in All Time Low

I’ve just checked up on some of my domains on  It turns out they’ve added "Catch all email forwarding" at £59.88+VAT (approx $144.00) to every single one of them.

When the domains auto-renew, then they would charge that automatically to each one of them.  I’ve had to go in to every single one and remove the forwarding manually.

If you have domain hosting with, you’d better check your renewal calendar, or you’re in for a very nasty surprise!

How can I put this?  If you were ever thinking of using…


Just in case you missed it, these are the same people who require you to FAX them when you want to transfer a domain away from them, they charge you £12.99 (approx $26.00) for asking them to do it, and they don’t even guarantee they *will* do it.  Is it just me or are some of these registrars getting out of hand?

I am so sorry I ever used them.  Don’t make the same mistake. 

Posted by Frank Haywood