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A few short weeks ago (about 7 or 8 - so that's just about 2 months), I decided to go for the highly competitive search term "internet business" for this blog. This isn't an easy term to crack, in fact I just checked and there are 19,400,000 competing pages indexed on Google.com. So I knew it was going to be an uphill struggle just to even get recognised for the term at all. Out of nowhere from two weeks ago, I found I was on page 12 of Google.com and page 20 on Google.co.uk. [more...]

This is something I know you’ll find really useful if you have any hopes of making money online.  What I’m going to describe to you is going to make a big difference to your chances of success.

I’m not kidding.

A few short weeks ago (about 7 or 8 – so that’s just about 2 months), I decided to go for the highly competitive search term “internet business” for this blog.

This isn’t an easy term to crack, in fact I just checked and there are 19,400,000 competing pages indexed on Google.com.  So I knew it was going to be an uphill struggle just to even get recognised for the term at all.

I knew that I couldn’t just put up a Squidoo lens or Hub Page and get ranked for the term “internet business” quickly.  People have tried, and it’s just too difficult.

When I started, I’d hardly been posting on my blog at all, maybe a couple of times a month, so it was hardly in any kind of state to even start competing for that term.  I checked both Google.com and Google.co.uk to see where my position was for “internet business”.

I was nowhere.

Well actually, I got to page 30 on both of them and gave up.  Most people won’t go past page 2 anyway when doing a casual search, so being lower than page 30 meant no-one was going to find me.

But I thought “what the heck, give it 3 months and see what happens”.

So I started blogging every day if I possibly could and also I used the search term whenever I could, but it turned out to be about 20 times a month, in fact this month so far, I’ve only posted 4 times, with the latest one being this Saturday just gone.

I’ve been checking every couple of weeks to see if there was any sign of my blog appearing within the first 30 pages, and last night just before I went to bed I did another check.


Out of nowhere from two weeks ago, I found I was on page 12 of Google.com and page 20 on Google.co.uk.

Update: I just checked them both again, and I’ve moved up a whole page overnight on Google.co.uk to page 19.

You might appreciate this is a pretty exciting result for me, and well worth even the few hours I’ve spent on it so far.

But enough about me, you should be very excited about this too, because you can repeat what I’ve done with your own search term.

I’ve been treating this whole thing like a hobby, and I wasn’t expecting to get this kind of result so quickly.  And now that I can see how quickly things can change it’s given me a real incentive to now treat this very seriously, and come out of hobby mode and into full business mode.

Okay, here comes the real interesting thing for you, as I know that this is what you’re after.

I know that using the methods I’ve opted for, that this isn’t just a flash in the pan.  And also that I won’t get penalised at a later date for using some dubious but temporary method of getting there.

So how have I done it?  How could I go from nothing to being not so very far from page 1 in just 2 short months?

Wait for it…

If you want the answer to that, I’ll tell you on Friday in a password protected post.

That’s right, only if you’re a subscriber to this blog will you get this free (and very valuable) information, and only if you’re already subscribed before Friday.  I won’t be issuing the password after I’ve made the post.

If this doesn’t interest you, then do nothing.

That’s what 98% of people reading this will do.

Instead, the 98% will go chase the next big thing to land in their mailbox, hoping that the $67 equivalent of a lottery ticket will make a difference this time.  But of course it won’t, it will just reduce their bank account by $67.

Or they’ll spend hours on YouTube or a forum somewhere getting bad advice and frittering away the time they could be spending on building their future.

If you’re not one of the 98%, then look up at the top right of the home page of this blog.  There you’ll find a subscription box where you can enter your name and email address.

Fill it in and click the “Send announcements!” button.

And on Friday, I’ll keep my part of the bargain and tell you how you can achieve the same results as I have.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank. I’m already a subscriber, but I have to say if I weren’t that I’d be hitting the subscribe button right about now.

The chance of finding out how to start moving up the ranks for such a ridiculously competitive keyword is well worth my email address.

And I love the fact you’ve got a scarcity close, a time limit close and a ‘join the special club’ close in there. Talk about piling on the pressure.

