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Chronic Buyers Syndrome – Is This You?

You get an email about the latest greatest new thingy.  You buy the low cost product or register for the freebie, and then you decide you MUST buy the one time offer that comes with it.

You really can’t afford to miss out on it as you’ll be missing out in your education, and you’ll fall behind and won’t be able to keep up with what other people are talking about online. I understand that, those are good reasons to buy in some niches.

So you take a quick look at the freebie, and then you read the first few chapters of the ebook or watch the first couple of videos, and then you get bored.

Then another email comes in the next day, and off we go again!

The act of buying for many people is the temporary satisfaction of that need to feel they’re doing something to get closer to their desire of having an internet business.

But really, it’s the complete opposite.

The more you learn, the more you’ll suffer from inaction.

Why would that be so?


You’ll start to suffer doubts and fears because you learned you should do it this way in this ebook you read, and that you should do it that way in a video you purchased.

Which is right? What should you do? One of those must be a waste of time, the other one is the right way, the secret you need to know.

So you do nothing, waiting for that extra bit of information that will support one method or the other.

In the meantime, you’re distracted by another email about some other method to “crank out cash faster than a rabbit on steroids”.  What nonsense.  What’s worse is, you know it’s nonsense. But it doesn’t stop you having a look does it?

And while you’re doing that, you’re doing nothing…

It’s a crying shame that 98% of people spend their time doing nothing.

They spend their limited time buying all sorts of unrelated stuff they quickly lose interest in, and wander from site to site, sure that sooner or later they’ll find the secret to making big money online.

You already have that secret. I’ve just given it to you, but here it is again in case you missed it.

#1 – Create a product.
#2 – Write a sales page.
#3 – Get some visitors to it.

-Frank Haywood.

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