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Ask Me A Question

I’ve decided to do an occasional spot where you can ask me any question you like about internet business.

But because it can sometimes be time consuming to give a decent answer, I thought I’d put a proviso on it.

Comments for this blog post are turned off, so you can’t ask me questions directly.

To qualify for an answer, you can only ask me a question on your own blog by making a post and then doing a trackback to this one within your post.

Use this as your trackback link:-

Ask Me A Question

Use the phrase “internet business” in your blog question. I’ll then see the question appear in my admin panel, and I can write a whole blog post answering you.

If you don’t have a blog, you should. By my use of this method, it will dissuade people who aren’t serious about their internet business.

If you are serious, you’ll have a blog.

Feel free to ask me anything about online business. I’ll answer the best questions.

You have until Friday 29th February to ask me any questions, and I’ll post my answers week beginning Monday 3rd March.

If you’d like to ask me lots of questions any time you want, then join my email coaching starting on the 1st April. You can find details in an earlier post.

-Frank Haywood

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This Is Just Beautiful

Following on from my post on Saturday about someone unsubscribing because they missed an email (which is a deliciously ironic case of cutting his nose off to spite his face), I also received yet another unsubscribe.


Here’s the reason he gave.

“I think charging a fee to read a blog post is outrageous.”

Now there’s a guy who isn’t using his brain, and also being completely hypocritical to boot.

The mailing list he’s on is for my digital delivery product, SmartDD.

Therefore by association, he must be a provider of either software or ebooks, or information of some kind. So he’s a vendor of information, he sells info products.

But, he thinks it’s outrageous that someone else should want to charge for information.

I just checked the size of the blog post I made about my techniques in rising to page 1 in the search engines that I’m now charging for. It’s 18,308 characters and comes to 3,387 words.

I’ve paid $47 for reports that were a third of the size of that, and nowhere near as valuable.

Prediction: He will never make any substantial money online.

Why? In his core, he believes information holds no value. If he has no respect for information, then he’ll never appreciate its true worth.

I hesitate to write this, but… what a loser.

If he doesn’t appreciate it, then that feeling will come across to his customers. He’ll be the guy who believes the lowest price always wins.

Consequently, he’ll never make any money, and never be independent.

But that’s okay.   Only 2% of people ever do apparently.  98% would rather complain, make excuses and do nothing.

-Frank Haywood

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2% Own All The Worlds Wealth

I remember reading a report just over 12 months ago that said that 2% of the worlds population owned more than 50% of the total world wealth, and that people in the top 5% owned pretty much most of it.

I also read a short report on a study by (I think, not sure) the London School of Economics that said if all the estimated world wealth were to be divided equally, then it would amount to about £10,000 ($20,000) for every man woman and child alive at the time.

The report went on to say that if the money were actually given out in that way, ie level the playing field for everybody, then in 10 years or less, 2% of the worlds population would own the best part of it.

Stunning isn’t it? Even if it’s not completely accurate, it’s certainly food for thought.

Why would that be though?

My guess is that it’s because only 2% ever actually do anything to achieve that. The rest are too concerned with “entertaining” themselves and occupying their minds with gossip and drivel.

I used to be like that. I said to one of my offline friends just a few months ago how I thought I’d been walking around in a foggy dream all my life. And how things are clearer to me now than they’ve ever been.

I know he didn’t get it.

To be fair, I think he became concerned about my mental health when I said it. But I believe that’s because he’s so used to living the way of life that 98% of people live, that anything else just isn’t “normal”.

I know for a fact that when people ask me what I do for a living, they just don’t understand. It does not compute.

They’ve been programmed so well by their parents and by observing the social proof of all the other sheep in the world doing the same things, that they have little chance of ever becoming wealthy themselves.

Here’s what I believe is the fundamental difference between the 2% and the 98%.

The 2% watch, think, learn, and then they act on what they’ve learned.

The 98% watch and watch and watch.

Have you watched and taken action? Have you taken any steps towards building or even starting your internet business today?

