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Resale Rights for SmartDD Lite for Under Two Dollars

I’ll be releasing SmartDD Lite in a few days time. This is effectively version 1 of SmartDD with a couple of tweaks.

When the site officially goes live, I’ll be selling it at $7 for personal use.

I’ll also be selling resale rights to it, somewhere between $17 and $27. We’re still talking about the final price for resale rights, but I think it will be settled at $27.

But before I do that, I’d like to offer you the chance to get resale rights at under 2 dollars by offering SmartDD Lite in a nickel sale.

I’ll be starting the price at $1.07, and raising it by 5 cents with every sale. So the first 18 buyers will get SmartDD Lite for under two dollars.

The resale rights version is a special version that you can embed with your affiliate link to the full version of SmartDD. The personal version doesn’t have this embedded link.

Until we released SmartDD v2, I was selling copies of v1 every day of the week for $67-$97 – that’s what you’re buying when you get SmartDD Lite v1.

Once you have the resale rights version of SmartDD Lite, you can sell or give it away with your affiliate link embedded inside it. Every person you sell or give it to that then installs it, will have your affiliate link for SmartDD v2 at the bottom of every page.

I’ll announce details of where you can find the nickel sale on Tuesday at 1.00pm GMT (8.00am EST) here on this blog in a password protected post.

I’m also considering selling a few copies of Private Label Rights to SmartDD Lite.  This would be for no less than $300.

With Private Label Rights this means you’ll be able to completely re-skin it, give it a different name and call it your own. You could easily find someone on ScriptLance, Elance or Craig’s List to do this for you for less than a couple of hundred dollars.

If you’re interested in purchasing PLR for SmartDD Lite, then go to my support desk at:-

and raise a ticket under the “personal message” department.

I’ll keep a note of your details, and let you know when I intend to do this.

-Frank Haywood

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SmartDD v2 Now Live

The new version of my digital delivery solution SmartDD (v2.00) is now “out there” and available for download. V2.00 introduces a number of new features, with many “under the hood” changes to pave the way for future enhancements we have planned.

There have been a number of downloads over the weekend, and so far no real problems. I’ve created the first of the videos – how to upgrade from an earlier version – with more to follow.

I’ll run through the basic usage of SmartDD first, and then go into how you can turn any web site / template into a database driven shopping cart just by pasting in a few lines of code.

Please be patient while I build each of the videos in the set.

The free version of SmartDD is still at v0.98, and I now intend to release a free version of v2.00 limited to 5 products in the inventory. This is still very useful if you’re just starting out as you can install multiple times on different web sites to handle the individual products.

I’ll also be releasing the v0.98 (slightly tweaked) full version, upgraded to v1.0 of SmartDD Lite. This will be a master resale rights product, completely unrestricted, that you’ll be able to give away or sell yourself.

You’ll be able to embed your affiliate ID inside SmartDD Lite, sell or give it away, and if the person who is using your copy decides to upgrade to v2.00, you’ll receive commission on the sale.

Watch out for that, I’ll announce it in the next 2 weeks.

-Frank Haywood

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