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Too many people make the mistake of buying PLR and then sticking it up for sale as it is without changing it. That is an enormous no-no and after watching my video you’ll see there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of rebranding. I estimate an hours work (tops) with each of these plugins to turn them into YOUR plugins that then become a part of your business.

You get PLR to ALL THREE plugins for just $17. Or MRR for $10.

Sound good?

From my library, I’ve selected three simple to rebrand plugins for those that choose the PLR option. If you’ve not rebranded PLR before then this is an ideal introduction for you.

If you choose to go the PLR route (and why wouldn’t you?) they include all the documentation and everything you need to know to rebrand them as your own plugins.

( members will see these appear in the members area some time before the sale on Wednesday at no extra cost, and I’ll also be bringing the PLAhh site completely up to date.)

You’ll find that all three of these plugins will be popular with the MMO / marketing crowd.

The three plugins are:-

#1 – Affiliate Link Cloaker

I use the Affiliate Link Cloaker plugin whenever I promote anything. It’s like a link shortener that tracks clicks and gives you simple stats – all within WordPress. It has options to allow you to add notes, hide the link so it doesn’t appear in page lists and menus, cloak it (iframe), and also allows you to add details of the affiliate scheme. Simply create a new page in WordPress and then add the affiliate URL etc to the new block that appears below the page editor.

#2 – Affiliate Ticker

You’ll see this in prominent action on my blog. It’s a “news ticker” style scroller that you can use to easily add links to any products you happen to be promoting. You can change the colours, the width, and choose from some web friendly fonts so that you can match it to the design of almost any site.

It’s very easy to add links to it, and you could use the link cloaker to create links and then use those links within the ticker.

#3 – Redirection Plugin

The Redirection plugin is similar to the Affiliate Link Cloaker, and works with page and posts. While it doesn’t do any of the clever stuff that the Affiliate Link cloaker will do, it does do one very notable thing. After you’ve set a redirect URL on a post, and while people are viewing it on the home page, it will appear as normal. If they click through to view the post then it will redirect them to the URL you set.

You can use it in this way to pre-sell something with the post on the home page, and when they click to view it or leave a comment, it takes them to the landing page of your choice. This is ideal when a launch period on a product is active, where you can set the redirect link, and when it’s over remove it, or you could just leave it in place. Think search traffic that takes visitors to a landing page without directly linking to it.  😉

If you go PLR, there are virtually no restrictions on these three plugins, the only thing you can’t do with them is to sell PLR to them, but everything else is okay.

This means you can rebrand (easy) and sell them or give them away either individually or as a bundle in order to build your mailing list.

-Frank Haywood

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Gary Jenkins

Hi Frank,
The copy of “” on the PlAhh site is still isn’t complete. The zip only has two files in it, a BMP file, and a TXT.


Frank Haywood

Hi Gary,

Aha! Thanks for that, now fixed – I’ve replaced it with another file.