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Magic Pop Alert

Update: The sale for the very useful Magic Pop Alert plugin is now live at just $12.50 for the first 24 hours.

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Demo Page Here

During this sale ONLY it comes with full developer (client/flipper) rights, and ALSO resale rights* too. When the sale is over these rights will be removed and will be an optional purchase, so this is the best time to get the plugin.

As usual I’m releasing a plugin that I wanted for my own purposes, and you also get the benefit from it too, and (as it’s new) you’ll get it at the lowest price it will ever be.

What does it do?

Magic Pop Alert allows you to add highly customisable “alerts” to your pages and posts for something you want to bring to your readers attention.

This might be an optin, a new product or feature article, or any kind of special offer.

There are several alert types built in, including text, news, contact, profile and YouTube videos.

You can set the video alerts to autoplay if you wish, and all of the alerts can appear (and disappear) either on a time delay or by the user scrolling down a number of pixels you define.

There are a LOT of features – too many to describe in any detail here, but here’s a bulleted list of the main feature set:-

  • 8 different content types
  • variable width (and height for YouTube videos)
  • Highly customisable alert appearance:-
  • 5 Different alert theme appearances
  • 3 Drop shadow styles
  • 3 Border radius styles
  • Header height
  • Background colours
  • Font colours, family and size
  • Border style, colour and thickness
  • 59 Alert icons
  • 5 Close icons
  • 9 Toggle icons
  • Alert preview in editor
  • Time delay open and close
  • Scroll down trigger
  • 4 Alert positions – bottom, top, left, right
  • Optional “close” icon
  • Optional “toggle” icon
  • Optional content display at alert appearance
  • Optional audio alert (currently Chrome browser only)
  • 5 different pleasant sounding audio alerts
  • 5 different appearance effects:-
  • Slide down
  • Slide up
  • Slide left
  • Slide right
  • Optionally hide the alerts for non-members (WP subscribers)
  • Optionally display on mobile devices
  • Optional “expiry” cooky
  • Add multiple alerts on a page/post basis
  • Add multiple alerts to the home page


Despite all those features, there are a couple more I’d like to add and I’m hoping to get those working in the next 7-10 days depending.

You should then get an extra level of control over the alerts.

-Frank Haywood

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