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The other day I received an email with a suggestion for a plugin I’ve already had created.  😉

I sent back a copy for him to take a look at and his reaction was the same for everyone else who uses this plugin – awesome!

The plugin I’m talking about is called “Scripts Manager” and it’s one of those deadly useful “workhorse” plugins you want to install on every site.

Let me give you a really good example of what it does and how useful it is.

I’d been doing some work with a friend on a project and I’d changed the theme about three times when he told me I was breaking some code he’d added to the original theme.


It turns out he’d added some javascript affiliate code to the theme’s header.php, and also amended functions.php to add some Twitter code.  Every time I updated or changed the theme, the javsacript and PHP he’d added disappeared.


As soon as I realised what was going on, I showed him the Scripts Manager plugin and that’s when I received yet another “Awesome!” comment.

The plugin allows you to add javascript code to both the header and footer areas of your WordPress installation without changing any of the theme code.  After I realised he was also adding PHP into the functions file of the theme, I had Scripts Manager tweaked to include the ability to do that too.

I hope you can see how truly useful this is, and the main use for myself is to add StaCounter tracking code to my blogs, but it works just as well with Google Analytics (or any other scripts, Amazon, AdSense etc) if that’s what you use.

The great big killer benefit of this plugin is it allows you to quickly and easily add any kind of global script code to your blogs and then forget about it, secure in the knowledge that when you change themes you’re not going to break anything. (Been there, done that, hated it, kicked myself, got the plugin written.)

It will also let you add special code on a page by page, post by post basis too. You don’t need to only use the global scripts settings if you don’t want to, so that makes it very flexible where you don’t want the script being called on every page.

Starting today (Saturday 9th June) at 6.00pm GMT (1.00pm EST) I’m running a 48 hour sale for this use-everywhere workhorse plugin – Scripts Manager – starting at only $12.50.

After this weekend sale is over or when 50 sales occur, the price of the plugin will rise to $27 and it will be added to the main web site.

I’ll drop you a line when the sale starts.

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Hi Frank

Could I please check if your script manager plugin does the same thing as Derek Krein’s WSO?

Its called Ad Trackr Code Manager WP plugin. It does both java script and PHP as well.

Please let me know, thank you.


Frank Haywood

Hi CY,

As far as I can tell from the video, it’s not as good as mine, 😉

Yes, my plugin will do the same stuff, but gives you additional control with support for onload scripts which is doesn’t appear to support.

And. He was charging $20 for the WSO version. That makes mine an exceptional bargain.

All the best,


how does this plugin differ from the free WP plugin named Header and Footer?

Frank Haywood

Hi Jay,

I just took a look and that free plugin is naff and I’m sorry if that sounds a bit harsh. Need I say more? 🙄

Oh okay then. The free one is poorly thought out and executed with an exceptionally poor interface, and it doesn’t offer you individual control of scripts on pages and posts. It just has some global settings which go on every page or post and you have no fine control of the code on each page viewed. (Now that IS harsh.)

Imagine you have particular ad, popup or tracking code you only want to go on certain pages or posts. You can do that with Scripts Manager, but not with the free one.

All the best,


James Blish

Hi Frank

Sometimes I need custom css on a page/post. Will this plugin do this as well?


Frank Haywood

Hi James,

Yes it will. Anything that you’d normally place in the header or footer is covered with this plugin. 🙂