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Update: The sale for the very cool Active Pop plugin is now live at just $10.00 until midnight on Sunday 13th.

It will then rise to $12.50 until Tuesday 15th and then $15.00 until Friday 18th.

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Stop Them In Their Tracks And Get Them To Take The Action You Want

It works to capture the interest of people who are leaving your site, and then capture their name and email address.

If you compare with your own browsing habits, then quite often people will spend a short time on a site before leaving.

An often quoted figure that I can’t argue with is you have an average SEVEN seconds before someone is gone forever. In other words they land on your site, have a quick scan and they leave. (I’ve done this myself.)

If you can slow that process down and get people to stay a little longer and then take the action you want them to, then that’s a got to be a winner hasn’t it?

If you stop and think about it then it starts to get a bit scary at how many potential subscribers you may have lost just because you’re not doing anything to get them to join your mailing list.

This is your chance to fix that.

Active Pop is designed to make people pause and read that all important call to action message you have and hopefully get them to join your prospects mailing list. (And then later a buyers list.)

I intend to use it on a membership site I’m building with a friend in order to snag everyone who visits the site to at least become a subscriber.

There are a huge pile of options available in the admin panel including:-

  • Text and images
  • Colour pickers
  • Position and effects
  • Audio effects (!)
  • Control of text on buttons and fields
  • Border colour
  • Fonts and style – some VERY nice fonts built in
  • Autoresponder form or clickable button
  • Simple stats

This could be just what you need to pump some life into your mailing list. 🙂

-Frank Haywood

Posted by Frank Haywood


Love your PlugIns!

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Frank Haywood

Hi Fred,

Thank you! 🙂

It goes live at 6.00pm GMT – well BST really, but you probably know what I mean.


I like it!

A couple of suggestions for (what I think would be) improvements to work into updates:

1.) When the user clicks the “Not today” (not interested) button, I would rather not have the form thrown in their face again at least during that viewing session. Perhaps some kind of cookie set so that the form won’t show again if the user indicates they aren’t interested in the offer.

2.) An option to limit the popout to when the user clicks to close the browser window or tab, rather than every time they roll their cursor off the active viewing area. I know there are scripts out there that do that, but it would be nice if that behavior option was part of this plugin.

3.) Your video does not demonstrate whether or how the form adapts to different display sizes (mobile responsive). That’s very important these days. If the form doesn’t adapt to display well on everything from a desktop to a smart phone, I can’t use it.

Along with that last would be to verify that the pop-out opt-in form actually works on mobile devices. I’ve tried various lightbox and popover scripts only to find that the user was unable to enter and submit their name and email when viewing on a mobile device.

For anyone without the above concerns, this looks like a very cool and very useful tool, and I like that it is a WordPress plugin!

Frank Haywood

Hi Chris,

Well thank you for the time and care you’ve shown in this detailed comment. I’ll see what I can do about 1 and 2, but I think the deal breaker for you is the third one and I can confirm it doesn’t work with touch screen devices because there’s no pointer to move off screen. 😉

If I can get #2 done, then #3 would then need some attention too.

A year ago I would have probably disagreed with you about mobile devices as everyone I know and deal with uses desktops or laptops in the main, but… I have been converted. 🙂

I still see mobile as a toy and not really suitable for me for any kind of work, but I’d be stupid to continue without taking advantage of the masses who only have a phone as their primary computing device that they carry everywhere.

See? I *said* I’d been converted. 🙄

The conversion for me started sometime towards the end of last year, and was complete when I picked up a dual core Android 4.2 for £50 (~$80) about 3 weeks ago. It’s a ZTE Blade Q Mini and is quite smokey for the price.

(For anyone reading this, ZTE are a Chinese company you’ve probably never heard of and are currently the #4 phone manufacturer in the world. It goes Samsung, Nokia, Apple, ZTE, followed by LG / Motorola etc. If they continue to produce phones of this quality at this price they’ll go from strength to strength.)

So yes I totally accept that I’ll have to take more care with plugins and themes I release in future, although knowing me… while I might not be overly concerned about the plugins, I totally accept that new themes have to be mobile friendly. I realised that when browsing with my Kindle last year.

My next theme IS mobile friendly and you’ll see it replace the theme currently in use on this site, hopefully in the next few days. 🙂


Thanks Frank —

I think you mentioned something about mobile responsiveness in an earlier email about the pending release – or perhaps that was for the theme.

If it applies to the plugin too then video demonstration or a paragraph in your text would clarify that for those of us who are really concerned about that sort of thing.

I had picked up your Big Ed and PG Magic Styles plugin earlier and they had great features but was disappointed to find that the boxes did not adapt to the different display sizes so the usefulness became limited (though I do still use the Magic Styles for the check-mark bullets).

Perhaps if you update those in the future they can be upgraded to be mobile responsive as well, which should give them renewed life.

I get what you are saying with the slide-out form not being triggered on a mobile because the cursor never really leaves the image area.

Perhaps this would be addressed by using the Close Window/Tab and Back button as an alternate event trigger, since those (I think) would occur on a mobile device as well.

Beyond the form display issue (which I hadn’t actually considered) my issue with other form-over tools has been that the mobile device for some reason would not accept input into the overlaid form.

Perhaps that’s a limitation of the mobile OS but in order to stay mobile accessible it forced me to go back to a separate linked form page that would then return to an anchor on the calling page, abandoning the popover/lightbox technique entirely.

I don’t know if those are resolvable issues at the plugin level but if so it would make an awesome plugin even awesomer! 🙂

I agree that there is a whole class of new user out there who live on their mobile phones and tablet pc’s, and who rarely anymore work with a desktop or even a laptop.

Depending on the product we’re selling of course that’s a huge and growing market segment that I certainly wouldn’t want to lose.

There’s a certain elegance actually to the way your plugin works now, in that the form won’t actually show on a mobile device due to the current nature of the triggering even, so the inability to enter data via the mobile device won’t even be presented to the user.

But unless the page also has an in-line opt-in form then, the opportunity to get that contact info will be missed, if reliance is placed entirely on the popover.

Just thoughts – for whatever they’re worth 🙂

Frank Haywood

Hi Chris,

10/10. 😉

I think you’ve covered just about everything there and left me very little to say – I know when to keep quiet. You’ve raised some really good points and I’ll have a good think about them.

It’s nice to hear from someone who thinks things through and comes up with logical conclusions. Please keep it up. 🙂


Derek Taylor

Hey Frank. Thanks for the great plugin. Will this plugin be part of the Plugin Great Membership? Thanks!

Frank Haywood

Hi Derek,

Yep. My bad, I added it and forgot to do one little thing that stopped it appearing in the members area, now fixed. Sorry about that.


Derek Taylor

No Problem Frank. Thanks!