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Would you like to promote your own sites in a subtle way?

Why not make a guest article blog post submission?

If you can write a good article about internet business, internet marketing, eBay, making money online or any other related topics, then write your post and paste it into the comments field below.

Make the first line of your message “Guest Blog Post” followed by the title on the second line, and then with the rest of your article. Also leave your real name, your blog URL or other related web site to your article.

If you can leave a URL to a photo of you then so much the better and I’ll also display that within the post.

Your article must be unique and written by you specially for submission here.

-Frank Haywood


Guest Blog Post


Hello Mr. Haywood,

I have been a non-fiction publisher for over 25 years. The recent explosion of publishing on the internet has really had me dumbounfed. I have applied for jobs creating ebooks, but to no avail since I have no experience. I am so glad to have found your site. I have already learned some important things just from the ‘free’ articles.

I think you have probably really enabled me to jumpstart my business.

Thank you,

I was lurking around the site – waiting for the “bell” – to download the ‘next’ plugin, when I spotted this part of your Blog. I hadn’t really ‘seen’ the link before, honestly!

This could be a great asset, both for you and those who participate. In fact, I think it’s such a good idea that I might do the same. What a way to get ‘original’ works on your Blogs and give writers an opportunity to show their works!

And to Linda = I’m looking forward to reading what/where you live!!

Great thinking, Frank.

You might want to set/publish some “guidelines” for submissions, otherwise we won’t know “where/when” to stop . . .

How many ‘words’, ‘pages’, generic/specific, etc.

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