I also like the fact that this automatically filters the information out away from the vast majority of people who won’t lift a finger to help themselves. The fewer people who get the scoop the better for the rest of us who will take some action.

Sounds a good deal to me!


Jonathan Paston

Frank, that is an amazing testament to the power of blogs.

You’ve actually inspired me to start building up the frequency of posting to my own blogs. Evidence like yours is very persuasive!

Looking forward to hearing about the next step.

Donna Maher

Ok, Mate… you *gotta* spill the beans!

You’re now at page 7 on Google and 18 on the one that was 19 – all since you wrote this today!

Tell us your secrets! (PLEASE?) 😉

Well if you aren’t the master of suspense I don’t know who is! I have been looking around at how you have your blog set up, which keywords you might be using, and thinking about all the things I already know. . . and cannot for the life of me see how you accomplished what you did.

It has to be something “behind the scenes” — or else so obvious I am going to slap my forehead and go “auggggggh”!!!

Can’t wait until Friday.

Won’t you at least drop a few hints for those of us out here salivating???

Sheesh already.


Hey Frank,
I tried to sign up, only to get the ” You are already signed to this list” message from Aweber.(Grin)
I am anxious to read the Friday post, as I have also been moving up the google latter for two pretty competive search terms, and I would like to know if its the same method you are using.
All the best

Well done Frank,

I look forward to hearing the strategies used to accomplish this.

I take it you’ll email the password to me so i can access the info right?

I’m sure i’ve signed up to the blog but i’ll go ahead and sign-up again anyway because i can’t miss it 🙂

All the best,

Home business Forum

P.S. thanks for your support with SmartDD

Brian McQuirk

Hi Frank,
Thanks for this post. You sound just as excited about your progress as I did about a year ago when I got my first $250 check from my affiliate sales. Congatulations, look forward to seeing you on page 1.
Brian McQuirk

Today you are on p.11 of google.com
Well done.

Just looked.
PAGE 11, Rank 108 from the top.
Wow! Frank you seem to of cracked it.
Well done.
best wishes


I understand your happiness when you achieve your goal. I am trying to make the same, not for so competitive term and I know exactly what you felt when you saw your results. Congratulations from Brazil.

Hi Frank. I’ve been trying for months to do this thing. Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say!

Frank Haywood

Hi everybody, thanks for the comments. I’ve done *nothing* naughty, and I’ve played completely by the “rules” if there are any.

Yes there are a few little extra things that I’ve done that I’ll share, but I’m sure that when you read it, as Nancy has said, it will be a “forehead slapping” moment.

*Anyone* can do this with a little bit of patience. I have no special skills or talent other than I don’t find it that hard to write.

Most people want *instant* results and are always looking for that elusive little shady secret that will give them an edge, but this is just bog standard stuff done in the right way.

I am a little stunned at how effective it’s been though. I thought it would take longer, and even though I decided to give it 3 months, I think that I would have had to keep plugging at it just to see when the breakthrough came.

There *is* some information that I’ll share publicly tomorrow, but the rest of the good stuff will be for your eyes only.

And… I suspect it may be a bit of an uphill struggle from now on as I get closer and closer to my goal, but we’ll see.

I could be pleasantly surprised again.

-Frank Haywood

Hi Frank

It seems to me that gentle, persistent and consitent activity brings results.. oh and plus a bit of testing and measuring.

I get distracted too easily sometimes. Emails from guru’s, clever copy, clever landing pages.

This shows me that it can work, just be doing a little bit at a time and sticking with the strategy.

Well done to you and thanks for sharing this.


Steve (Swindon in the UK)

Warren Royer

This is amazing. We have gotten along well on much less competitive key words, but to do so well in such a large area requires our attention.

Well done! Please pass along the secret.

Video Site Creator

Wow Frank – could you have chosen a more difficult keyword to go after?

I’m anxious to see what you have up your sleeve. Perhaps it’ll motivate me to keep up on my blogging 🙂

Always looking for new ideas can’t wait for the answer. See you tomorrow.

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