.

I am wondering if UAR is within the monthly membership.

Good luck, M

Frank Haywood

Hi Mort,

Yes it is if you’ve been a member for more than 2 months (it’s on a delay). It just gets better and better doesn’t it? 😉


Edward Jerome

Hi Frank! If I install your Ad Rotator Plugin on a Responsive Theme, will the ads be responsive as well?

Since 30%-40% of my website visitors are using their iPhone or iPad when they arrive at my website, everything I purchase from now on must be Responsive.

Is there any possibility that you could consider the possibility of programming most of/all of your new plugins to be Responsive?

And two, could you also include Responsive as a feature of your new Plugin descriptions, if in fact they are Responsive. LOL

Frank keep those great plugins coming!

Frank Haywood

Hi Edward,

Okay, understood and I’ll see what I can do on the responsive front. It can be quite tricky to do with plugins and can limit the appearance and features if you don’t take a lot of care, so we’ll see. Themes are easier.

The ads aren’t responsive as such… as what you’re doing is creating a fixed area and inserting either an image or some text. If it’s an image then it’s no different to what you’re doing now, and I don’t really see text as being a problem either. It *should* all shuffle about on a responsive theme anyway.

I’ve browsed the sales (demo) page in Chrome on my phone and it looked fine – exactly as you’d expect it to look, but I suggest you do the same thing too, just to make sure.


Edward Jerome

Thanks Frank! I do not want to limit your Plugin creativity, because you do come out with some real useful ideas. But just keep the Responsive thing in mind whenever possible since everything is going towards Mobile.

In a year or so, I expect that the only people still using Desktops to surf the web will be programmers and website designers. LOL

Frank Haywood

Heh, well… I still need a phone browser that’s any good – the market is still wide open as far as I’m concerned because every single one I’ve used is mostly pants and have all followed the same minimalist design path. I want one with plenty of buttons at the top (home, back, forward, new) and visible tabs just like I use with FireFox. And TONS of options in the settings instead of the few that are offered so that I can set it up the way *I* want it, not the trendy design team’s simplistic view.

I haven’t yet found one that fits the bill, and navigation is painful.

Until some bright young company comes up with a decent mobile browser, I’ll continue to use my desktop and laptop.

As an example of the kind of thing I’m looking for, look at all the options and functionality that ES File Explorer has, or the Nova dock.

I want *that* in a browser.

Speaking of Firefox, I haven’t yet upgraded to FF29 as it looks like the design team have wrecked it by all accounts. So much so that someone has already created an addon that makes it look like the “Classic FireFox” that we (I) know and love.

As someone has said, if we wanted Firefox to look like Chrome, we’d use Chrome. FireFox (for me) is just right the way it was about 10 versions ago and the most recent changes have lost them a lot of market share as people have become upset and moved to Chrome. The reasoning is that if FF is becoming more like Chrome, then why not use Chrome instead? FF has lost it’s USP and is losing its user base with it.

This last change (Australis) will be the nail in the coffin for what was once a great browser. 🙄

A damn shame, and all for the sake of some trendy designers who don’t understand what people really want…


Edward Jerome

I have probably spoiled myself using my Dolphin Mobile Browser.

Frank please do me a favor and download Dolphin Mobile Browser and give it a try. I give that browser 6 stars out of 5. I believe Dolphin will give you the mobile browser flexibility you are looking for.

I use Dolphin on both my iPhone and my iPad and I wish iOS would let me use it as my default browser on both devices. Even so, I rarely see Apple Safari, since it only comes up in response to clicking rare links on certain websites. I also wish that Dolphin made a fully compatible desktop version, so I could use my favorite Dolphin feature which I am going to explain next. 🙂

If you set it up Dolphin correctly, you can share your favorites between your iPhone and your iPad. This really comes in handy when you type a big long URL into your iPad, and then want to bring it with you on your iPhone.

Give Dolphin a try and let me know what you think!

Frank Haywood

Hi Edward,

Hmm. I *think* I’ve already tried Dolphin on my Kindle, but that would have been 18 months ago I guess, so I’ll go get the latest version this evening. I’ll be a very happy bunny if it’s any better than what I already have. 😉

I don’t use iPhone and iPad, I’m more of a Windows and Android man. 🙄 But privately synching URLs is one of the better features of FireFox and I use it wherever I’m working. If Dolphin can do something like that for me, it would be good.

Thanks for that.


Frank Haywood

Hi Edward,

Okay, Dolphin is now my phone browser. 🙂

Things I like about it.

o Opens the grid view for choosing your favourite site to visit rather than goes to a page.
o Two + buttons, one for bookmarks and adding to the grid, and the other for new tabs.
o Opens links in a new tab every time so you can easily swipe across them to navigate.
o Can handle large animated GIFs – every other mobile browser I’ve tried falls over on them.
o Appears to be well optimised for having lots of things open and no slow down.
o It just seems to be properly thought out.

In all, it’s great. 🙂

Thank you for letting me know, it was well worth checking out the most recent version. I’m now recommending this to my family too.


Edward Jerome

Hi Frank!

I am so glad that testing a newer version of the Dolphin Mobile Browser worked out so nicely for you and your family!

You always offer such nice Plugins for sale, and I always enjoy the ones I purchase. And your blog posts are always so well thought out, I always get something actionable from each of them.

So I am very glad I could return the favor by giving you a tip of my own. 🙂

Now you can see why using Dolphin has spoiled me for all other Mobile Browsers and why I think you should be thinking “how can I make this Responsive” for as many of your new Plugins and Themes as possible. 🙂

Make it a great day!

Frank Haywood

Hi Edward,

Yep it’s a good one I think I’ll have to share with everyone. My eldest son is having a bit of a problem with it but I think that’s because he’s using a 2.x version of Android, it works fine on my 4.2 phone and on whatever my Kindle is at the moment.

I also noticed yesterday that it supports FireFox sync too, and I think also the Chrome equivalent, but I’m not sure I want to set that up as I have a LOT of bookmarks on my desktop machines. It would probably be difficult to wade through them all. Hm, it’s probably worth starting a new sync account though with a lot fewer bookmarks for any mobile devices I have now and in the future.

Interestingly, other than the “Silk” browser – which is pants – that comes with the Kindle, there are no alternative browsers in the Amazon app store. As you also can’t directly install the Google play store on the Kindle, I had to install the “1” store instead and install Dolphin through there.