Apology and Guarantee


As I write this (9th March 2012) I’ve had long term (18 months) ongoing problems with support staff that one day I hope I’ll resolve.  So far it doesn’t look good but I live in hope and try something different each time.

This is what has typically happened.

I hire someone new, get them trained up and everything is okay for a while during the period that I’m observing them closely.  When I turn my back they stop doing the job they’re supposed to be doing and even do things like delete tickets according to some customers.

It’s screamingly frustrating for everyone concerned and a nightmarish headache for me.  Not all staff do this – the technical people are golden.  It’s just been the general support staff that have caused me (and possibly you) so many problems.

When I was a one-man-band I didn’t understand this problem with staff.  I’d seen other business owners commenting about it, but looked at it all with a little scepticism.  Now I know better.

I apologise if you’ve ever had problems with support.  I am continuously trying to make it better and in April 2012 I have a part timer going full time that has proven she is extremely trustworthy, and she will handle all the general support stuff like lost download pages etc, and be the first point of contact when you raise a support ticket.

I hope and believe that this will make things better in that respect.

On top of this, from December 2011 to early March 2012 I had an increasingly poor internet connection from my cable company.  At times it was unusable.  It turns out it was a local problem in a terminator in our area and that everyone was affected.  It didn’t get really bad until February and was completely resolved very quickly (about a week ago as I write this) when the problem was finally recognised by the cable company.  (It was a problem with low power on the upstream connection.)

It’s VERY difficult to do any job, let alone a good one when you have problems like this.  (At one point I couldn’t even send email, and making submissions on web forms was a frustrating experience and had to be repeated over and over until it worked.)

Live through it yourself and I think you’ll agree with me.

Since I’ve had my full speed connection back I’m amazed at how much I can cover again – I’d forgotten what it was like being able to work at full speed.



If you feel you haven’t had good support from me, then I’ll do what I can to make it right.

I don’t know what that might be as you may have a different idea of how to do this from the next person.  We’re all different.

My suggestions are a refund of course, or pick two of my other similar products and get them for free.  So if it’s plugin you’ve had a problem with, pick two others.  If it’s a theme, pick two others.  If it’s a script…  You get the idea.

Or maybe there’s something else that I can do to make things right that I haven’t thought of?  Just leave a comment below with your thoughts and requirements and I’ll get back to you.

-Frank Haywood

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