Or do you just prefer to watch?

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It was the ultimate deal, and they acted on it. I’ll never repeat it.

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The cost for the programme will be $300 / month, and under my guidance you may well be earning your full time income from home in 12 months or less. There’s no way I can guarantee that, because you may not take action, but I know that it’s achievable if you apply yourself.

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When I announce the opening, it will be first come first served.

The first 10 people on that list to subscribe to a $300 / month payment will get a slot. Anyone else will have their money refunded.

I may do further coaching by email at a later date, but that will be a $10,000 / year subscription.

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-Frank Haywood

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What Have You Learned?

This week, I used a slightly modified technique that I learned from another blog, by watching that blog owner and what he did. I’ve spent a lot of money there, including a monthly service that I pay $100 / month for.

It was that service that has helped me achieve the very fast results I’ve seen.

On Monday, I posted an explanation of something I’d experienced and achieved, plus some irrefutable proof of what I was saying. I promised to share what I’d done to achieve the results I’d seen in a post on Friday.

However, I’d only share that information with people who were subscribed to my blog at the time I posted it. That was the deal. I forced no-one to take it, everyone has a choice in life. You agree?

It was free information, and extremely valuable too for those people that take action on it. Typically, it will be 1%-2% of people reading it.

Anyone subscribing after the post couldn’t get the information.

That was my plan at the start of the week.

But because I’m a softy, I decided to relent and offer the information for $10 for those people who had decided not to subscribe at the time I made the offer. And also to give 100 hours for people to do so.

I may not do that again. Oh who am I kidding? Of course I will, it’s a good idea.

Make a mental note to take action on it yourself right now. No, go write it into your business plan. Now.

I should make it clear here that I sent two emails out this week to existing mailing lists of mine, making the offer. That’s TWO chances for people to read my email and act on it.

Many people did. I’ve seen an increase of 205 subscribers to this blog in the last two days.

That’s 1.44% of my total mailing lists, excluding this blog. (There are also 36 brand new subscribers not on any other mailing list.)

Well, well. 1.44% – between 1% and 2%.

98% did nothing, or didn’t read my emails. It’s the same thing to me, and what I expected.

I don’t send out frivolous emails to my lists, I often send out good quality content, and I don’t promote every product going. So there’s no good reason for ignoring any emails I send out. I don’t send out many.

After all, these people joined my mailing lists willingly at some point, and have never unsubscribed.

Notice that these are all decisions that people are making of their own free will. I can’t force you to take actions. I can offer choices, but that’s about it.

Free will.

Some people though, believe that somehow other people are responsible for the choices they make.

This is a snippet from a petulant email I received from someone when they unsubscribed from one of my mailing lists.

“I don’t have time for games with free blog posts that are now $10 because I wasn’t sitting at mu computer when the announcement came in.”

That was the second announcement he was talking about, not the first which I’d sent two days previously. There were two chances to do the right thing.

Somehow, he thinks I’m responsible for his actions. He chose to be somewhere else on two occasions, and consequently missed out. He’s clearly annoyed that it’s going to cost him $10 to get the information that was free, and now blames me for what he did.

Why would anyone not want to take responsibility for their own life? As a child it’s understandable, but once you reach at least your teens you should have learned by then that every action you take has consequences. And that those actions are your decision and your decision alone. Whose fault is it anyway?

So, he’s missed out this time. But at least he’s on the list now. He won’t miss out when I announce a nickel sale starting at $1 for my new software in a password protected post next week will he? He won’t have to pay $97 when it goes on general release will he?

Oh. Yes he will have to pay $97. He unsubscribed.

Oh dear. Some people just don’t learn.

So, what have you learned from I’ve done this week?

Were you watching closely? Did you understand what was going on? Did you get it?

Have you realised that you could learn just as valuable information by watching what I did this week, as to the post I made yesterday?

Graham Cox did.

Graham got it straight away, and I can see that a few other people got it too.

Did you?

-Frank Haywood

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