I’ve decided to do an occasional spot where you can ask me any question you like about internet business.

But because it can sometimes be time consuming to give a decent answer, I thought I’d put a proviso on it.

Comments for this blog post are turned off, so you can’t ask me questions directly.

To qualify for an answer, you can only ask me a question on your own blog by making a post and then doing a trackback to this one within your post.

Use this as your trackback link:-


Use the phrase “internet business” in your blog question. I’ll then see the question appear in my admin panel, and I can write a whole blog post answering you.

If you don’t have a blog, you should. By my use of this method, it will dissuade people who aren’t serious about their internet business.

If you are serious, you’ll have a blog.

Feel free to ask me anything about online business. I’ll answer the best questions.

You have until Friday 29th February to ask me any questions, and I’ll post my answers week beginning Monday 3rd March.

If you’d like to ask me lots of questions any time you want, then join my email coaching starting on the 1st April. You can find details in an earlier post.

-Frank Haywood