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Update: The sale at $17.00 for the Page Template plugin plus 10 BRAND NEW page templates is now live. Included in this sale only is a client flipper licence.

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Today at 6.00pm GMT I’m releasing 10 brand new never-before-released page templates for the Page Template Plugin.

These are all very clean and attractive designs and come with the latest version of the Page Template Plugin (v1.0.5) which has had a minor bugfix.

(Start the video and then switch to 720p and full screen.)

If you’ve never heard of or seen the Page Template Plugin, then in a nutshell it’s a very elegant solution to adding pre-designed sales and squeeze pages to your WordPress driven sites.

Because it’s a plugin, then in 99% of cases it will work with your favourite theme and digital delivery solution.

This means you can build sites using a theme you like, plus a digital delivery or membership solution that you’re happy with, and set up independent sale and squeeze pages that don’t look like the theme.

In my view this is a better solution than using an all-in-one theme to create sales pages on your site.

Using the Plugin after Installation

Because these pages are all pre-designed for you, then you don’t even need any design skills.  😉

I’ve uploaded the templates and created some demo pages for you to see each of the templates here:-

Given that it can cost you an average price of around 47-67 dollars for a custom design that won’t even work with WordPress, I’m sure you can see this is a fantastic bargain and not one to be missed.  After the sale is over, each of these designs will be available for $5 apiece so if you want the best price, now is the time to get them.

Just $17. 🙂

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Frank …

Any plans for doing more of these templates in the future?

Frank Haywood

Hi Arthur,

Yes, I actually have a big pile of unreleased ones that I’ll gradually trickle out. 😉

If you need a lot more including squeeze pages too, then I suggest taking a look at 60 Second Sales Pages and going along to the Sales Page link at the top. There are also some useful tutorial videos on the site too.



I own the 60SecondSalesPages plugin. Is this different?

Frank Haywood

Hi Ron,

It’s the same plugin (with a minor version increase due to a small bug fix), but these are never before released templates to work with it.


Did the 60SecondSalesPages plugin get the bug fix as well? I missed the sale . . . bummer.

Frank Haywood

Hi Ron,

Yes it did. If you go back to the download page you can pick up the latest version of the plugin there. It really is a very minor bugfix though and if everything works on your sites okay, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

The even better news though is that I spoke to Mandy Taylor yesterday and she’s going to do a major rewrite of the plugin, so much so that we may call it something else, at the very least it will be a major version upgrade from 1.x to 2.x. Lots of new features, lots of new templates, and all backwardly compatible with the 60SSP templates too.

An alternative to this is that we make a smaller amount of changes to the plugin, and make some of the new functionality we have in mind as separate plugins. That sort of makes most sense to me rather than to build one huge plugin as it then allows you to use some of the functionality on some sites which might be a lighter touch if you feel you don’t need other parts. We’re still talking about it, so don’t take any of this as gospel yet.

I’ll drop you an email shortly too. 😉