What Have You Learned?

This week, I used a slightly modified technique that I learned from another blog, by watching that blog owner and what he did. I’ve spent a lot of money there, including a monthly service that I pay $100 / month for.

It was that service that has helped me achieve the very fast results I’ve seen.

On Monday, I posted an explanation of something I’d experienced and achieved, plus some irrefutable proof of what I was saying. I promised to share what I’d done to achieve the results I’d seen in a post on Friday.

However, I’d only share that information with people who were subscribed to my blog at the time I posted it. That was the deal. I forced no-one to take it, everyone has a choice in life. You agree?

It was free information, and extremely valuable too for those people that take action on it. Typically, it will be 1%-2% of people reading it.

Anyone subscribing after the post couldn’t get the information.

That was my plan at the start of the week.

But because I’m a softy, I decided to relent and offer the information for $10 for those people who had decided not to subscribe at the time I made the offer. And also to give 100 hours for people to do so.

I may not do that again. Oh who am I kidding? Of course I will, it’s a good idea.

Make a mental note to take action on it yourself right now. No, go write it into your business plan. Now.

I should make it clear here that I sent two emails out this week to existing mailing lists of mine, making the offer. That’s TWO chances for people to read my email and act on it.

Many people did. I’ve seen an increase of 205 subscribers to this blog in the last two days.

That’s 1.44% of my total mailing lists, excluding this blog. (There are also 36 brand new subscribers not on any other mailing list.)

Well, well. 1.44% – between 1% and 2%.

98% did nothing, or didn’t read my emails. It’s the same thing to me, and what I expected.

I don’t send out frivolous emails to my lists, I often send out good quality content, and I don’t promote every product going. So there’s no good reason for ignoring any emails I send out. I don’t send out many.

After all, these people joined my mailing lists willingly at some point, and have never unsubscribed.

Notice that these are all decisions that people are making of their own free will. I can’t force you to take actions. I can offer choices, but that’s about it.

Free will.

Some people though, believe that somehow other people are responsible for the choices they make.

This is a snippet from a petulant email I received from someone when they unsubscribed from one of my mailing lists.

“I don’t have time for games with free blog posts that are now $10 because I wasn’t sitting at mu computer when the announcement came in.”

That was the second announcement he was talking about, not the first which I’d sent two days previously. There were two chances to do the right thing.

Somehow, he thinks I’m responsible for his actions. He chose to be somewhere else on two occasions, and consequently missed out. He’s clearly annoyed that it’s going to cost him $10 to get the information that was free, and now blames me for what he did.

Why would anyone not want to take responsibility for their own life? As a child it’s understandable, but once you reach at least your teens you should have learned by then that every action you take has consequences. And that those actions are your decision and your decision alone. Whose fault is it anyway?

So, he’s missed out this time. But at least he’s on the list now. He won’t miss out when I announce a nickel sale starting at $1 for my new software in a password protected post next week will he? He won’t have to pay $97 when it goes on general release will he?

Oh. Yes he will have to pay $97. He unsubscribed.

Oh dear. Some people just don’t learn.

So, what have you learned from I’ve done this week?

Were you watching closely? Did you understand what was going on? Did you get it?

Have you realised that you could learn just as valuable information by watching what I did this week, as to the post I made yesterday?

Graham Cox did.


Graham got it straight away, and I can see that a few other people got it too.

Did you?

-Frank Haywood

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Going Up!

This is something I know you’ll find really useful if you have any hopes of making money online.  What I’m going to describe to you is going to make a big difference to your chances of success.

I’m not kidding.

A few short weeks ago (about 7 or 8 – so that’s just about 2 months), I decided to go for the highly competitive search term “internet business” for this blog.

This isn’t an easy term to crack, in fact I just checked and there are 19,400,000 competing pages indexed on Google.com.  So I knew it was going to be an uphill struggle just to even get recognised for the term at all.

I knew that I couldn’t just put up a Squidoo lens or Hub Page and get ranked for the term “internet business” quickly.  People have tried, and it’s just too difficult.

When I started, I’d hardly been posting on my blog at all, maybe a couple of times a month, so it was hardly in any kind of state to even start competing for that term.  I checked both Google.com and Google.co.uk to see where my position was for “internet business”.

I was nowhere.

Well actually, I got to page 30 on both of them and gave up.  Most people won’t go past page 2 anyway when doing a casual search, so being lower than page 30 meant no-one was going to find me.

But I thought “what the heck, give it 3 months and see what happens”.

So I started blogging every day if I possibly could and also I used the search term whenever I could, but it turned out to be about 20 times a month, in fact this month so far, I’ve only posted 4 times, with the latest one being this Saturday just gone.

I’ve been checking every couple of weeks to see if there was any sign of my blog appearing within the first 30 pages, and last night just before I went to bed I did another check.


Out of nowhere from two weeks ago, I found I was on page 12 of Google.com and page 20 on Google.co.uk.

Update: I just checked them both again, and I’ve moved up a whole page overnight on Google.co.uk to page 19.

You might appreciate this is a pretty exciting result for me, and well worth even the few hours I’ve spent on it so far.

But enough about me, you should be very excited about this too, because you can repeat what I’ve done with your own search term.

I’ve been treating this whole thing like a hobby, and I wasn’t expecting to get this kind of result so quickly.  And now that I can see how quickly things can change it’s given me a real incentive to now treat this very seriously, and come out of hobby mode and into full business mode.

Okay, here comes the real interesting thing for you, as I know that this is what you’re after.

I know that using the methods I’ve opted for, that this isn’t just a flash in the pan.  And also that I won’t get penalised at a later date for using some dubious but temporary method of getting there.

So how have I done it?  How could I go from nothing to being not so very far from page 1 in just 2 short months?

Wait for it…

If you want the answer to that, I’ll tell you on Friday in a password protected post.

That’s right, only if you’re a subscriber to this blog will you get this free (and very valuable) information, and only if you’re already subscribed before Friday.  I won’t be issuing the password after I’ve made the post.

If this doesn’t interest you, then do nothing.

That’s what 98% of people reading this will do.

Instead, the 98% will go chase the next big thing to land in their mailbox, hoping that the $67 equivalent of a lottery ticket will make a difference this time.  But of course it won’t, it will just reduce their bank account by $67.

Or they’ll spend hours on YouTube or a forum somewhere getting bad advice and frittering away the time they could be spending on building their future.

If you’re not one of the 98%, then look up at the top right of the home page of this blog.  There you’ll find a subscription box where you can enter your name and email address.

Fill it in and click the “Send announcements!” button.

And on Friday, I’ll keep my part of the bargain and tell you how you can achieve the same results as I have.

-Frank Haywood

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