How To Create 3D eCovers For Free

With this service I’m about to show you, apart from personal use, you could also start your own 3D ecover business.

Even if your graphical skills are as pitiful as mine.  😉

This short video on how to create 3D eCovers for free has been on my list of things to do for a little while now, but I could never find an appropriate time to do it.

It shows you how to use a free 3D ecover creation service which also has a paid upgrade option.

Essentially you get a choice of five different ecovers for free, and if you decide to upgrade for a paltry $9 / month you get access to a whole pile of other 3D eCovers – an additional 36 eCover types making 41 in all.

It’s well worth checking out.

But before you watch the video, then I would appreciate it if you clicked this link which – yes – is indeed my affiliate link for the service I’m about to show you in the video.

You don’t have to, it would just be nice of you.  🙄

[mc id=”1139″ type=”video”]How To Create 3D eCovers For Free[/mc]


Posted by Frank Haywood

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This is SO cool, I thought ‘everybody’ belonged to this program! I’ve had the ‘limited’ package for a couple of years and find it exactly what/when I need it.
Thanks for bringing this up, Frank. It is certainly a “Godsend” in our business…